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  1. What does any of that have to do with your completely wrong opinion on the most hated Sunderland manager ever? You've been called out for talking shite and given examples as to why, no need for the tantrum about it. They don't call you Glen Minter for nothing.
  2. Terry Butcher, Steve Bruce, David Moyes, Jack Ross and Phil Parkinson are all way behind Lee Johnson when it comes to the popularity of Sunderland managers. I can't speak for Bristol City. They don't call him Glen Minter for nothing, a truly terrible take.
  3. Doric speaking teuchters have some set on them lecturing other Scots on how to speak.
  4. It's just as well there was a finish. That fight would've been a nightmare to score.
  5. TA section has upped its game since the juniors all but died.
  6. Oaft, just seen Lance Stroll's qualifying minter. Even a clueless observer like me knows that you brake in a straight line. I'm back into F1 after 10/15 years thanks to getting Sky and Netflix DTS. Can anybody recommend me a good podcast? Cheers in advance.
  7. Has somebody punched him in the right eye?
  8. Imagine paying actual hard earned money to watch those jabronis.
  9. Clarke is a negative one trick pony.
  10. Scotland need to perform better Dan dis.
  11. Agreed. We'd all be speaking German if it wasn't for Hearts.
  12. Patronising guff. Liverpool fans are no more "special" or dedicated to their club than any other support, it's tragic Scouse nonsense. Do Liverpool fans ever stop to consider it's maybe rhetoric like this that makes them deeply unpopular and why nobody shows them any sympathy? "This means more". f**k off, no it doesn't. Everybody's team is dear to themselves.
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