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  1. Good on you. The Hibs support is full of mewling shite bags who convince themselves it's going to be a disaster before a ball is even kicked. They do my head in.
  2. "Free speech". The calling card of intolerant thickos the world over.
  3. He's not a glory hunter though. He supports Rangers because they were on the tele. He also supports Harchester and The Hurricanes.
  4. I used to live on Bothwell Street. This shit doesn't surprise me.
  5. These teuchters are worse than the Grangemouth breathers. Absolutely desperate to invent a rivalry with Hibs.
  6. You're assuming I know what you're on about. Hearts will be in for him, no doubt in my mind. He's their type of player.
  7. Gutted. I'd love to see the ghoulish six part Netflix doc about Pep when he's collared for it. He's lead some life.
  8. How unimaginative. If I'm to be offed by the CIA I want it to be an exploding cigar or a garroting whilst I'm reading the paper to take me out.
  9. You could've also highlighted "bottom half of the league" IMO.
  10. His fellow professionals knew not to mess as he's pals with the Scottish taekwondo champion.
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