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  1. You honestly can't see the difference between an unknown stuntman dying performing a stunt and a Hollywood actor shooting somebody dead? Of course the news will be all over it like a rash.
  2. He wasn't all bad. Free the United Kingdom from Drugs (Incorporating British Opposition to Metabolically Bisturbile Drugs) was a noble cause that made a difference. When was the last time you heard about anybody dying from Czech neck?
  3. Kenny Miller was utter shite. I have a couple of question for those banging on about the performances. Could you remind me when international football wasn't a turgid shitfest? Isn't international football just about getting results and qualifying for tournaments?
  4. At least whoever it was won't think they're signing for someone else given Newcastle is a one-club city. Gareth Bale and/or Coutinho are my shouts.
  5. Incidentally, I hadnt realised until just recently that Robinho is actually a rapist. Must have missed that on the news He's not going to do any porridge for it either as long as he stays in Brazil. Brazilian citizens cannot be extradited.
  6. Who will be their Robinho? I always like the early days of these squad builds. They'll have a couple of world class internationls in the same XI as guff like Jeff Hendick and Jonjo Shelvey.
  7. You couldn't pay me to attend a Caraboa Cup tie.
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