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  1. You're not allowed to be objective about England on P&B. England win because of easy draws, luck and other such made up shite, not because they have good players or anything.
  2. Have they aye? Did they also deliberately lose the 3rd place play-off to the same opposition? I've seen you try to push this bullshit narrative more than once now. Belgium were simply a better team than England in 2018.
  3. Nah, must just be camera work. It's a really common foul that I've seen in near enough every match I've played the last 30 odd years.
  4. This Morocco kit makes me think of a flapping, ancient looking Jim Leighton.
  5. No, it wasn't the point I was making. He comes across as a "the game's gone soft" da' on the radio.
  6. Bollocks. BBC 86 theme shites all over that soft nonsense. https://youtu.be/xgfKIeIgO4E
  7. He'd probably really enjoy it. There's a lot more hacking in The Championship.
  8. If you think they're bad you should check out Connor McGregor's online disciples. Proper fantasists.
  9. Imagine spending actual money, that you had to earn, going to a Hibs v Middlesbrough friendly.
  10. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Graeme Shinnie is better.
  11. I predict Hibs will be in the hunt for a new manager come Monday morning.
  12. Last night was turgid. Lee Johnson is yet another dud in the Hibs dugout. Surely he's gone if he doesn't get a result this weekend?
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