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  1. Fair enough if I've picked it up wrong but it doesn't mean you lot aren't horrible bigots. Like I said, where's my warning or ban?
  2. If I'm being racist why have I not been warned or banned? Hit a nerve with the bigots eh?
  3. They've always had an over inflated view of themselves. 3 trophies in the backwater of Scottish football in the last 50 years makes you a big deal apparently.
  4. Aye but gegenpress with MacLean, Whelan etc. They are going down.
  5. You got exactly what you deserved. Do you not bother with things like form when you gamble? Hearts home form is almost as bad as it gets.
  6. Aye but the nasty footballers shouted "allsorts" at them. Perfectly reasonable behaviour if you're a thicko.
  7. No. I knew nothing about you or the incident in question until a few hours ago. It's the way you come across that marks you out as a total simpleton. Nothing more, nothing less.
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