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  1. I'm interested* to hear @deky's opinion. *Not really.
  2. I liked it when he tapped out in his sleep then protested about the stoppage. He's always been a welt.
  3. How? He's lucky he wasn't deducted for timidity. It was a ludicrous display from a challenger. The goading/frustration tactics only works on utter brain donors like Cody Garbrant.
  4. Hopefully Snifter got his c**t kicked in. Silver linings and all that.
  5. Sums up his entire career. Time to get rid of bottom 6 players like Hanlon and Stevenson.
  6. Tough shit. As someone who actually attends football matches I'm looking forward to the first 3pm, Saturday Edinburgh derby for about 20 years.
  7. Does anybody really care? What (if any) was the last UFC title match not to be on PPV?
  8. I know Boruc is a diddie. I witnessed him conceding a 40 yard toe poke from John "waste of a jersey" Rankin.
  9. Have they played another young 'keeper recently? I'm maybe confusing him for someone else. I remember a young 'keeper having a good debut for Bournemouth then being out of his depth pretty soon after.
  10. I'm no Pickford fan but come on, Aaron Ramsdale is a diddie.
  11. Oh I remember it all as if it were yesterday. Glorious times. On balance you're probably right but the Early Learning Centre my first keyboard has always intrigued me.
  12. Has it ever been established if this is genuine? The bairn's keyboard has always made me think this is a parody by a timposter.
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