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  1. Indirect free-kick for obstruction then? That would've been a laugh, haven't seen one of those for ages.
  2. He's scoring a tap in if TAA doesn't get in the road. What's the ref meant to do? It has to be a penalty intentional or not.
  3. That Philips is brutal. He'll be at the likes of Nottingham Forest in the future I reckon.
  4. It's not as good as Goodfellas but still well worth a watch.
  5. They've been saying that forever. As you say, there's always been plenty of interest in playing rugby but it's never translated to spectators. Have you ever considered that it's £25 per ticket for a reason? Perhaps the same reasons rugby union was kept amateur for so long?
  6. It won't. It's a fallacy that Edinburgh is a rugby town. Virtually nobody cares, well at least not enough to back it.
  7. I bet they don't cover the time when his father was black listed from wrestling.
  8. Just as well, Palace matches are usually the most boring. Those early goals have stopped me from having to find a better alternative like cleaning the toilet bowl or switching over to the rugby.
  9. I love a Jurgen Plopp interview after a defeat. I wonder who he'll blame/condescend this time? Edit to add; VAR and new players. He looks miserable, this is pleasing to me.
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