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  1. Bizarrely I encountered this for the first time on Saturday, not handwritten and no accompanying pictures just 2 doors with gold lettering sign one saying 4 cubicles, the other one saying 2 cubicles +2 urinals.
  2. Could it be that the walkers as a whole function as a swarm-like cognitive collective. I'm sure there's a mathematical model that would prove that 10 years in the ratio of freshly turned to long established/diminished turned would be infinitesimally small meaning later season walkers will be cognitively inferior to early season turned. Or it could be that they just act whatever way is best for the writer's current storyline.
  3. I would go with this explanation. I seem to remember a season (can't remember which one) that had a feeling of the walkers starting to 'die off' or as if they are starving seemingly due to lack of fresh brains to devour.
  4. In general drivers can come across as pretty heartless concerning these kinds of incidents but that's mostly as a kind of gallows humour way of coping with knowing that each day at work could be the day somebody chucks themselves under your train. Commuters on the other hand are generally heartless, soulless savages who would happily get out and push said person off the bridge if it meant they could then get to work on time.
  5. Maybe they were a bit "too open to grooming"?
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