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  1. The pot still is a fantastic pub! I remember the barman helping me to pick out a whiskey from every distillery on or near the Highland main line after telling him that I'd been driving it all week. I say I remember, probably more along the lines of I know it happened rather than really remembering much!
  2. Still good going, the heat is probably the hardest condition to run in for me anyway so 5 in that is a pretty good workout. Do you use a run tracker and get regular updates ie every km? I found switching that off when I was upping my distance to be beneficial as just being told I had hit 4km was almost like my body being told just hold on a little bit longer and 5km was mentally impossible to run past even if I'd planned to go further.
  3. So combine running with boozing and you'll feel great all the time!!
  4. Your progress sounds very similar to mine when I started running again a few years ago. I would run 5s almost every other day but felt absolutely burst at the end and never thought I'd ever be able to reach a 10k but its surprisingly easy to make the move up, just take your foot off the gas a little, don't try to break any records and you'll do it no bother.
  5. 7 for Monday. Thought I was on for an ace but turns out my knowledge of English roses, expeditions and widow bloody twankey is sadly lacking.
  6. Don't exaggerate, the longest length limit in the central belt is a little under half a mile. Where exactly are you experiencing this nightly annoyance and I'll make sure to pass as quietly as possible in future?
  7. Update on my 3 kid car quandary. Have settled for a c4 grand picasso and so far delighted with my choice. Can't remember what the trim type is called but it's the middle one in the range so got everything I really need without the extra fandan gadgets that would probably just end up causing problems anyway seeing as it's French! Just under 3 years old and 18k on the clock ( dozens of same age ones on sale across various dealers with mileages seeming to average about 30-40k) so should hopefully do me for the next 3-4 years no problem untill both boys are out of car seats. Fits the 2 boys in car seats plus the new arrival in an isofix base that swivels across the middle 3 seats perfectly with each seat still being able to be adjusted independently, really glad I went for the 3 full seats across the middle now as would be really annoyed with myself if they ended up still getting crushed in just for the sake of a slightly bigger boot or more stylish looks. Can fit the wee yin's full pram system along with both boys' bikes in the boot and still have the parcel shelf drawn over. Deal clincher was taking it for a test drive and finding it drives remarkably well. Has a really comfortable driving position and surprisingly decent performance, it is in no way like steering a big boat around and being stuck at 50 going up hills like I was worrying it may be and imo it is the nicest looking of all the big family wagons out there. All in all ideal for my current requirements, can't comment on reliability yet but hopefully won't be any updates in that department!
  8. I saw that program too, I'm pretty sure the winter's gold was used as an introductory dram for what was clearly a non whisky drinker. I'd like to think that if you advised them in advance that you have a more refined whisky palate then they would adjust it accordingly!
  9. Surely the only acceptable way when you have people over and takeaway is getting ordered is that everything gets set out and everyone helps themselves? Having a whole takeaway plus sides to yourself is utter slob behaviour that should be solely reserved for nights when the Mrs is out and you can sit and eat it in front of the TV in peace with a case of your favourite beer to wash it down. Sent from my STF-L09 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
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