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  1. 9 for Friday to end the week. Working my way through American literature at the moment but haven't reached Heller's works yet.
  2. Ties up the food waste bag when it's getting full but leaves it in the caddy.
  3. I've had both a swift (3 door) and an ibiza (5door) with 2 car seats in the back, had both of them at the same time for a while before replacing the ibiza with something bigger. Swift was a great wee car, lacking in boot space tho however with the ibiza we managed fine with weekends away and actually managed a week's camping with all the gear and 1 kids stuff in it. On the subject of doors I automatically went for the 5 door ibiza (the swift was a relic from the happy pre kids days) assuming doors in the back equals easy access, but I always actually found it less hassle getting the kids in/out of the 3 door swift.
  4. 8 for Thursday, mountains and temple. I knew paying attention to maths lectures at uni 20 years ago would eventually prove useful!
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