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  1. Yeah primary school. In theory that should be the case but never gonna work out like that for everyone, whether it be people who live close but drop off on way to/from work right through to lazy c*nts that can't walk the length of themselves. I don't mind people dropping/picking up kids in their cars it's just the sheer selfishness and lack of any sense that drives me crazy. I used to live right across the road from the school and you would get people just parking across the entrance to my car park with their hazards on and double parking on corners all over the place and then give you abuse if you challenged them! I'd fully welcome a car exclusion zone, I don't mind parking further away and walking the rest, just the mile and a quarter I am away now is a bit much to do with a 6 and a 4 year old, especially like my first point I'm more often than not dropping off or picking up directly from work.
  2. First day back on the school run and the full range of school run c*nts have hit the ground running. Got parked much further away than normal, fair dos first day back and a new entrance/car park section of the school had just opened so probably more traffic backed up. Naw, every car along the road has just parked 3/4 of a car length behind the car in front taking up way more road than necessary. Get to the T junction next to the school and cars parked round the corner on both sides including 1 c*nto that decided to park entirely on the pavement on the corner forcing everyone to either walk round the corner on the road or go over a muddy field. Topped off by the c*nts who decide that their kids are so important that they can park in the VIP section, AKA the yellow painted 'school keep clear' section.
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