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  1. Aye that's a sair yin you took! Raging I was dealt AA in the very first hand, i mean how are you going to get any action with that!
  2. Fuxake, done by pocket As for the 2nd week in a row!!
  3. If that pic doesn't do the slope justice how fu*kin bad is the slope?!!!
  4. Unfortunately local reporters absolutely lap up these moon howlers.
  5. Are you one of these free thinking anarchist types who doesn't have white doors and ceilings?? Seriously tho I had the same problem when I moved house last year, the leftover white I used to paint the inside of the shed as a start to my man cave project but it's the umpteen tins of magnolia/cream/beige that were left that were needing disposed of. Quick check on freecycle and someone was begging for paint in the local area and was more than happy for me dump it at theirs. They now have 50Litres of awful paint and I have much more space in my shed, win win.
  6. My understanding of PCP is that it's basically a way to keep a customer in a never ending loop of continually changing cars every few years while never having any equity in them. Realistically no-one is ever going to stump up the final payment of £x000 to finally buy the car they've been driving around in for the last 4 years and the 'guaranteed buy back value' I would imagine is always going to be on or just below the expected market value. This could be fine for people who just budget that they will pay x amount to run a car every month and don't have any desire to buy one outright for various reasons. I personally am trying to get out of that cycle as I hate paying interest on things.
  7. I've just recently polished a bottle of this off that I got as a father's day present! Very easy to drink and has definitely intrigued me enough to investigate further into Japanese malts. Tried it with a variety of mixers, going particularly well with ginger ale and slice of lime, but although a blend it is still light and smooth enough to have straight, almost too light, really doesn't feel like a 43% spirit!
  8. Depends what u look for but I found it to be rather disappointing. The only arran that I found to be any decent is the 14 year old which is really rather nice, at the time of trying it it was only available direct from the distillery.
  9. Ah OK so quite high mileages on both. Interesting to know they both ran to over 100k, realistically I would never be anywhere near that, lucky if we put more than 6k a year on either of our cars. Have never owned a Citroën tho the anecdotal evidence that sticks in my head is that they are plagued with electrical problems, whether that has been resolved with newer models (last 10 years or so) I don't know. Always had a rule of thumb to never buy French cars but have got a wee clio as a 2nd car and that's blown that rule out the water, runs like a dream, even the local garage owner keeps asking about buying it off me whenever I take it for a service.
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