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  1. Think we should focus on finishing in the top half of the league this season tbh, until any official confirmation of joining EOS or the south I’ll remain skeptical. Whatever happens will be the best thing for the club.
  2. Holm park won’t be up to EOS or LL standard by next year, hopefully it is but I’m doubtful. Aren’t these just Chinese whispers amongst the fans about going senior again?
  3. Fair enough, definitely not next year though.
  4. 80%? When was the poll taken? How can we try to go senior any time soon without a ground? Yoker definitely isn’t up to the league standards unless it’s a complete overhaul of the entire site which would presumably take years.. Definitely still be playing in the juniors for the foreseeable future.
  5. [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  6. Me also. No harm in a disagreement.
  7. I’m lee. I’m here behind the dugout mate. Don’t know/care who bishopton bankie is.
  8. Show me where I said you weren’t a real supporter. What I said was, real supporters will follow regardless. Why do you think you aren’t included in that? Are you alright? You weren’t even mentioned in my post [emoji23] [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  9. Look mate wipe your tears, you’re the one saying you’ll stay away from the games if we remain in the juniors [emoji23] don’t know or care about who you are either to be fair, just going by what you’ve posted. [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  10. Hopefully holm park’s alright.
  11. He’s a moron, would stop following his team if they started playing on plastic. Speaks for itself [emoji23]
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