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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I have always thoughts that 2 points per game + 2 points usually get you up from all the divisions - so for this league 62 should secure 3rd place
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Benburb to win it with 73 Points - there's a prediction
  3. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Fair enough - the name calling is what I think and not what I should have articulated I will continue to do my thing - all the best - but I now have a knew agenda - there is no way Eddie is going to Darvel - No way Was that a nicer way of saying it?
  4. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Read this .... honestly
  5. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    So you have not been touting our player - along with at least two managers that I know with " unlimited funds" - I don't need to go to my bed I will do everything- and will ensure that Eddie Ferns does not go to Darvel Only for one reason.... YOU PS - at the moment I won't report you for tapping my player .. but don't contact him again
  6. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    f**k off you pretentious little p***k .."money no object" There is no chance Eddie Ferns is signing for you next season Also I need to apologise to BUL2 - my ire was to BL2 - YOU son are a bigoted horrible little person - just f**k off and keep your bigoted views away from my team Darvel Legend- start the bidding you conceited little p***k
  7. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    You can guarantee you won't be getting our player who you have been illegillly touting you old p***k Every penny you offer him we will match and beat Darvel Legend you know it is illegal to pouch players who play for other teams Anything you offer Eddie you tagger we will match I promise you If he goes senior he will go with our blessing but to another Junior Team we will match every penny you want to promise Start the bidding ya fud
  8. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Ha Love your enthusiasm GOTW but Largs are an excellent team and will be big big favourites on Saturday - quarter final is not even on the radar. You are right though any teams in the hat will hope for ahomedraw
  9. How's the grounds looking?

    Our game TODAY is almost officially Off
  10. How's the grounds looking?

    Unofficially it looks 99.9% unlikely that St Roch's v Largs will go ahead - Officially there will be a final try with the under soil heating and unicorn piss this evening To be fair to Kennie he makes a good point but in exceptional circumstances like this weekend it might be prudent to allow teams to call games off from the Friday afternoon (24 hours before) IF there is further frost forecast through the night, Just saves unnecessary planning for travel etc and allow away teams to reorganise training etc.
  11. Clexit, and the promotion/relegation implications

    The rules state 3 are relegated -so bottom 3 teams wold NEED to go down they would be replaced by top 3 in championship If another team choose to leave outwith the 3 then 4th in Championship should defo go up
  12. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Will be a tight finish at the top and the high 60's in points will be required Here is my prediction :- 1Benburb 2.Rutherglen 3 Cumbernauld
  13. Fixture Update for 2nd February

    Yes I saw that but neither are listed to play in the Scottish
  14. Fixture Update for 2nd February

    Kennie Why is Larkhall v Arthurlie off next week
  15. Todays scores 24/1

    Does Bul2 mean it is Bull twice or squared You my friend are a Bigot . The last time we were at Largs for a FREINDLY our fans got attacked with bricks inside the stadium and the game was abandoned The reason our fans were attacked is because they were "****** b*****ds There was good (non sectarian) banter between the fans in the shed and if there was trouble outside the ground then I do not know the circumstances St Roch's fans came to Largs in two busses and if guys like GOTW did not see anything I am struggling to see how .... again we are painted as St Roch's "scum" You say you are a Cumnock fan ...were you at Largs yesterday? If not and not seekn anything why are you on here again trying to give our club a bad name I beilve you are a twisted bigot and that is all