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  1. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Guys Can I just say than one individuals opinion on the merits of a player based on his I'll founded knowledge (in my opinion) of the club we signed him has driven this "debate" We 100% respect all Junior Clubs equally Can we use this thread to discuss events at St Roch"s please?
  2. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Signings so far.... Jordan Rennie Sean Viola Michael McGarahan Anthony McGuigan Kris Lafferty Looking forward to seeing how some of the new boys get on in Petershill Tournament at the weekend Also SR1920 supporters bus taking names for trip to Dundee next week
  3. West premier & championship season ticket cost

    St Roch"s are Adult (working) £70 OAP/UNEMPLOYED £35 Carers and under 16"s FREE We have sold 55 (adult) so far
  4. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    St Roch's have signed attacking midfielder Chris Lafferty
  5. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    Game finished 1-0 to the Ants and the trophy was presented by big mark's Dad, Decent game too. A nice occasion and we had a wee collection at the door and raised £100 for the Missing Charity We would be happy to let the format return to the Legends game mate and you are right it would be an opportunity for old team mates to get together.
  6. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    If there is anything else that we should do let me know mate. This is an annual game and we have promoted on Social Mefia etc - I am genuinely open to suggestions that you may have or what we could do better. Cheers
  7. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    St Roch's welcome St. Anthony's tonight as we remember big Mark Ritchie - the big man was a great player for both clubs and tragically died a couple of years ago. Kick off tonight is 7pm
  8. Friendly opposition required

  9. Friendly opposition required

    We can play on 23rd St Rochs
  10. West Region AGM outcome

    Fair point although some of the previous groups were not exaclt derbys in our case we had Bellshill, Thorniewood and Shettleston with Peasy (no idea how that came about) At least with the new set up 75% of teams will be finished in the League Cup Section allowing the league to start much earlier - As I had suggested we are never going to get an ideal scenario
  11. West Region AGM outcome

    Again I think this is sensible as the teams will then rotate home and away then back in the mix with a draw for the next two years - keeps it quite fresh and everyone gets an equal turn at their shops etc - my understanding is that the gates will be shared - which again makes sense Too much sense happening here - what about the pyram.......
  12. West Region AGM outcome

    Personally quite happy with the new format but as said it would have been an impossible task - even with your good example GOTW - at a glance it looks ideal however someone from Maryhill could easily say - why are we going to Tollcross (14 miles) when Yoker is closer (5 miles) It is completely unworkable to be "ideal" Looking forward to the change and playing KRR and Ashfield - oh and another King of the North battle
  13. Fixtures 2018/19

    Now I am starting to feel sorry for the new fixture man Thankless task lol
  14. Fixtures 2018/19

    But with Yoker and Maryhill in same division now - would changing Maryhill and Yokers fixtures not resolve that?
  15. Fixtures 2018/19

    I suspect Clydebank sharing with Maryhill instead of Yoker might have been a factor. Makes sense Cheers