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  1. Macron Scottish Junior Cup Round 5

    We have a few players out for Saturday and Largs will be big big favourites. Although we would not fret about one player being on holiday - that is just daft talk - weather that individual (in your opinion) is our "best player" or not. We will give it our best shot and looking forward to the challenge.
  2. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Are there genuinely cabins available?
  3. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    Guys our local nursery are looking for something like this can I let you know tomorrow? Ta
  4. St Roch's v Shotts Bon Accord

    He was 16 but wore 51 for a while 51 was originally Simmys but again when Simmy left - big B claimed it cause it fit better Funnily enough he got accused of wearing it cause Celtic had recently beat Rangers 5-1 - ha - perceptions Christopher
  5. St Roch's v Shotts Bon Accord

    Good game today and very good win for us asShotts are very good. On the squad numbers Sweeney was 67 TJ is 88 and still is - Anton is 3 but 88 fits him better - if TJ comes back it will alwaysbehis Similarly Rab is number 14 - when he went to Rob Roy young Darren (his brother) wore it but gave him it back on his return The players pick their own squad numbers - I think 92 Is the year one of the boys girlfriends were born 88 was cause TJ's boy was born on 8th of the 8th And Eddie wears 77 cause number 7 was taken when he signed Not sure many teams have squad numbers. It it works for us

    Great Appointment mate
  7. Best game for a neutral this Saturday?

    No worries - they have assembled a decent squad and are in good form. We will need to be at our very best to compete Hopefully you enjoy the game just not too much
  8. Best game for a neutral this Saturday?

    Mate let us know if you are coming to St Roch's and as Glenconnor has indicated you will be treated as our guest. Think it will be a very good game against a Shotts team who are in great form. Contrary to popular myth St Roch's and Larkhall Thistle have a great working relationship and you would be made very welcome - I will even lend you my St Roch's scarf (or is that too far
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    There are 15 West Cup ties on Saturday mate
  10. St Roch"s 2018/19

    They went 2-1 ahead in the 69th minute before they had their first player sent off in the 77th minute. Glencairn equalised in the 82nd minute from a set piece (no extra man influence) and then St Roch's had another man sent off in the 89th minute. Peter Give yourself a break - the point here is not about Glencairn it is about our discipline. Your game was just another instance of our poor discipline - no one will think badly of your team for not beating 9 men - calm down. The guy was asking about yesterday
  11. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Guys Fining people for getting bookings etc seems like an obvious option but not something I have ever been a fan of. My reasons are that I do not feel that it it would have the needed impact or in fact fair. In any dressing room most guys are working and have decent wages - a £10 fine is not really going to have any real effect. However if you have an unemployed lad then a £10 fine might be a sore one for him. The only "punishment" that can be applied is if they get a suspension and someone comes in and takes their jersey they loose their place in the team. I actually thought that both second yellows could have been avoided yesterday but equally that they did not need to be given. Daw had been yellow carded for tackling boy - he then takes a bad challenge and says to ref " am I the only (expletive) that gets booked on this park - second yellow - I honestly think the ref at point of second yellow did not realise he had already been booked - he won't admit that though. So pur Captain off after 35 minutes. Starkey received second yellow for time wasting and first for kicking ball away. He has said he asked ref if it was ok to tie his trousers the ref said he did not. So goalie sent off after 85 mins - could the ref have spoke to him and added on time? For both of these incidents I suppose letter of law says - swear at ref is yellow card, time wasting is yellow card - so we cannot complain. Yes Red cards have cost us this season - we also had goalie sent off in defeat to Craigmark and a red card in Girvin game which we were lucky to win. So yes red cards are costing us and many of them are avoidable
  12. Player

    Give me a call mate Andy St Roch's
  13. West Region Games Off - Sat 29th December

    Let it go Daniel Park too wet - cannae play Park no too wet - can train Happy New year when it comes - see yous in April
  14. West Region Games Off - Sat 29th December

    I also think the job that Kennie is doing is top drawer and not a bad word to say about the work he is doing. This is just my opinion - I do not think we should schedule any fixtures for the Saturday between Christmas and New year. Some people oh get Christmas Day and Boxing day off their work and it is a good time to give everyone a wee day off ( it could br the only Saturday that we get to spend with the kids from July until May) plus the weather is usually poor and one week off would not be catastrophic particularly now that the season has started earlier. This has nothing to do with Senior fixtures but if a game landed that particular day then those who wanted to go or watch it could do so. What you think Kennie?
  15. West Region Games Off - Sat 29th December

    It does not really matter if we are playing in the Champions League next season.....if the referee does a pitch inspection and (rightly) calls the game off then our gang ain't playing. PS- our gang are St Roch's- if you would like any further clarity on our gang and what we do just ask? Happy New year