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  1. Used to be a railway line that ran behind St Roch;s
  2. There are however different "rules" at different grades Eg number of subs - we have 3 from 5 while all grades above and some below have 3 from 7 - not argueing - just an observation
  3. Wait and see iv the sub going off at nearest part is implemented at our grade - that is all I am saying
  4. Peter I was told this by a referee so there ix defo confusion - although you can have variances in different grades - VAR for example
  5. This rule has NOT been introduced to the Juniors asfar as I am aware There is a worry about asking players to go off at certain parts of certain grounds and if it is safe I find that when "newrules" refs are bursting thier balls to impliment them
  6. Any Junior teams looking for a friendly (v St Roch's) on Monday 12th of August please get in touch Game at our park Thanks 07513231176
  7. Cheers mate - spot on observation - you should be on Sportscene
  8. St Roch's and St Anthony's play tonight for the Mark Cummings Memorial Trophy. Big Ritchie was the Captain of both clubs and was passed away at a very young age 3 years ago. RIP big fella Kick of at 7.15pm at Lochburn Park - all proceeds from gate to Maryhill Juniors should be a decent game for the nuetral
  9. Speaking to Matt at the game last night (thought game was decent) - he was telling me about the operating structure - brilliant for the community and for both clubs - a win win all round for everyone
  10. Yes the 3 You can see where built last summer - there will be at least one more and linking the two behind home dug out before season starts This is being done by a group of fans
  11. Squad list and numbers so far for 2019/20 1 Jamie Maguire 2 Paul Tierney 5 Barry Russell (signed from East Kilbride FC) 6 Dean Kindlan (signed from Queens Park) 7 Dan Kindlan (signed from Queens Park 8 Kieran Daw 9 Connor Hughes (signed from Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) 10 Keiran Martin 11 Jordan Logan 14 Robert Maguire 19 Ryan mc Manus 23 Tam Hanlon 31 Liam Coogans (signed from Edu Sports) 32 Ryan McStay (signed from BSC Glasgow) 88 Anton McGuigan 4 more 5 more signings to be confirmed
  12. Dressing rooms are top top notch - well done to all at Darvel......the bar is set 🤓
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