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  1. On the theme of artistic Welshman , what are your recollections / opinions on Olain Von Williams who may be moving on loan from Accies to the Pars?
  2. Reading Wikipedia it sounds as if he is made of chocolate , he has sustained a number of injuries over the years, I am glad we are insisting on a medical.
  3. Very interesting interview with Joe Cardle , well worth listening to.
  4. I actually thought Turner had a decent game last night, quietly effective and rarely wasted a pass got through a power of defensive work as well.
  5. If it were a straight choice between SC and Levein I would stick with SC.
  6. Absolutely, I only watched the highlights and it was doing my head in - I had to turn the volume down.
  7. So what you looking at - about 1800/1900 ? I will be there , first Ayr game not involving the Pars I will have attended in several seasons, think last one was against East Fife !
  8. The end of the decade? Jeez that seems to have flown past.
  9. And Geggan was very lucky not to be sent off at the end for his lunge on Paton!
  10. I am not expecting any points from our next two games. We really need a minimum of 4 from the two after that. Any less and I feel a lot of fans will become a bit agitated.
  11. I live about 6 miles outside Tadcaster, definitely a real team! Never seen them play.
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