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  1. Thomas and Dow havent kicked a ball in 8 weeks + now , are they playing to Crawford's instructions , they are both virtually playing through the middle ? Thomas has also lost the knack of taking a corner.
  2. Game could have gone either way, lucky for us it went ours. Great header from O'Hara but was that our only attempt on goal the whole second half? Arbroath looked oK up to 25m away from goal.
  3. Apparently Arbroath played very well yesterday to beat Ayr. In our last 5 league games we have picked up 6 points out of the 15 available, the same as Alloa have and 1 more than Arbroath. Looking at the next 4 games I dont think we will pick up more than 6 points.
  4. Be very pleasantly surprised if we pick up more than 7 points from our next 5 league games: Dundee Away -lose Arbroath Home -win Inverness Away -draw Raith Home -win Hearts Away-lose
  5. Thought it strange to play Dow inside of Fraser Murray, neither of them played to anything like they are capable. Alongside subdued performances from McInroy and Thomas we effectively had Turner in the midfield. Despite having five in midfield we lacked width in attack. OFW concerns are rearing, he seemed to take two attempts to gather the ball at every shot /cross. I was disappointed he didnt keep the 4th (?) penalty out , low to his left the ball seemed to go between his hands. Very odd decision to have Watson take the first penalty , usual wisdom is your most experienced penalty takers take the first and last penalties,as soon as he stepped forward I texted my mate to say why was he taking it.
  6. Better team won , no complaints. Too many sub par performances to secure a victory.
  7. All season our results have been better than the accompanying "performance" . Apart from the Hearts game where we did play well from start to finish, most weeks we have only managed to play well for anything between 15- 30 minutes. The Alloa game mentioned above, Alloa were the better side for 70 minutes, the Kilmarnock game we were awful first half. We aren't creating many scoring chances from open play and have kept one clean sheet all season. We start games really slowly and don't build any momentum until the second half. I don't blame SC for going 442 today , it was the game to try it. We certainly look more comfortable going 451. In fact we have seen better performances from McManus and OHara in the lone striker role than playing together as a front two.
  8. Does look like a fould on O'Hara at the end, the defender made contact with O'Hara's back rather than side on. McManus' volley was fantastic. I didnt expect to come back from 2-0 down given that we hadnt tested the Raith keeper for over an hour.
  9. Confirmed as Tuesday 15th December KO 7.45
  10. Havent laughed so much during a match commentary. Well done the "Angus Archie MacPherson"
  11. Can I just add my congratulations to Michael Moffat for his 100th goal for Ayr. He was a pleasure to watch while at EEP, a very clever footballing brain on him.
  12. suspect a 4141 formation or 451 . OHara dropping to bench , Whittaker coming into midfield along with Turner and Dow and Thomas out wide. 5th midfielder probably Wilson ( a chance to atone for his errors) Comrie back in at right back. A draw would be an ok result.
  13. We were overly defensive, yet again our best players were defenders. Created nothing from open play, played one up front , failed to get players into the attacking penalty box, set pieces were shockingly bad. Constantly failed to beat the first man at corners. Two poor teams yet if we had gone for it I think we would have won. The worrying thing is the level of our performances , I dont think we have played well for more than 15-20 minutes in any game this season.
  14. I fail to be impressed when we play one up front. For an international forward, Crawford is very fond of defending a marginal advantage rather than going for the kill. It will be interesting next Saturday when we come up against a team who are playing well.
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