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  1. Always instructive to reflect after a few years.... Loathsome club. I have lived in Dumfries for over 30 years. No real affinity with QoS at all - and I did try my best when my children were Junior Blues. The best I can say is that, unless they're in our division, I wish them no harm. I'm actually quite fond of Annan, despite their habitual long ball, diving b*****ds routine. Gretna, otoh, in terms of players, attracted a shower of chancers, from the length and breadth of the country. There was money there. Could we expect less? However, in D & G? Need a chaplain? I'm yer man. Youth coaches? See us, we've got HNCs in, ahem, Sports Science. Announcers? Press liaison? Will you cover a Cheap Day Return from Dumfries? Good old Brookes maybe did want to form a " community club " but did anyone, especially the bandwagon jumpers from Dumfries, ever ask what community? Or at the expense of which existing communities? Loathsome club.
  2. It was Scott Chaplain - he of the hat-trick - to whom I was referring. Not surprised, really, that you've wiped his contribution from your memory....Hoping for a good tussle on Saturday.
  3. I wonder if you're being disingenuous here, you cheeky Chappie, or is it just serendipity that allows me to (gleefully) point out that, 15 matches ago, Rovers won 7-2 ( when, by coincidence, another Chappie had a fine game )? Unfortunately, I must acknowledge that, 16 matches ago, Airdrie won 4-0.
  4. cf my comments on Saturday. QED 2 ( or 3, if you count the stupid fee kick he gave away at the death v Cyprus. )
  5. In counterpoint to all the bad luck of Scottish teams through the play-off system, Celtic did beat Benfica on the toss of a coin on their journey to the 1970 European Cup final. Billy McNeill famously claimed that Coluna, the Benfica captain, guessed correctly on the referee's toss but McNeill managed to convince the ref that this was only to decide which captain got to toss the coin for the "real" toss-up. ( I think I got the shenanigans right, but my memory isn't what it was. )
  6. For every imaginable temperature? Good for you, Partridge : come to the front of the class!
  7. ( C X 9/5 ) +32 = F , or ( F - 32 ) X 5/9 = C , in case anyone asks. And do it in yet heid, mind!
  8. Can someone explain the McKenna thing, please? Constantly being touted as a tremendous centre half, " our best defender" etc and subject of supposedly substantial bids. Admittedly, I have only seen him in maybe a dozen games and very few at the ground but he seems bang average to me. He gets caught out of position, makes poor decisions and concedes needless free kicks at least as often as anyone else we've had in central defence in recent years.
  9. I just settled for £20 on Dundee Utd at half time at 7/4, cashing out at 2-0, allowing me to head on to other things. Singles. Anything else is for mugs.
  10. Decent game. United more threatening and better organised. 2-0 Dundee?
  11. Vaffanculo, fascisti! Mangia merde e morte!
  12. Most patronising, palsy-walsy, Sixth Year Common Room, cringeworthy post I've seen here. Splendid, sir! I like your style!
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