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  1. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    Not sure if this should really be in the .....Tinpot.... thread or, for that matter, if it's been discussed at length before, but what brainless twat thought that singing a song about what happened in season '66-'67 should happen in the 68th minute? Perhaps a current denizen of Celtic Park could explain...
  2. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    But, but, but ..... the Scottish League isn't good enough for them to develop their players, despite having the best coaching team ( and fans ) in Europe .... Surely you know this?
  3. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    What Celtic need is a decent challenge domestically........
  4. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    Given Celtic have 115 midfield players in the squad, why are none of any real standing on the bench?
  5. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    Definitely Moncur.
  6. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    I'm pushing 60. I find him simultaneously crass, dull, sexist and stuck in the kind of 1970s vibe I found - you've guessed it - crass, dull and sexist then. He's a genuine fan. I get this. The show was lively and refreshing 20 years ago. You know, before other genuine fans got mikes with the rise of the podcast. Many of them are refreshing, erudite and illuminative. In his best moments, Cosgrove continues to offer insight; Cowan never has. And the format is as fresh and cutting edge as, well, "Offside". What happened to it, and the hilariously named football mascot "Jock the Cock"?
  7. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    " I haven't had the chance to analyse the incident so I can't tell you if Scott deserved a red or whether Alfredo did," he said. "They've had a fantastic battle up until that point. "But if Alfredo is in the wrong, he'll deserve the red card. He'll then be missing for two games and that's how he'll get punished because he hates missing games." Jesus! Is this where we are now? The likes of Gerrard and his club lodge an appeal before they've even considered whether the red card might be justifiable? F**k me! Why not just lodge a dozen or so at the start of the season to use as required? It'd save a lot of correspondence.
  8. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    My, how rude! I went to Celtic Park for over 35 years, I'll have you know. Just tired of the plastic paddy stuff. But thanks for your comments.
  9. Calling Cards of Morons

    Wear clothes with writing on them.... .... or should it be Calling Cards for Schemies for this pish?
  10. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    By coincidence, I will be in Valencia from 19th to 26th, so I think I'll pop along. Should I be able to pick up a ticket on the day? Is central Valencia likely to be a rebel fest for a couple of nights and best avoided by those who abhor such things?
  11. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Couldn't agree more : Robbie Burns? You're bard!
  12. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    That Gutman character gives me the bird....
  13. Celtic v St Johnstone/ St Johnstone v Celtic

    What's the Celtic fans' take on Christie? Good player but, by f*ck, he shows himself time after time to be a diving snake. Over to yousss.
  14. Hibernian's Next Permanent Manager

    No doubt equal to the task. Baby, come back! I'll get ma coat.
  15. C***ts In Shops

    List 1 : a proper degree includes : - a study of a branch of philosophy ( Moral/Social)Political/Science / Religious ) - both lectures & tutorials - extensive use of a library - writing at length - teaching by staff who have been (and continue to be ) published in that discipline - oh, and of course....... the opportunity to mock those with a couple of Cs at higher and the former tech colleges/dough schools they attend which are now styled "unis" Will this do?