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  1. Let's be honest here, we'll just bottle it again.
  2. Wasn't at the game so don't know who the better team was or who deserved it more but I don't think it was that bad. BBC Sport saying a draw was about deserved.
  3. I wouldn't mind this result as much if we'd won against Hibs, St J or Aberdeen.
  4. Usually our twitter says who it was that gave it away, but all they've said is 'Penalty to Ross County as Schalk is fouled inside the box'
  5. F**KING AGAIN! Basically every f**king week we have something that goes against in the like a penalty decision or a last minute goal or BOTH! F**king fed up
  6. A question for teachers, my Maths teacher says if we get how surds work then we should do well in Nat 5, is this true? I feel like some of the other people in my maths who need it explained a bit more sometimes don't get the help they need although this could be due to higher expectations as we're the top class.
  7. Kelloggs Krave is banging its full of sugar but still. Always have a glass of orange juice as well, don't understand people who don't eat breakfast.
  8. I don't get excited I just want to see what's been posted and I was just a bit miffed when it was nothing. Frankly, anyone who goes into a forum looking to slag 14 year olds needs to get out more.
  9. When did I say 'f**k off' to dafcburty? I'll allow you some thinking and reading time... Nope, nothing
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