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  1. Can't complain about the result, Arbroath were much better than we were.
  2. Please Raith, do some of them goal things those other teams do to us.
  3. He truly would have loved this season. Coincidentally it'll have been five years this upcoming Saturday since he passed.
  4. Reckon this will be a tough game for us depending on which Raith team turn up. I'd love it if we manage to bag the three points to give us a bit of an advantage, but certainly wouldn't grumble at a draw.
  5. To be honest, should the season have to end now then I would be happy with either of the three options - - League Reconstruction - This makes the most sense to me. Although the leagues from Championship and below aren't halfway yet I feel that it's in everyone's best interests that we just extend the amount of teams in each league and possibly revert back to the current setup down the line. - Null & Void - I'm not a fan of this option, but I would think this would have an even better chance of happening this season compared to last. - Calling the leagues as is - Least favourite option. I don't think you could judge the Championship and below from the amount of games played thus far, however to avoid sounding like a hypocrite should this be the answer then I can't complain.
  6. Yeah it's a bit baltic this morning in Fife, this isn't happening today.
  7. Tempted to put a bet on over 4.5 goals tonight...
  8. I hope Queens latest sponsor decides to stay at home for tomorrow's game!
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