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  1. Please forgive my ignorance and naivety for this question. In respect of the economic ramifications, is this expected to be just as bad as the Spanish flu for the economy?
  2. I've been sat in my house all day working and not one person has jogged by, plenty of cars though. Anyone been for a jog today?
  3. What are peoples thoughts on here on the chances of a full on lockdown?
  4. Silly nurse, forgot her gloves. She'll catch the virus now.
  5. I'd donate to the fund as well. I hope the board get this set up ASAP.
  6. Scotland is up to 18 at the moment.
  7. Running low on hand soap, every shop is sold out!!!!!
  8. I seen that the SPFL/SFA released a statement about it earlier and they're monitoring cases of it throughout daily. I'd imagine it'll go ahead tomorrow but who knows I guess.
  9. Must win for us, we got lucky today with Falkirk losing. Predicting a scrappy draw...
  10. Yassssssss! Rangers penalty incoming...
  11. Regardless of the end result of the season, John McGlynn and the team have been superb and have shown a huge amount of character throughout. Ideally I would love for us to win the league, but if get into the playoffs and it ends up with us v Partick then I'll shove on a big bet for us to win!!!
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