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  1. He most definitely deserves a better send off than what he's ended up with. Regardless of some of the things that have happened, he's been loyal to the club and I'm sure he's only ever wanted give his all. Hopefully the club can invite him back when crowds are allowed and do something special for the guy. Wasn't there talks a couple of years back about him becoming a fireman? I wonder if he's ended up pursuing that.
  2. Wish Davo all of the best. He's been a fantastic servant.
  3. Let's get a thread on the go for this. Basically give your thoughts on all of the individual teams performance throughout the season. Will give mines later.
  4. Well done Kelty. Officially the second biggest team in Fife after Raith!
  5. Even though I was really young in the 90's, this has to be the best Rovers team that I have experienced, with both John McGlynn and Paul Smith being the best management duo. From a team that finished third in League 1 just few years back, now to a team who is competing to join the Premiership. There were times I thought we'd never get of the seaside league, and I was worried that McGlynn and Smith's appointments would tarnish their reputations should it all go south. How glad I am that it has only bolstered their legacy as Raith heroes in my eyes. No matter how the Dundee games go, this has been a season to remember. At the beginning of this season I was happy if we survived and didn't get relegated. The fact we've come this far is nothing short of amazing and I can only hope that it continues.
  6. Well after tonight's results, Raith only need a point to secure second! Hopefully those Dundonians have faltered tonight and we can take advantage!
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