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  1. Hearts - We want 8 million in compensation. Doncaster -
  2. Donated https://www.gofundme.com/f/starks-park-to-tannadice-walk
  3. Article in Daily Record advising we are being backed by other clubs financially to fight our case against Hearts and Thistle.
  4. 1. Thistle 2. Cove 3. Falkirk 4. Aidrie 5. East Fife 6. Dumbarton 7. Montrose 8. Clyde 9. Forfar 10. Peterhead
  5. Good effort all round. Will still continue to give money to the club. We must be around £4k off the current target?
  6. We hit the 500 ticket mark! Been fantastic donations so far, let's keep it up!
  7. Beith are catching up, just donated another ticket. Let's keep going guys!
  8. I just spent a few minutes looking for this thread in League 1. Glad to be back.
  9. Agreed, my favourite home top in the past few years was the one from the 17/18 and 18/19 seasons but I do like this one too. I like to buy the sportswear for jogging etc. so I'm hoping that these will be good this year.
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