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  1. It's a great snap. He was my Gramps' favourite player, and he claimed that he was the best he ever saw play football in person.
  2. I support Jordon Forster in this matter. We have to remember that the only reason this came up at all was because the Evening Telegraph published a piece of journalism that was as cowardly as it was lazy in which they simply speculated that Forster may be on his way to Partick Thistle in a loan deal. That was immediately followed by a selection of quotes wholly lifted of twitter/facebook/football forums basically with the usual type of stuff like 'I'll drive him there', 'guy's a donkey',etc. This all came hot on the heels of Kane Hemmings publicly discussing his metal health struggles during his career and specifically at Dundee. At no time did Forster say his situation is the same as racial abuse, but he simply pointed out that there are and can be more that one issue going on in football that could cause upset to the public figures with in the game. He also never said that managers and players are above criticism, let's face it the problem here is that the Telegraph was obviously looking to fill some space and just decided drop a ton of barrage of shite into this players lap without a minutes thought in the form of online fans opinions. Furthermore Forster is right that the club should've supported him more forcefully. McPake said that he fully supported Forster only after getting a question put to him in the run up to one of last weeks games. IMO, Dundee FC should've formalised a statement of disagreement of the article's content and support for the players right to feel aggrieved.
  3. McCann also signed Jack Hendry. I've always taken the Kamara downing tools rumour with a grain of salt. All of those rumours to me seemed to be coming from the McIntyre camp... so basically I don't trust them. Also McIntyre gets hired in mid-Oct and almost immediately rubbishes the squad in the local and national press repeatedly. In one way or another he says he'll need to bin the all and many of them won't see out the season. Was our squad terrible - yes, but we still had 2 and a half months (some 12 games or so until Jan 1) to the window! It was a masterclass in garbage management. He was practically begging the players to call it quits, kamara included. Anyways I thought he also sucked at in game management as well. So he was awful in all aspects of the job and it will take some going to outdo him the worst Dundee manager ever sweepstakes, all imo. He was awful.
  4. Mullen's workrate is fine as you say, but his composure in front of goal has left me feeling pretty lukewarm on him. If it wasn't for Sow finding his feet (and head) lately we'd be a team almost totally devoid of goal scoring forwards. We'd be totally reliant on midfield/defenders for goals which is really not a longterm strategy for success. On the subject of defending we're giving up 2 goals a game which is shocking stuff. Somebody of P and B has a chart showing us somewhere around 35th in average goals per game against in the SPFL.
  5. This is the thing though isn't it? Charlie's style of play being not that of a madman covering every blade of grass is why he can still squeeze a couple more years out as you can't lose pace if you never had any to start with. One thing is obvious though is that the guy is an absolute baller and a top man. He's had a real tough go lately off the pitch, and I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into with signing on for McPake's madness, some of his teammates tremendous shortcomings and lapses in concentration. But frankly he's hauling us up this table almost (not quite) singlehandedly. What a guy!
  6. The sound problems for me started during the Cove cup game at home, and have been a constant for me during home games. Just a muffled squawking noise for voices. Volume works fine for every other application on my device including pre game press conference, postgame player/manager interview, all away games, and all the archived games. I emailed the club and they said they were currently upgrading the audio system and it will be better 'soon'. I asked why can I hear every other teams audio, but not my own team. I don't even care about the commentary, but more rather the voices of the players and refs and just the ambient noise, but nothing. I'd just like them to go back to whatever they were doing before the Cove game, but here we are.
  7. I feel sorry for all the QoS fans that have been wronged by your own club. It always sucks when the people that run your club do the wrong thing, and all you can do is sit back and take the slings and arrows. Trust me I'm a Dee and I know what it's like to feel like you've been just been kneed in the plums by your own club. I don't know what you guys can do about this besides voicing your displeasure and/or withdrawing your monetary support, but under the current circumstances despite the gov't grant could that push your club into disaster? On a related note I've been doing some research on this George Galloway fella and I'm beginning to think that he just might possibly be an odious f*cking rat, and a walloper, a scrote, and a first class weapon... just kidding I'm from Dundee and we've always known that and he isn't welcome back, eff him.
  8. You shouldn't get pelters for that at all. Especially under the current climate ... you know of this pesky once a century pandemic and clubs taking on loans and grants and having to stream games. Rangers should be happy to offload the guy, and any team paying 100 grand for him should have any gov't grant or loan immediately cancelled. Rangers should get stuffed especially considering he's out of contract in 6 months. They are taking the piss or the guy writing that article is, one or the other.
  9. You or Falkirk fans are under no obligation to believe anything regarding Dundee FC. I don't know the owners personally either so I can't vouch for their intentions - longterm or otherwise. As I've stated I've been against some of their recent fiscal moves as I won't defend rich guys pinching pennies that they won't miss during an especially trying time such as a once a century pandemic. I simply thought I'd clarify a couple of things that were not being accurately portrayed. It would seem as though Dundee FC being fiscally irresponsible in the past angers a few of you and Dundee FC being more fiscally reponsible now also seems to bother some of you. As far as I know we are planning on finishing the season and attempting to appear as though we know what we are doing on a football pitch (very little evidence on show so far this season) so surely preparing for the transfer window and beyond would be prudent unless we plan to take a sabbatical from participating in the league for awhile. We also have a number of players rumoured to be moving on in January so would that make it better? Anyways we're probably starting to re-tread over stuff already covered so I'll bow out now. Maybe you lads should scrutinise our neighbours over the road spending 135% of revenue on players salaries alone whilst making a public plea for gov't money a month after agreeing to take on McNulty for 5k per week. Dundee have not asked to rush fans back or for gov't funding for what it's worth.
  10. I've argued the same on here and a Dundee only forum, and I disagreed with asking for cuts and I disagreed with letting youth coaches go, and allowing them to 'volunteer' at doing the jobs they were just let go from. I'll never defend rich planks just because they run Dundee. What the Dundee ownership group is worth is what they're worth, but when they took over they stated that they had a wage structure and plan they wanted to adhere to, and appear to be sticking with it. I don't care what they do with their money as long as they don't pull up stakes in the middle of the night. I thought folk would be happy to hear that despite the ability to overspend that Dundee are not overspending like days of yore. For the record if Falkirk were going down I'd be personally digging into my pockets to help as outside of a very select few clubs I don't like to see it for the fans of other teams.
  11. I never mentioned Falkirk. I wish no ill will to any club, well mostly, and I stated specifically that I'm not looking for any club to go down and won't take any joy in it if it happens. Away and have a kip now so you can re-read my post and see that I was simply correcting a wrong.
  12. Point of order re: Charlie Adam Wanted back up the road for family reasons, Dundee wanted him for obvious reasons - despite being older should still have the legs to stroll around in the Championship and he's 'one of oor own'. Despite the wealth of Dundee's owners they were determined to not break the wage structure for anyone so a it took about a 6 weeks to work out a deal where 3 sponsors are paying most of his wages which in and of itself is a sliver of his last salary. Now we can debate whether or not that should have been something we should have bothered with when you consider his desire to get home to Dundee, pull on the Dark Blue sweater, and the man's career earnings, but that is a separate discussion. Bottom line is that although he is undoubtedly a high wage earner in the Championship he is not being paid by the club anything out of line or scandalous. As long as Hearts are in this league with the 4th highest budget in Scotland whilst being in the 2nd tier I would doubt Adam is a top 5 earner.
  13. I see that you're off a wee bit of a tangent here, but sorry you've got your hopes up re: Dundee. Our position hasn't changed at all, Dundee's FPS ownership family is worth several hundred million US $'s (certainly extremely minted as far as Scottish football goes) so unless they're planning on packing it in then we're fine. We also have pandemic insurance which has been upheld in the courts thus far, a final appeal will be heard in January, but it is looking favourable that payouts will commence in the spring. In an effort to stay within our wage structure Dundee and Adam initially couldn't make the numbers work until 3 sponsors agreed to pay the bulk of his wage. Adam also wanted to come home for family reasons so he's now on a sliver of his last wage down south. Now let me make clear that Dundee's owners took over the club willingly and what they are paying out to keep us going doesn't matter a jot to me as I rarely feel sorry for rich people, and I'm not even crazy about the sponsorship for Adam deal, but someone had to set the record straight. Furthermore we haven't made a single appeal in the press for fans to come back or to have a gov't bailout. Now I'll let you get back to ranting and raving and hoping that fans of other Scottish clubs wake up tomorrow without a team to support.
  14. Oh believe you me I think the situation that we're in has more than one architect. Without knowing exactly what happens in the boardroom it is impossible to apportion blame with total precision. Some of McPake's moves are hard to fathom regardless of what he was hearing from Nelms/Keyes, and as such he'll be the one taking the fall if he doesn't get us out of this mess sharpish like. One thing is for certain, this Saturday's game is about as big as it gets for McPake. A win in a challenging venue would most likely see us with a much better looking table, and maybe some to build on, but a loss and we're going to be looking pretty much done like dinner.
  15. Maybe so, but I guess my point is that Nelms could've funded us up front back in the summer with the money he pulls out of his couch cushions and the cup holder in his car then we perhaps wouldn't have been left looking for out of work Osman Sow types that live minutes away from Dens, and when Celtic scuppered the Hazard deal then we could have immediately gotten on the trail of another keeper instead of giving up. I'm saying this season now that we are in panic mode and seemingly ready to sign players now and in January is going to cost us the same or even more except now we're already in a big hole that could've been avoided maybe with foresight instead of hindsight thinking.
  16. You could be right about the finances thing, but that, if true, is an incredibly shortsighted way of running the club. 'Tripping over a pound to save a pence' type of thinking. The family that owns our club is worth north of 300m US$ so if Nelms left JmP hamstrung budget wise in the summer window then you reap what you sow especially in a shortened season. Of course now after we started the season shambolically we are trying to play catch up on and off the pitch. Flailing around looking for a goalie (found only to be immediately injured) to replace the guy that McPake has been openly trying to replace for a year, a new player on trial, a rumoured signing of two players lined up for January along with a pre-contract offering hopefully to be converted to immediate transfer if possible. Also this includes the absolute laziest signing in history, both literally and figuratively in Sow who dwells in The Ferry. Oh, and we could all see that we wanted to go 352, so then we literally start the season with just 3 CB's, and that immediately blows up in our face through poor play, injury and Covid. Nelms' fault, McPake's fault, who cares? It's our organisation's fault, and that's the bottom line. Let's say we finally get a proper squad on the pitch by late January - how many points will we have to make up by then, will it be too late? And for those that say it's easy for me to spend Nelms' money... sure it is, but I never asked them to buy DFC, they chose to. These Texans wanted to buy a pro sports team because that's what a lot of rich guys do, if they ever thought this was going to create any real money then they are dummies... in reality they wanted a toy. At their level of wealth it's Dundee FC that fits the bill as opposed to Man City. They either want to get back into the Premier League or they don't. My point would be that with January signings to come, the signing of Legzdins, and Stanton now they'd have been better off giving McPake a proper budget to start with instead of after we fall well behind other clubs.
  17. On another note our recruiting dept and McPake leave a whole lot to be desired. Raith, Caley, Pars all grabbing the best players around our level and the best players in League 1 that are clearly ready to step up. With our budget we should be the team, if we were on the ball, grabbing the best players around us on pre contracts or once out of contract, it's ludicrous. As far as Hazard goes, McPake wants to sign him and Hazard wants to come, but Celtic pulls the plug... so what do we do? We just decide that Hazard is apparently the only goalie in the world and since we didn't get him then too bad I guess we're out of luck. I believe that we're probably going to wind up signing Hazard when it can all be worked out, but it was pure negligence to not fix our goalie situation before lining up againts Hearts for game 1. We only have 3 central defenders for a 3-5-2 system, no problem I'm sure that'll work out. When that blows up in our face almost immediately... McPake searches around and finds a guy just down the road who is twiddling his thumbs in Fontaine. Nothing against Fontaine, but it all seems so lazy. We need more forwards... McPake looks around as far as The Ferry where Sow hangs his hat at present time and signs him up, lazy lazy lazy. Rumours swirling around that we've got a done deal for another defender from down south coming in January and close to another deal for another forward to come in January as well. All sounds great in theory, but why wasn't all of this done months ago in a proactive fashion instead of an 'oh sh*te' we're screwed reactive fashion? Shortened season, and if we're still between 5th and 7th come mid January will there be enough time to get on a hot streak and accomplish anything.
  18. My first instinct when it comes to signing Dabs is a big fat no... however he was the boy serving them up on a plate for Shankland to score. Since Mellon came in he has been stapled to the bench and you'll notice (maybe a coincidence, maybe not) that goal machine Longshanks has dried right up. McMullan is a wee rat b*****d that also draws fouls like nobodies business, and with oor man Charlie that could prove fruitful. He would also provide much needed width which is sorely lacking, and would probably help McDaid as many teams in the Champ last season got dragged out of position, including us, trying to contain McMullan. A player like McMullan would open up space for Jakubiak, Afolabi, and Mullen so with reluctance I'm going to have to sanction this move.
  19. At least they've figured out the video portion which was another gong show a couple of years back although we've lost the graphics and score/time clock for some reason.
  20. Don't know mate, I'll have a look I suppose. Literally Dundee home games are the only thing that I can't get volume on. It's really quite something, nothing but a squawking muffled parrot for commentary.
  21. The first thing I tried mate, cheers for the suggestion. At least I could see Gowser's magic.
  22. Self bump as it's halftime... Anybody having the same issue or know wtf could be going on? I have working volume on everything playable media on my computer, but this is the second home game I'm getting muffled garbage for sound. Away games all work fine.
  23. SOS... Second home game in a row for me gents where the only sound I have is muffled squawks of the commentary team. This doesn't happen on away game streams nor is it happening on any other media on my computer. This strictly seems to apply to me when watching games from Dens. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?? Top
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