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  1. That headline beggar's belief in its shitehousery. That's even worse than the usual 'bothsides' are just as bad as the other political journalism that we get here in that it's blaming fans at Dens Park. Who are the fans at Dens Park every week? Dees of course. Anyone (especially a neutral or non-football fan) glancing at that headline would associate the fans in question to meaning us! What a bunch of nonsense.
  2. I thought I was in the twilight zone when I was reading takes here and elsewhere bigging up his performance. Sheridan, hair bobble incident aside, shirks tackles, lacks the will to get his nose dirty, and has the energy and pace of a three legged turtle. He also can't control or pass a ball in any way shape or form. I hope his injury isn't too bad for his sake, but as far as my team goes I'd happily see him drop down to emergency striker status.
  3. I may be insane, and I know many Scots like to talk down our game, but... was that not a decent game for a neutral if they stumbled upon it watching from the States? 3 second half goals, some decent skill shown in each. Driving Scottish rain under the lights on a gorgeous pitch with a lively home crowd and good away support. Players carted off (very troubling for us as Byrne has been really good this year at what he does, and he's a solid character), another player wearing a mummy bandage on his head adding to the spectacle. Red cards for a coach and a manager, rammy's on the Dundee bench, players in each others faces. 11 minutes injury time. As a Dee fan I watched the game with my hand over my eyes half the time as even when we went up 2-0 I knew it would be nervy and we'd probably give up a silly goal - shouldn't Legzdins being doing better cutting that out before it gets to Ramirez? Regardless it was pretty entertaining, no, yes??
  4. I suppose we all know this, but it's quite a stark reality when you look at it regarding Charlie Adam and his impact. I didn't get into minutes played exactly, but a rough basic estimate of our season so far (including the 2 cup games) with and without Adam: 5 and a half games played with Adam starting, W 2 D 2 L 2* GF 7 GA 11** 5 and a half games played w/o Adam starting, W 0 D 1 L 4* GF 1 GA 8 * note that Adam left the 'Well league game about halfway through when the game was still at 0-0, of course we would go on to lose 1-0. Basically if Charlie stays on the pitch I think we'll do enough to stay up, if he misses any more significant time we're up shite creek. ** Celtic game responsible for 6 of these
  5. I hear you, but it's hard to shake the in your gut attachment to ones boyhood club. I mean I could've played for some club for 15 years (in an alternate universe) and I'd still be a Dee with a fondness for a club I played for. I got the feeling that outside of Motherwell that Rab would cheer for us over Celtic in a cup showdown or something. Regardless I do get your point about Barry he seems Dundee from top to bottom. Although he grew up supporting Mirren or Celtic I think. Anyways it's good to know LG was in good spirits and I really think he would've blasted that penalty into the net yesterday. Looking at the replay the Rangers goalie really made his guess early and Cummings could've rolled that ball into the other corner. Ach well, what can you do?
  6. Rab may be fond of Celtic, but he grew up a 'Well fan and still supports them I believe. I saw him on some guy's youtube channel a wee while ago, and that was what I got out of it, but I take your point. Good that it was a fun evening though.
  7. Well when people meet up expecting trouble ('a fight') then at some point a scuffle (a short, confused fight or struggle) usually ensues so yes it is logical. Thanks for trying to be a pendantic roaster and just not bothering with the point at all. You're worse than Chronicguy, at least he attempts to make relevant point. Thanks for adding nothing to the issue at hand.
  8. Are you saying that you didn't participate in the vile taunts of LG the other night? I'm not saying you were or weren't, I'm asking. There must be dozens of Saints fans that can ID the flare gang. Is your club trying to root out this very problematic element within your support and identify the culprits?
  9. It's sort of ironic that had we any players outside of the striker (Griffiths) that could finish his supper then LG would have been receiving plaudits for Wednesday night's game performance. He puts it on a plate for McGhee who misses, he links the play beautifully that led to Kerr's header, then he forces the keeper to parry a good freekick right to McMullan who makes an attempt on goal that looks like he's never seen a football before. While clearly off it upon signing LG I thought was getting up to speed and surely it was just a matter of time before we'd start scoring more especially when Adam reurns. Having said that this could be a major setback that could derail everything. If he gets 5 games (which would be insane) suspension then I'm not optimistic.
  10. C'mon man you may be chronic, but you understand the metaphor. The point is you want to wash away all the circumstances that led up to the event including you and your own fans part in it. Your clubs fans literally inroduced the 'projectile' into the situation. You've had Griffiths (wrongly) convicted before, and so that never worked out you decided to carry on campaign another way. You know full well that most all Dees know Griffiths is a very immature person for a 31 yr old man. Most Dees also know that it was really dumb of him to kick that flare like he did, but life isn't black and white, and to pretend like this wasn't a multi-layered incident is disingenuous. Griffiths shouldn't have done it, the fan who cried to the police is a roaster. Talk of 5 game bans and now a police charge is frankly ludicrous for what it actually was especially when you consider what goes on unchallenged every week across stadia in this country.
  11. Come off it man. You've been frothing at the mouth about Griffiths signing for Dundee since moment one. The venom with which you talk about the man on here is the same type of bile that carried it's way into the stadium on Wednesday which along with the out of control behavior of your own fans precipitated the whole incident.
  12. I brought a bat to a fight, and then a scuffle broke out and then when I was running away somebody picked up the bat (that I brought) and threw it and hit me in the back of the legs. Aargh polis polis please help me I'm a poor victim. Oh and please ignore that I've been viciously abusing and tormenting this guy for an hour beforehand. I'm the victim, help me.
  13. It's a real shame that guys like Chronicguy in this day and age condone hateful chants and vile abuse of a man with fragile mental health. I'd hoped we'd come further in how we view mental health struggles and the days of telling men to just toughen up were over. Sad times, imo. Also because it's clear that Perth Saints and their fans have no intention of policing and curbing their own clubs out of control traveling support both in terms of vile chanting, and public disorder. The smuggling contraband and the throwing of projectiles and pyrotechnics onto the pitch endangering the lives/safety of players, officials, ballboys, other fans and other officials needs to be throroughly investigated and a moratorium needs to be placed on Saints fans traveling until the SPFL and Police Scotland can find out what's going on with this particular club. They don't appear interested in handing over the flare aggressors so we need to step in to ensure safety.
  14. BoJo-FC92 is most definitely, absolutely not at all even slightly bothered that he's been correctly nailed on as an absolute turncoat. It clearly hasn't bothered him at all. I'm totally shocked that he's wrong about something else as well, totally shocked that a tory walloper like you would get most things wrong. I'm very, very shocked.
  15. ^^^ Totally not rattled. The only one talking about it at this stage is you. Will you able to watch the festivities this weekend or will you be down in London carrying BoJo's bags and polishing his boots?
  16. 'CanadianClown', Oh no, that stings... anyways at least we know you're not bothered at all. I'm from Downfield, and bide in the Ferry, can you make up witty bon mots for those? I thought we were supposed to be moving on? Honestly we really should as your patter is utterly horrific. Even a boozed up Granny Danger could put you to the sword in a keyboard duel.
  17. Yes brexit sure seems like a masterstroke. We surrender every day to a gang of criminals in England. I don`t even know where to start... so I won`t bother. To the game I`ll go with a slim Dee victory of 1-0.
  18. Jesus wept... that you`ve distilled Scottish independence down to a referendum on whether someone likes our current FM or not is stupid in the extreme. Even if Sturgeon were a moron she`d still be better than being ruled by a never ending cabal of right wing crooks that swaddle themselves in a St George`s cross and a union jack. Thanks for letting us know who you would have stood with at Bannockburn.
  19. f**k the union jack. f**k any servile Scot that reveres it. f**k Rangers and f**k the Arabs too.
  20. This basically happens every pre game presser. McPake gets asked question about squad availability - he says everything is good aside from the known long termers (this week Adam and Mullen) then we show up from the game and somebody surprising will be missing. It's king of annoying from a fan's perspective, but it would seem he likes to keep the opponents off balance and keep them guessing a little bit. I'd be feeling a lot better if Adam and McMullen and Cummings were playing today along with our new addition LG, but hopefully we can get the three points anyways. Livi fans, do you have full strength lineup or not? If not then who is missing?
  21. Leigh Griffiths. I wish I was kidding. I've seen this floating around a few places. LG was there... along with the entire Dundee team as we were playing Hearts in a bounce game. It absolutely was just a coincidence. Having said that if Griffiths starts banging the goals in for Dundee then Clarke may not be able to ignore him due to his lack of options. Of course by then it won't matter as we'll probably be eliminated from contention by then.
  22. I'm sure those other fans were thrilled to bits to be on the receiving end of your hot takes.
  23. He's just happy to be alive... of course the same can't be said for all of his seatmates that had to listen to his chronic, contrarian takes for hours on end.
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