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  1. This should end things for us Dees this weekend I would think. We've got 'keepers that cost us a goal (or two) per week, a porous backline, a midfield set of players that move around like they've got cement shoes on, and an utterly tragic and anemic forward line. Oh and a buffoon as manager. Couple all of that with St Johnstone getting a result which I think they will and we're finished. Aberdeen 3 Dundee 0
  2. We all understand that players skirt around the edges of the rules and often just step right over the line entirely, but the utter shamelessness of that guy yesterday was quite something. Does he have no self awareness or is he just a complete walloper? I wondered if he's got previous for this.
  3. Ask your manager if he's got any suggestions... Your first sentence is fairly accurate in the main although I would change 'pretty embarrassing' to downright mortifying.
  4. On a general note regarding this Aberdeen cheat #10 Besuijen. Aberdeen fans is this what this guy is all about? Does personal pride and self respect matter at all to these fellas? I mean they don't even seem to care that all of this stuff is on video and will be memorialised for all time on the interwebs. There obviously isn't the will within the footballing governing authorites of our game to stamp this sort of thing out, but it's a shame that some of the players appear to have no internal standard that they won't fall beneath.
  5. Charlie Adam has missed 16 of our 32 games this season. In those 16 games we have collected 2 (two!!) points!
  6. Clangers yes, they happen... but Legzdins let's shots routinely go through him like he's a hologram.
  7. I say that because there is a big difference between keepers in the 1st and 2nd tier, and we'll have to be picking and choosing who we can try to get rid. Also we're going to have trouble attracting a quality keeper if we drop down unless we make an inspired managerial choice. Morten fans are raving about Jack Hamilton atm as being one of the best keepers they've had in two decades and one of the best in the league so that sort of suggests the level. At the premiership level Legzdins has been utterly found out with more shots, better shots and being under pressure more. He's not up to it, imo. If he gets back in the lineup soon let's hope he has an inspired run in but, I'd love to upgrade Legzdins and Lawlor regardless of league, but I don't think it's realistic. We need a major overhaul no matter what, and if we're able to move a few contracted players on I'd gladly bin Lawlor and Legzdins and sign someone new and roll with a new guy and Sharp.
  8. Legzdins is the worst #1 keeper in the top flight. Shots go through him regularly, and he never bails us out with a big timely save. I don't care if he's playing in front of the worst backline in history. He's got to make saves more than he does. If fit, I suppose he's our best option right now, and if we go down he'd probably be fine to keep. However, if in the unlikely event we stay up we'll be needing better between the sticks, imo.
  9. No goalies, no forwards, no manager, no Adam, worst defence in the league even if our best are all available and healthy means the chances are between slim and none for a Dee win... and slim just left town. With all the built in advantages that Sevco also have when added to the above it would be an embarrassment for them if they don't win by 6 goals, imo.
  10. A lot of people seem to be missing this point which you have nailed. We have a team full of numpties.
  11. I'd like to go ahead and congratulate 'Well on their 3 points pre-emptively. Charlie Adam has missed 13 league games this season through injury (one of his hamstrings is made of paper mache). In those 13 games we have collected 1 (one!!!) point!!! We are a bad team with Charle Adam, without him we are diabolical. We are also led by a roaster named Mark McGhee. For about the 4th time this season we are also a covid riddled mess. Basically what I'm saying here is that if 'Well don't win by at least 3 goals then you should empty Alexander at the final whistle.
  12. That's major short term memory syndrome, imo. None of us know what would've happened today if McPake was the manager of course, but he has a well documented history of coaching us to humiliating defeats. McPake was a disaster, McGhee is a disaster, and Nelms is destroying our club from within and practically begging fans to stay away. I think McPake is a much more likeable guy than McGhee, but going down the road of 'this (insert bad thing) would've never happened under McPake' is an exercise in attempted revisionism that I'm not buying. We were always coming off or about to take a major embarrassment under JMcP so I don't buy any of this type of chat. An interesting question to consider may be one of given that we waited until after the window closed to fire McPake... if McGhee was the option to take over how many of us would've said maybe we should just ride out the season JMcP?
  13. And yet we lost to them at Palmerston 1-0 a few months later!
  14. I have no idea about whether Chapman will pan out or not, but... there is a lot of difference between Hamilton and Chapman and we're getting way out in front things by surmising anything at this juncture. For starters Hamilton is Jamaican and was only here as a favour to the Dee named Angus McNab that is involved in with the semi-pro Canadian team that signed him because they couldn't get him into the country and wanted to send him somewhere to train instead of having a lost season. Nic Hamilton would be a non-league level player in this country. Jay Chapman has over 100 games in the MLS with Toronto FC and Inter Miami, and even though I don't follow it I do know that it contains lots of good players and is a pretty good standard these days. Chapman also has caps at international level with Canada and they're better than they used to be. There is a a pretty big gap between the professional careers of Chapman and Hamilton, and it could simply be that McPake wants to be careful chucking a new guy straight into a relegation battle. Chapman could be a dud, but the only available evidence we have now (which is the CV) is that he is a much different animal than the other guy.
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