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  1. Well my drinking 'session' started with lager way back when we failed to trouble Cove and Peterheid's goal in the Betfred then my session intensified to doubling my lager count the night we got ravaged by the Arabs in a comical display of shitehousery (Note: As any faithful Dee I am legally obligated to mention that we did score a perfectly good and well worked opening goal that was incorrectly chalked off, and who knows how that may have changed the outcome,grasps at straws...). My drinking intensified to hard liquor after watching Elgin toss us oot the League Cup, and I was practically slamming back vodka on Saturday night after watching that utter garbage at Cappielow. I should mention here that I don't like the drink very much so I should probably just switch to smack if we are garbage again on Friday. One last thing, I'm certainly not in the McPake out camp as that is ridiculously premature and although I have heard some of this stuff already being bandied about here and other social media, it would be utterly ludicrous to have 4 different managers in one calender year... I will say this about Dundee - with the players that JMcP has assembled (although we are woefully short at the CB position, and I'm not sold on JackHam) - we shouldn't be anywhere near this bad. Early season or not we have been garbage. According to my dear departed Gramps who always claimed that QoS were our true lower league bogey team, now that we're in the same league again I don't see anything changing this week. McPake needs to slap some sense into these guys, we have a lethal strikeforce especially for this league and only 1 of the 3 ever starts, Jesus wept. If we can't defend set pieces what difference does it make if we're 4-5-1 or 4-4-2? I'd rather go down trying to score a few goals. QoS 2 Dundee 0
  2. I absolutely agree with you about CCurran Spud, and I also believe that JackHam will get 36 clean sheets this season. But in all seriousness I hope that Davies, Curran, and JackHam break some of McPake's training camp rules whilst in Spain thus 'forcing' us tell all three that they are to move on as they will not feature for us and we can set about replacing those three asap!
  3. If the Rudden rumour is true, I think Nelson, Miller and Rudden with Curran as 4th choice would be perfectly fine. I like your Nelson, Miller and Rudden part. But I would prefer that CCurran is launched straight into the Tay forthwith!
  4. Who is Declan 'McDade'? Another fictional character in Still Game? Declan McDaid on the other hand is young and has potential you utter roaster. Ooft!
  5. Any chance if JackHam and CCurran are told that they will be stapled to the bench this season and are free to go that we could get anyone to take them off our hands??
  6. McPake will slap him around and chop him back down to size if he seems more focused on instabooking or facegramming or twitchatting or any of that stuff.
  7. As long as Declan McDaid is not an alias for a re-branded Martin Woods then we've already improved! Welcome aboard laddie.
  8. Thankfully that charlatan DAB McSackIntyre got it in the neck before he could do any more damage to our club after trying to run Cammy out of Dens. Cammy Kerr 1 - 0 Charlatan DAB, now that's a result!
  9. A couple of things about the budget - Dundee's owners are worth upwards of 350m US$ so if adding a technical director helps sort out the club (on the pitch) where it really matters then in the long run it will be worth it. Even if Strachan only did it for a few years he may leave a legacy behind that we can use for the long term good of the club. The papers as usual have some things right and some things wrong. It is true that Strachan and Nelms are in discussions, but it would involve Strachan being involved as either a full fledged DoF (Technical Dir. or whatever term you give it) or a more casual role as an 'advisor'. Whatever the scenario he would be there to give advice from top to bottom, but the youths would not be the focus. He would be more focused on the first team, helping the manager and scouting about for players (all 6'4 inches in height or taller no doubt). Despite WGS' penchant for saying some daft things he would undoubtedly help sort us out, and the man must have quite a network of contacts in British football. Oh and yes is the answer to the Nelms question. He is making it up as he's going along, just last week he said he wasn't really interested in bringing anyone on board as an advisor or DoF. He also said that the hiring 'criteria' that he said was now in place after he hired JM is not really in place in anymore (which is good because it was dumb). That's just how we roll at Dundee. The only good thing I can get out of any of this is that Nelms has realised that he has made a right horse's arse out of things and is trying to stop the rot. Will it all work out? Probably not I'm a Dundee supporter I always see disaster looming around every corner, but I live in hope.
  10. Well at least Nelms seems to be casting the net about this time. The last time (if the rumours are true), the first guy that got Nelms on the phone - one Jim McIntyre - got the job. If the other rumour is true and that WGS is in fact interested in being the Technical Director of Fitba at Dundee one would think you'd want him in place first to help select the manager as the pair of them would be working hand in glove. So with that being said I think we need a pretty quick aye or nae out of Gordon because we need a new manager pretty sharpish. However, despite WGS' ties to Dundee (1971-78) as a youth and first team pro AND the fact that his wife is Dundonian AND he now lives here for part of the year - I still cannae see it, but who knows.
  11. We gave a relegation clause to a guy we took off Woking! Jesus wept. We should've told Ralph took stick his relegation clause up his arse and just re-signed Holt and Basque Jon. But McCann thought he needed to overhaul the entire team and as always Dundee/Nelms proved to be a couple of effing mugs.
  12. He did, he's about to have his already shite budget sliced in half, and ICT are openly trying to unload all their 'high' earners. Robbo knows it'll be a next to impossible task to improve ICTs position next season and wants to jump ship. I for one hope we accept their refusal to speak to him. I'd rather have Goodwin if we're going down the road of taking another Championship team's current manager.
  13. Aye, he'd just sabotage our wall like the DAB McIntyre sabotaged our club! So much for Plan A. Plan B is sending JackHam directly into the Tay. Plan C is telling him to pick a seat on the bench and get comfortable.
  14. Yes, do you know a good bricklayer that works cheap? And can he make the wall portable so it can be switched at halftime and towed behind the team bus for away days? But in all seriousness I think we need to tell JackHam he will be 2nd choice and with any luck we can get him to move on and if not he needs stapling to the bench. In the event that we assemble a good squad it will all be undone by that dodgy keeper! Colour me concerned.
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