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  1. Away crowd looked spot on. Sometimes in the bigger stadiums it can look like more. Its an honest mistake, the wee grounds like yours and the ones you guys are more used to playing at do make it easier to gauge the attendance. Regardless of this, it's nice that you guys have such a passion for ensuring the correct figures are put across. DC seems a very passionate manager. I can remember him being passionate at Brechin and Forfar as well.
  2. Quality game yesterday! Was expecting it to be nervy and there to be a bit of spice but wasn't sure how McGlynn would have set up. When it went open and we had Flanagan and Milne running at Arbroath we looked dangerous and likewise when Lynn was running at us. Would have liked the win but happy with the draw and to only be 4 points behind Arbroath at this stage with all things considered then it's not the end of the world. That's the best I think I've ever seen an Arbroath team play and I'm sure by most of the Arbroath fans reactions, and DCs comments after the game, they'll likely agree. But that was far from our best performance and we still came away with a point. It's been the story of the season and most of last season. When we turn it on then we can put teams away, but even when we are off the boil, we rarely come away with nothing. McGlynn should be able to get the consistency of getting those better performances more regularly than the hot and cold performances we had last season which cost us points. At the end of the day it's nice that Arbroath can have some success and good for them. They brought a good crowd and it would have been a good day out for them. But they tired towards the end and that's how we got through them. The same thing will happen as the season goes on and we'll get stronger as they get weaker. The longer people like Dick Campbell are in the game, the better. Although by the looks of it, I don't think he was deliberately taking his time walking down the touchline yesterday I genuinely think he needed to stop for a breath. "Just a fat peaky blinder" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Maybe you are the gang of neds and you've just not realised it until now??
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Why and when? I really don't get this false love for him as if we're desperately holding onto him as a hero. He was there for us when we got relegated from the championship in spectacular fashion and apparently had a go at Hughes, he was there for us in a coaching capacity last season which everyone claims was a disaster and he was there for us this season as the shittest interim manager possible who thought one of the top goal scorers in Scotland was best suited at right wing back. Pull your tongue out his arse and get rid of the guy. He's done nothing for this club except take a wage. Finally a bit of sense. Well said.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I think Smiths gripe about the video analysis was that he had it and it was a good set up but when they moved, he didn't have it and was more or less told it's too expensive so make do with what you've got. McG highlighted its impotence and he has a strong need for it. I get the impression there's going to be a lot of trust put in McGlynn and what he says (within reason) will go. Young, Sim and Clark have all said over the last couple of years the managers won't be given free reign on all football decisions after the whole Locke signing his pals situation. I think this will change for J McG and I think if he needs something that's going to cost money, the BoD will be going out and looking for the funds.
  6. Nah I think he's going to be pragmatic and set us up not to lose. If we get the ball up front to players like Nisbet, Vaughan and Buchanan then you never know what we can get. It speaks volumes that regardless of how shite we've looked at times this season we've still come away with something. Don't underestimate how good our team actually is. Smith only really had 1 game with a fully fit squad (4-0 Forfar) and we were on fire. The rest of the games we've scraped something when we've looked like we should have had nothing. Particularly the last 2 games. Dumbarton are there for the taking this weekend.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    This is exciting. People are actually happy for a change! The BoD have made a good call and the announcement was well done with a bit of class. Never would have thought McGlynn would come back in all honesty but it's quite a coup from the board so well done to them. Well done also to Wardy too! Throughout the whole time he never wavered and persisted with his canvassing for McGlynn. Hopefully this is what the club needed to bring everyone back on the same track and get us all moving forward together. Thank f**k Barry Smiths gone is all I can say. Never liked the guy anyway.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Get rid of Cuthbert and we're clear of the dead wood. There's no place for him at the club and I'd rather see him away than clinging onto a wage. As I mentioned earlier, he's done nothing of any note for the club.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    "We'd nevur huv even goat a job if it wusny fur that man oer there. Big thanks to Allan Young! Best chairman ahv evur hud"
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Caption Competition: Best caption wins and the lucky winner will get to pick the team on Saturday.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Stevie Crawford has a split personality syndrome??
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Does he have 'developmental' issues like OCD or Aspergers as well?
  13. Christ, calm down and get a grip of yourself. We're second in the league, unbeaten and don't have a manager. We've got the best team in this league if the players are played the correct way. Short memories from everyone who moaned and groaned about Barry Smiths dreaded 4-4-2. There was also no plan to sack Barry Smith and I don't see why there should have been one. The BoD don't have the finances to behave like some clubs and sack managers at the drop of a hat and in all honesty there was no grounds to sack him. Comparing a football club to other business organisations is a naive mistake a lot of people have made so I wouldn't start getting your already twisted knickers anymore twisted by trying it. Defending Cuthbert as not being an idiot is fine but his managerial decisions and tactical awareness has been nothing short of idiotic. Not to mention these interviews where he speaks in contradicting cliches and ties himself in knots. Unfortunately there's not been much of an option for the club, it's either a case of rush the appointment of the next manager or hope that Cuthbert is able to take things on from where Smith left. He changed a winning team and formation and is now too stubborn to change it back. A mistake that will have cost him the job as our next manager.
  14. Looking to increase this unbeaten run we're on this season and carry on a good run of away form. No away defeats in last 6 away league games. Hopefully Kevin Cuthbert will be well out of the way and we'll have a manager who can play the team and tactics that work - 4-4-2. Vaughan to score a hat-trick.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Starting to see it being less and less likely that Duffy would take the job. The fact that he was on Sportsound again today kind of shows his interest. If he was keen I'd have at least thought he'd want to come and see what he has to deal with. Allan Moore was supposedly meant to be in the main stand today. Wonder if his Raith TV interviews will be enough to win over our fans... [emoji849]