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  1. Xmas gift from Boyle there, back to the top we go
  2. Reality check there, can’t help feeling like the media set us up for a fall today. Fair play to Celtic they were too good today. We move on, got a great run of games coming up to bounce back.
  3. Same old, same old! scottish teams in Europe, opposition with a few nippy tackles, lose the heid and get a man sent off. Never learn!
  4. Tremendous performance away from home, ok it was against ten men and someone bunged the ref a few scheckels! Paterson utter dugmeat though, the only change i’d make for Tuesday. If only SOD wasn’t injured
  5. The players would have half a fucking clue with even a semi competent manager in charge, get yer coat Eck, yer tea’s oot!
  6. McLeish looking for the hip flask in the inside pocket there
  7. Cmon Portugal a couple more should get this alky arse the sack, can’t even string 2 passes together ffs
  8. McLeish has to go NOW. Appeared to be constantly asking McFadden and Grant what the f**k to do! Get him in the fucking sea. That formation, players shoehorned into the team, he’s turned a decent set of players into a fucking pub team. The buck stops there imo.
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