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  1. Fantastic set up at kelty, I presume the amateurs are directly linked to the senior squad? I’ve lost touch with football over the last few years, only came back in last season
  2. Gogsy, come watch some of these kids before you question wether or not they could cut it at SPFL level. 3 of them were released due to the clubs not having enough money to keep them. That’s the sad state our games in, see the positive in the fact these lads have a second chance. The sad reality is they’d probably have chucked footie and now they won’t. Some might even say it’ll do them some good, I look forward to catching up with you at a game one day and then you can cast an opinion. I presume you’ve an impressive resume from your playing days yourself
  3. Ahahaha I think everyone in Fauldhouse will be happy with some praise. The new management team have done well to be fair, let’s see how the squad goes in the year ahead. Will make a point to go and watch them I think
  4. Amongst others yes both weirs have signed.
  5. Players coming from senior football, young and hungry players who want back at senior level. Couple of lads who played first team football at championship clubs last year and the bulk of the squad all having had a taste of the senior game. The squad is tremendous with a great mix of young talent and more experienced lads. There will be a few shocked and unhappy people at just how well the new management team have adapted and built a squad. I believe there were many rumours of how the new gaffer couldn’t sign anybody because Fauldhouse were finished. Ps I’m not on the Commitee but I know a few of the lads who have signed, two brothers one of which played for Hamilton accies last year and the other Dumbarton 👍
  6. Big build up, looking forward to it. Extremely but certainly justified. IMO anyway, they’ve got some serious young talent on board
  7. Who are they? Club are releasing details via social media over the next few days. Coaching staff have smashed it out the park with the new additions
  8. Should all be released on social media over the next few days. Absolutely fantastic new squad been built
  9. And been replaced with much much better players. Nothing wrong with that 😎
  10. Would appear so, along with many others it seems
  11. Complete opposite actually, 16 new absolutely top drawer players signed . Won’t commit on the contracts situation as it would appear everyone else seems to know the truth 👍
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