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  1. Thats only illegal drug use. Would like to know the figures for prescription overdoses
  2. On the point of Jack russels as small as they are I wouldnt dare lump then in with other small dogs. They are ferocious hunters with attitude. An old flatmate of mine had a jack russel and they are barry dogs if a little bonkers.
  3. Depends with the right training, When I was younger my family had weimaraners and dobermanns and they wouldnt go apeshit when whoever came home first. Dogs are not stupid and if left alone as much as possible as early as possible then they will be used to it, amd will know that every time they are left alone they know they are not being abandoned. Too many owners make a big fus when leaving their dogs for the day which probably just makes it worse for the dog as uou are showin it all this affection then you are leaving it., Its best just to leave the house with a little pet or just straightup piss off out the door
  4. Dogs will still jump on the couch for a cuddle after being fed. Cats will piss off until they want fed again
  5. Was it the familiar hard constipated shit€ followed by the explosive diarrhea then the long slimey log? 1 - 7- 4
  6. I'm in temporary accomodation right now and the microwave with some french sounding name doesnt even have the wattage on it, and it doesnt help that most microwavable food looks that unedible that its hard to tell if its cooked right or not. Probably best i buy and temperature probe
  7. 100% I cant go past a dog without a dog without turning into a weirdo and loudly saying hello my boy in a goofy voice before the respectful sniff of the hand then a pet. But wee yappy dogs I have no time for
  8. I'd say wee dogs are p***ks and have that small dog syndrome and yap at everything. I was brought up with guard dogs and gun dogs so any dog from a spanial upwards are great. The pappilions, bichon frise and chihuahua's of the worlds can gtf
  9. Finding the old guys heid is like finding where's wally Edit didnt didnt read previous posts
  10. absolutely spot on with that, some people make it out like they were under hypnosis
  11. do you walk anti clockwise when barefoot
  12. do not know you or seen the posts but delighted to hear you have come through that seemingly endless black pit and are thriving. All the best going onwards
  13. a single drop under the tongue. I would do it infront of a mirror as you can barely if at all feel the drops. usually the ones i have had recomment 3 to 5 drops twice daily
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