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  1. do you walk anti clockwise when barefoot
  2. do not know you or seen the posts but delighted to hear you have come through that seemingly endless black pit and are thriving. All the best going onwards
  3. a single drop under the tongue. I would do it infront of a mirror as you can barely if at all feel the drops. usually the ones i have had recomment 3 to 5 drops twice daily
  4. why would I call for alcohol to be made illegal when the majority of adults can have a drink and a laugh with no problems. I just think that weed is no more harmful than alcohol and is a far lesser burden on society than drink. Calling for a ban on alcohol in Scotland is like calling for a ban on guns in texas or calling for a ban on sectarian singing in Glasgow. you go to your gp with pain and they will prescribe you something far more addicting and dangerous than weed As I said thankfully attitudes are changing and I know a number of people who would drop alcohol in a heartbeat if weed became legal. Medicinally it would give pain patients the option to use weed instead of opiates which are highly addicitive and can cause horrible withdrawals even on recommended dosages.
  5. sit on any bus on a weekend evening and you have drunks making the bus smell like a brewery and being general arseholes yet a stoner minding there own business is labelled a jakeball. Thankfully times are moving on and the stigma of weed is diminishing. alcohol does far more damage than weed ever will. A & E is full of drunks every weekend. you wont find a stoner there being abusive to nhs staff. Most people who demonize weed are those who read too much scaremongering in the msm and have never been high.
  6. having lived here for all 30 years of my life I have never taken in a show outside of taking a few service users to some. I find James Acaster hillarious but assuming tickets for him will be hard to come by now he is on the tele regualarly. Its a pity norm macdonald or bill burr dont pop over
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