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  1. Assume his girlfriend holds up graphs for him to w**k over at visits, instead of showing her tits
  2. Lassie in blue perfecting the neil Lennon pass
  3. Something to do with the wind? like those houses in Norway where all the windows/doors are on the sheltered side
  4. L'oreal men expert energising moisturiser for 3.99 absolute bargain. 10 quid in the supermarkets.
  5. When the cases in hospital were revised i.e people who had covid and recovered but were still in hospital due to another illness, no longer being classed as cases in hospital. Before this revision of cases, were deaths being treated the same way, recover from covid but die due to another condition. If these people were until a few weeks ago classed as covid patients in hospital, were those that died during that time classed as covid when they were free of it at the time of death?
  6. The Irn Bru energy drink is nice, tastes more like the original than the aspartame riddled sugar tax dodging new one
  7. Sending bed blocking pensioners into care homes untested and knowingly sending covid positive patients into care homes. That enough should see people serving time. The country basically being in stand still for 6 months. The fall out of this will be huge. I'm all for independance but I do believe Scotland needs another party that is pro independance. The SNP are guaranteed 45% of the vote every election due to one policy. Throw in the exams fiasco and the SNP should not be put on some pedestal beacuse we are neighbours with probably the only other country in Europe thats fared worse. Holding your standards up against that of WM is like finishing 17th in the PL. Everything is political these days it's horrid, and this hate crime bill is the icing on the cake. Turning the country slowly into a land of suppressed speech
  8. Because everything in this day and age is political. A pandemic should be bringing people together, but drag politics into it and it just divides everyone. The SNP have made a balls up of the pandemic, some people with their SNP blinkers on will just refuse to acknowledge it, and point to WM's handling of it. There is a great video on youtube with Neil Oliver on talk radio but have no clue how to post it. It seems there's no middle ground anymore and everyone is either a liberal 'snowflake' or a right wing 'nazi'.
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