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  1. It'll be interesting to read what the excuses are this time.
  2. I still think they'll have a 2 or 3 game blip. Carnoustie will win the league imo
  3. You didn't think they'd slip up today though surely?
  4. One day, we'll read you giving the opposition credit. Maybe.
  5. How many excuses can you actually come up with?
  6. I was under the impression that Dundee released him?
  7. No need to get shirty. I asked a genuine question because I'm curious as to who his goals have been against. It's a good gauge don't you think? You suggested in a previous post that you think someone further up the ladder will be looking at him. I'm assuming you mean a senior side? Do you think he's good enough to go back senior given he didn't make the grade a couple of years back? Again, genuine question. Don't know the lad, but I've seen him play twice and he hasn't scored in either game. However, 45 goals at this time of the season is undoubtedly, extremely impressive. In my opinion, the lad from East Craigie would be a better gamble for any senior side, so I hope that's okay. A nice gammon joint with roasters and winter vegetables. Thanks.
  8. Lochee Carnoustie North End East Craigie Tayport
  9. Some amount of goals for the lad but how many of them have been against the top sides? Genuine question.
  10. That's an absolute embarrassment of a result.
  11. Given Lochee's horrific injury list, I'm taking BoD to win this one.
  12. Aye right, so he did [emoji849]
  13. Tayport manager sacked/left. Sounds like the sack
  14. Hope Lochee's injuries clear up and they make it through to the next round
  15. No, for pathetic, see your club match reports and Facebook comments etc after a defeat this season. That is pathetic sir.
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