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  1. Is Tomorrow's game in danger of being called off? Bain suspended for tomorrow so if it's off, I'm assuming he'll be out for the Arbroath game on Tuesday (if of course, that goes ahead) By Tuesday though, I'm assuming the manager will have brought one or two new faces in. Would like to see a few youngsters given the nod but no doubt he'll go with experience in McNaughton in beside Travis, Malone left back. Who at right back? Young Warwick? Hasn't been given a look in so far. Time to see what he can do.
  2. The reason his name is on the list is because he's asked to leave. He's asked to leave not at the end of his contract, he's asked to leave now. He's already shaken the hands of his teammates telling them he's offski as he's had enough. Busting a gut? I don't think so. He can't be arsed with it. Better off without that sort of "commitment" imo. Believe that or don't believe that, your choice, but I'd be very surprised if he plays again.
  3. The solution is this. . . Accept relegation as a given. Start preparing for a plethora of departures and start building and preparing the youth squad to make up 90% of the squad next season. It's the way forward. You think guys like See, Cox, Bain, McBride, the Dunfermline guys, Peters, etc etc etc give a flying fk? I don't. The age on the bench today was enforced but these guys have to be prepped now for next season. Get them in the team Jim.
  4. Hearing that David Cox may have played his last game for the club.
  5. Cregg is a pop star. Living in the past. Strolls around like he's Zidane but in reality is a washed up never has been.
  6. Jeez, not good. Any of the senior guys playing and any good performances? (Unlikely I know)
  7. I think you're spot on. None of above would be missed. End of season will see Cox and Bain amongst others, offski too.
  8. Shame. Seems to happen just when they start to get a bit of consistency and make the position their own. Also feel heart sorry for Murray too.
  9. If you read again,you'll find I didn't say it was worse. Regardless if it was worse or not though, it's an absolute shocker of a result, and the games stats are worrying. Cup games are more than just a win or a loss. Although I'm sure the club don't budget for a cup run, I'm sure winning a game or two would be welcome.
  10. 53% possession to the home team. 9 corners to 3 for the home team. 5 shots on target for the home team and ZERO for the away team. Awful.
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