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  1. Gb12

    Hi all

    Just my initials pal
  2. Ha ha no but then again I've never had any interest in Scottish football until recently
  3. I have plenty of contacts but I prefer the fans view on clubs. I have invested in football before at various levels
  4. All owners have a responsibility to make the clubs sustainable and to offer good value for money on match days etc. I looked very seriously at a club in north east of England who are in a serious state the owner wants 600,000 for a relegated side that doesn't own their own ground and in excess of 1.2m in debt and to add to that they are paying players from years ago that they didn't pay during their time at the club
  5. Are any clubs in the division up for sale?
  6. Gb12

    Hi all

    Hi all new to the forum and thought I'd introduce myself GB
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