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  1. Got to congratulate SSB, you are making me poston P&B for the first time since 09 December 2010 - 17:05 In small, what a tit you come across. You have however made me near pish myself. Thanks
  2. Im not orange im not green

  3. Won't be doing one this year buddy, probably just stick to posting stuff on OTB. Going to start a "In the good old days" thread on OTB shortly. Got around 2-3000 paper cuttings. So going to start putting them up and hopefully a few more people will join in.

  4. Hey Calum - you doing your blog this year?

  5. Such a horrible young man you are.

  6. Coming down again just now. I fucking hate this weather
  7. I have fallen completely in love with Kate Hudson in You Me And Dupree
  8. Who the f**k is Ryan Malloy? Anyway Bobby Beale is next to peg it
  9. P&B Member in sex shame was a good read, until someone brought a minor into the equation . Good reading at work early in the morning that was. Gav's story about the drink was brilliant, sure it was a new year thread. 2 bottles of vod, 2 crates of beer, 4 bottles of wine between me and a mate. Should be a quiet one,
  10. Nothing at all through here in Beauly
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