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  1. Superb display, Robertson runs his fucking heart out. Spain aren't the side of yesteryear, but by f**k we made them look ordinary, and Sir Steve takes all the credit for that. Onto June.
  2. This Barnsley V Sheffield Wednesday game has been brilliant.
  3. Maybe not the right thread, but I am off to Austria on Thursday, Kitzbuhel to be precise. Any sides near that I could get to on the Friday or Saturday? I was tempted to get a train up to Munich for Bayern V Union on the Sunday but bit of a bugger to get back from and I am flying back early Monday.
  4. Nearly six months on from that first session, and as I have said a couple of times on here, if it is something you are open to trying then I highly recommend doing it. It's funny reading that post back, I remember leaving her office and I felt a real intense joy, something that I hadn't had for some amount of time (probably without me realising), however over the six months some of the sessions have absolutely floored me, mentally and physically. It is definitely the best thing I have ever done in my life for "self improvement", to the point that I have just started my certificate in counselling, and then all being well do a degree.
  5. Not seen a can of it for bloody ages, but used to enjoy it when I was younger. Vague memories of getting those tiny cans from Woolworths. The other thing I rarely see now is a pack of rolos.
  6. Found Hinge to be best of the bunch, been on a few dates with a couple of different girls. A girl in work advised me to take a look at Feeld, that is absolutely wild.
  7. Beale looks exactly like the type of bloke who'd enter the lodge. Stinks of Sevco.
  8. £28 anytime of year let alone the festive period to watch any Scottish fixture is scandalous. Why we haven't followed the English route and capped away prices is beyond me.
  9. Agree. Frankfurt is a rotten place. Never seen so many junkies in my life. A complete shit tip. Also thought Berlin was pretty grim. Went to Brussels in September and high hopes, but again bit of a dump. Then Bucharest in November which I was dubious about but found it to be a brilliant place.
  10. Yeah I couldn't see anything, a couple of hats. Thank you for the link though, that'll be ideal!
  11. I work with a lad down here whose Grandad suppors Albion Rovers. Not in the best of health at the moment, so was looking to get him a scarf for Christmas. I've had a look online but not able to find anything, is there anywhere I could pick one up? Cheers!
  12. I genuinely had no idea this game was being played, but from the posts so far don't seem to have missed much.
  13. Yeah I am having this as well, hopefully an update is forthcoming
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