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  1. I posted it before, but the utter shite my Mum has had to go through to prove her disability has been fucking horrific to watch. A strong woman reduced to tears on numerous occasions, in fear of what little income she gets being taken away. They prey on the weak and vulnerable, and it's not by accident. Praying tomorrow things start changing for the better.
  2. Have been doing my family tree for a while, and recently found this chap. Just wondering what the f**k he has got on his head. So far, all I can think of is that Stephen Hunt has a time machine, and kneed him in the head.
  3. No definitely a Villa, the port was at the bottom.
  4. I can remember going down to Blackpool to play in a tournament. After getting scudded from numerous sides from the Midlands and London, we went back to the hotel and got pissed. I was served a "Aston Villa" which was half a glass of port, and half glass of blue wkd. Spewed up very quickly after this. I haven't seen Miller in years, wasn't aware it was still going. Sure they were one of the first to use the twist cap bottle caps which seemed quite cool at the time. You're right though, it was definitely the beer of choice, any party, always stacks of the stuff.
  5. Darren Randolph looks like he will be going back to West Ham in January. That'll be four keepers on the books. Can only assume the injury to Fabianski is worse than they first thought.
  6. Doesn't look arsed at all does he? In saying that, not many Arsenal players do.
  7. Whilst out Christmas shopping and wishing to kill myself, found a van doing Pie & Mash. First time in a few months that I've had it (oo er) and it was glorious. Really nice thick liquor, and lovely chilli vinegar. A real winter warmer. The girl serving was an absolute wid as well. Looked somewhat out of place dishing up.
  8. I can remember wetherspoons doing a pint of the week for 99p around 2007. For that reason my first pint was a pint of Guiness and I managed to get through about half of it before going back up for a pint of Irn Bru. My first shot was called "Alien Brain", bit of sambuca with baileys on top. Seemed to curdle as it went down.
  9. Clear to see where the priorities lie. Have to get Champions League this year, or the likes of Immobile will be off.
  10. Fucking detest Man United, but I must admit I want them to nick a third.
  11. Will come home quite a bit this year as want to do a few more hills. My partners 30th in June, so looking to go away for a week in July somewhere. Thinking Portugal, just want a nice hotel/apartment etc with beaches closeby. Any suggestions certainly welcome, not set on Portugal. We did Kalami on Corfu last year which was brilliant, something similar.
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