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  1. So after a couple years of wanking furiously, I decided to join the world of online dating. Matched with a girl who is from Grenada but lives in the UK, and we got onto the topic of surnames. When I said what my surname was, she sent a load of laughing emojis before telling me that was also her surname. Very naively I said "I am really surprised that is a Grenadian surname" to which she replied "It's from when the Scots invaded Grenada and gave all the slaves surnames" I can fully admit I had no idea about this, and didn't know whether to apologise or not. I think my floundering and somewhat flustered reply amused her, as she wants to go for a drink at the end of the week. I will most likely relent from taking her to the Scottish Stores for a Tennants, but looking forward to it nonetheless.
  2. Bit of a cluster f**k of an announcement last night, but always a delight seeing James Richardson.
  3. I did Naples a few years back while taking in Napoli V Lazio. We flew, and then got a bus into the centre, before getting a cab to our hotel (https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/royal-dante.en-gb.html). When we were getting out, the driver said to be careful and make sure we removed any watches etc, and make sure phones were kept in pockets. Decided to go for a bit of grub, everyone said to go to Sorbillo for pizza so we set off, dodging the most ridiculous driving I have ever come across. We were following Google Maps, and couldn't find it. Where it said it was , was a building which looked like a bomb had gone off, so went elsewhere. Got back to the hotel, had a look online, and the owner of Sorbillo had pushed back against payments to local Mafia, who then chucked a few firebombs through the windows. I can't remember what we did in the evening, but can't have been too bad as no memory. The day of the game (Sunday) was bit of a nightmare, lots of places opening split hours, meaning it was difficult to get a beer. After a while we decided to get a cab to the ground. Without doubt, the most petrified I have been in a car. Fella was asking where we were sat, tried saying in broken Italian, but he just asked for the ticket, which he then studied whilst flying down the motorway just under 100mph. In fairness he took us right to the stand, got in, watched the game then left early to get back into the city. Unfortunately couldn't find a cab, so ended up walking back in the general direction. Couple of lads stopped us who were on motorbikes, no idea what they wanted but a quick cry of "Scozia Scozia" made them give us a thumbs up and then sod off. Eventually found a pizza shop, went in and spoke to three young lads who rung one of their mates to take us. I have no doubt they ripped the utter c**t out of us, but it got us back into the city, where we proceeded onto one of the best boozes I have ever had. Met a couple of lads from Cardiff and we drunk into the night. Eventually going back to their apartment where we got stuck into the Super T, before leaving around 3 in the morning. We took about 2 hours to walk back, looking for the Maradonna pictures etc. We weren't quiet, and had no issues at all. What topped it off was some lad shouting at us from a window, we went over and his Mum (I assume) had been baking, and gave us a load of bread which we took on our little tour back. Didn't have any issues at all. We did Pompei the next day, whilst coping with a horrendous hangover, didn't think much of it at all, but that was purely down to feeling rough as f**k. I'd go back, but probably travel further down the coast.
  4. Yep, would be an odd move. Fans seem to have taken to him as well. Important season for him this year, you now have Ashby making his mark in the first team for West Ham, and I would imagine he will play the majority of games in Europe. Saw him on Saturday against Luton and he has obviously been hitting the gym during pre-season, really bulked up. Two very decent prospects in a position Scotland have been light in for a good few years. https://www.whufc.com/news/ashby-takes-aim-first-team-squad-place
  5. Same, to be fair I had no reason to come this way today. Contemplating a stein but think the heat would ruin it.
  6. An hour and seven minutes late opening. An incident last night, but we got there.
  7. Apologies if posted elsewhere, but I see Vice have done a piece on cocaine use in Scotland.
  8. That is a brilliant shirt, really good job.
  9. Didn't realise this was an early KO. Just getting on the train home when my Dad text me, wish I was in front of the fucker. What a mess.
  10. I like Clarke, and after Ukraine I still backed him, but this is a terrible defeat and an awful showing.
  11. I'll be honest, wish I was still watching it.
  12. It seems that he will be in and around the side for the new season. Johnson appears to be favoured on the left hand side, so it means Ashby will be second in line to Coufal. I imagine he will start most of the European games.
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