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  1. I think this is an issue in itself. We all compare ourselves to others. I'd say up until the start of this year, I was in a relatively good "life position" (definitely just made that up). Had a long term partner, had savings, were going to buy a house etc etc. Then the relationship finished, had to use my savings to clear some new found debt, and now find myself in a position where I was around 10 years ago. However I am a lot happier for it. Far too easy to think life is as simple as - grow up, buy house, marry, have kids, retire, the end. Not going to be like that for everybody, everyone has there own unique set of circumstances.
  2. Believe he has received over £25,000 on one of these GoFundMe pages in support.
  3. Really cannot be arsed for him scoring and all papers going with "Scotland couldn't score in a barrel" etc etc
  4. And as someone else said, they'll carry on until the Christmas holidays and the cycle will be repeated.
  5. Downloaded the app on Wednesday, and have now had two notifications that I've been in close proximity with somebody who has shown signs. When I click the notification, just goes to the app with no further detail. Assuming if I had to self isolate, it would come up on the app itself.
  6. I missed the announcement from Sturgeon, but would like to find this out. Complication being that my folks are up in Scotland, and I'm in Englandshire.
  7. Halfway through the second series, and just finished the two big episodes. Going to have a break for a couple weeks, had me in pieces.
  8. You're correct, but a decent Pie & Mash shop is one of East/South East London's finer delicacies. Jellied eels can get in the bin though.
  9. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the day after will be worse. If it's any consolation, went for a run this morning. Tripped on a tree stump and proceeded to go arse over tit.
  10. Enjoyed Provan saying that Palmer could have tested the keeper before crossing it in. Fucking hell.
  11. My favourite thing is that an Ayr fan definitely did not make that. Yer da spent four days on Microsoft Paint.
  12. 15 tins and two scotch pies for £12.60 Is Morrisons the best supermarket in the world? Really not for me to say. Actually, knock a mark off for the Union Jack bag.
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