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  1. Got home around 4 this morning, and just been down the shop to get a few papers. As expected English journalists are giving a measured response. First and foremost, a terrific evening out. After the game it seemed most Engerland fans just wanted to go home, whilst we boozed away. A really good atmosphere. I am delighted for Clarke, he took some a lot of unfair criticism after Monday, whilst it wasn't a great performance, people calling for his head or saying we lucked our way to the tournament (forgetting just how good we were against Serbia) went well over the top. Clarke is a good manager, and he proved it last night. I don't think any player had a poor game last night, maybe Dykes looked a bit pedestrian at time. It's a shame because against Serbia he was fantastic, I just hope he can find that form for Tuesdays game. Robertson is finally showing some captain performances, and I think it pulls those alongside him up a level or two. Gilmour is a superb footballer, and I think Clarke managed him well, you can tell from the post match interview that he thinks a lot of the lad. It's so pleasing to see a young Scot look like he's ready to take on the world, I really hope he either starts playing for Chelsea or gets a move where he can become one of the main men. Anyway, going to sign off, have a few more tennents and go through the papers laughing at the meltdown. Last night had me proud as punch to be Scottish, its a lovely feeling.
  2. Played his heart out, like anyone of us would. Delighted for him after Monday. That's the difference, to bounce back like that and give that sort of performance.
  3. I thought both sides had two. Us Gilmour and Robertson, they had Mount and James. I thought he would have, but Grant Hanley hasnt appeared to won the Champions League.
  4. West Ham announcing they will be playing at Dens on the 9th of July.
  5. A fair bit of self policing this evening. A few younger lads getting a bit carried away. Needs to be calmed down a bit tomorrow or it will be chaos. I wouldn't be surprised if we're given a fanzone of sorts just so the police can keep an eye on it all.
  6. They were brilliant. Also think there was a Dennis the menace bar which was red and black stripes
  7. Seem to remember them having clusters of something in them. Loved any bar like that, the highland toffee one covered in chocolate was excellent.
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