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  1. Ridiculous down here, went out at midnight on Saturday to try and find somewhere, there was a tailback at the local service station which charges about 8 billion pound per litre (possibly more). Fortunately passed Sainsbury as the fella was filling the tanks up, asked what time they would open and he said 6. So went home, got up at half 5 yesterday and managed to get a full tank to see me through the next week or so. There was a queue as I was leaving. Every station I passed this morning had sold out, including the Sainsbury that I managed to fill up at.
  2. It is a really nice place, and as you say a lot cheaper than nearby Amsterdam. The Jopen brewery is tremendous as well, a redesigned church. Worth a pint or two at least! New York for Christmas certainly looks a lot more likely with the news yesterday, starting to get quite excited for it now.
  3. I read earlier that The Caledonian Hotel in Inverness (apparently now a Mercure) was the place where the penalty shootout was invented.
  4. Absolutely loved Haarlem when I went a few years back, got absolutely battered on a space cake though. Found a beer shop that had about 1600 different types in stock. The Jopen brewery was also lovely to have a drink outside of.
  5. Superb goal from Rice, a brilliant player.
  6. Was down in Brighton yesterday to watch a mate do the marathon. He had been training for a year, only for it to be postponed due to Covid, so did another year of solid training. Went on a stag the other week and he only did one night opposed to three as he didn't want to undermine the training he did, he was dedicated to it. Set off yesterday, and after seven miles he went over his ankle. Ended up walking/limping the rest of it. I don't think I have ever seen someone look so dejected after he finished.
  7. Certainly wouldn't say that is the case, on trains I'd hazard a guess and say at least 80% are wearing masks. People are still being cautious, for example trying to get tickets for West Ham away fixtures is usually a pain in the arse, yet the first game went to general sale which is unheard of, and even Southampton yesterday went down to a very low amount of points. Still a long way off "normal" life down here, I can understand the frustration of people in Scotland, but it isn't all roses down here.
  8. She definitely called herself "Janey" and for that she needs to be cancelled.
  9. Didn't catch (see what I did there?) the episode last night, but enjoyed the first one. A very simple and easy watch, nothing makes me happier than hearing Mortimer scream and shout when he lands a fish. I think his autobiography is out shortly.
  10. Yeah we were there for most of last Sunday, drinking Staropramen and watching folk fall off that apple boat. Great city for a booze.
  11. I was there last weekend on a Stag, and spent 90% of the time utterly steaming. However there are two sports bars, both had Sky Sports, Allstars Sports bar which was slightly out the way and BSB Waterside which was a bit better location wise. They had different games on every screen, so should hopefully have Scotland on.
  12. I was in P7, and we were not told at any point in the day. Went to after school football practice, then hopped into the car with my Mum. She just turned to me and said very sadly about what happened. I honestly had no idea what the Twin Towers were, and remember feeling very confused, before she got more and more irate saying I must know what they were, and that my Grandparents had been up to the top for a photo the other year. Got home and just watched it on TV. Mad to think it is 20 years ago, and the only thing I really remember about it (or the aftermath) was that "Hey Mr Taliban" song on a website that just had loads of stupid videos.
  13. Doesn't appear to shit himself, if anything he prolongs the winding up by running up the line to get more of a reaction and then celebrates with his team mates. Tremendous behaviour. Always enjoy seeing fans pretending to want to get on the pitch, being held back by a 3ft wall. On the odd occasion someone does go on, they always slow down in the hope of a steward appearing. This is one of my favourites in recent times, first of all the way he belts the ball in from a yard and then the celebration against a side about 20 levels below them.
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