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  1. Daisy doing her best not to drift off to sleep yesterday. VID_20200604_115634.mp4
  2. Motherwell shirt is fantastic. Macron used to be bit of a joke outfit, but have stepped up massively over the past few years.
  3. Yeah, two sisters. Believe they were tested for dwarfism as they are tiny in comparison to other beagles. Neither really enjoyed the sea, the water aspect was fine, but the sound of the waves seemed to spook them both. VID-20200528-WA0017.mp4
  4. A swift 10k this evening, both running their hearts out. Do wonder how far they could actually go in a day, really looking forward to being able to take them up into the hills once this current situation is all over. Off to the beach tomorrow for the first time, will report the findings back.
  5. It'll never happen. Same with Rangers. Anyone who does "boycott" will see their space taken by somebody else.
  6. Always gets me, went to see some of the original artwork in Brighton museum a year or so back. Did the whole exhibition, and the last picture is just the melted snow. Walked out trying to hide the tears. Another film that ruined me was Life Itself. Was something Sky Cinema advertised as bit of a romantic comedy. Within 15 minutes had to pause it so that me and my ex could go and get tissues. A film has never made me that upset.
  7. As you can see, both enjoyed having a play in the local pond/bog.
  8. Up at 7 this morning, and covered just under 15k in a few hours. Both suitably buggered now, can't see them stirring for a couple of hours at least.
  9. If you enjoyed that, Shoe Dog is well worth a read.
  10. Far too many of these about, especially on Instagram etc. Daduals getting excited about shit remakes. Type of folk who would put a poppy through a stone island badge to show "respect"
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