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  1. Antonio gets a deserved equaliser. West Ham pressing very well.
  2. Down here when I had a season ticket at Upton Park, myself and a few others would be down in the concourse for the 38th minute, became bit of a ritual. Get a couple of bottles, miss the half time surge, and then back up for the second half. Never went to the game early to go for a drink, but there were plenty of boozers round the area. I don't think unless you are in a Livingston situation where you have nothing around, you would go to the match early to sample some average warm beer at an increased rate. As for the trouble side of things, there is a lot more issues at games in England / Italy etc where drinking is permitted. In fact, the games I have been to in Italy, I have been able to take a beer out to watch the game, not sure if that is strictly legal, or they just don't give a f**k, I suspect the second.
  3. Been watching Rob & Romesh VS , just caught the end of one episode of the latest series, now have binged watched the entire thing. Rob Beckett just seems like a hyper child who has been given 18 packs of sour skittles, I can't tell if Romesh hates or likes him. Very easy watch and has given me a few belly laughs.
  4. Find this infuriating, I remember getting some boots off Sports Direct and had to send them back, did it signed for and it was up around £15. Bought trainers from Brown Bag Clothing and their tag line was that because they give such cheap deals, they couldn't possibly offer free returns. Fwiw, have a look at Parcel2Go when sending stuff back, can save a decent chunk opposed to going to the post office.
  5. Only watched the opening fifteen minutes so far, however he has come across very different to how I imagined.
  6. A long old bath for these pair tonight
  7. Had a similar issue with my Xbox controller. There was a known issue and it was replaced for free. Might be worth seeing if Sony have a similar policy.
  8. https://knepp.co.uk/white-storks They are massive. I didn't realise they had any there, so as I was walking round in the mist somewhat nervous a Stag might pop out as you could hear them in the distance, had one of the storks fly above me. The noise of its wing was unbelievable.
  9. Snow/Mud walk yesterday. Daisy had been having honking breath over a couple months, took her to the vet and they confirmed she had a fairly serious infection. 13 teeth out, and now on wet food. Well meant to be wet food, left a pizza cooling last night and she managed to get it off the counter before scoffing the lot.
  10. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/homcom-indoor-exercise-bike-with-lcd-monitor-for-ps13499-delivered-using-code-at-ebay-2011homcom-3653240?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3653240 Might be of use to someone?
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