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  1. I was away working for that one thankfully so I missed his mince-ness in that game.. phew!
  2. Must have been a tough call between the Fleming brothers. Can’t say much for Greg as I haven’t seen much of him but I can say Allan has been outstanding for the Mo since he came in, and has pulled off some match/league winning saves. Including the one at home against Peterhead to keep the score at 3-2 late on. Simply stunning!
  3. For the first time in my 20 year lifetime, the Mo have FINALLY pulled themselves up out of the depths of League 2. What an amazing feeling. Congratulations to all involved with the Mo. Class of the boys to also make sure they celebrated in Montrose afterwards with the Gable Endies. Busbys was bouncing!!
  4. It's all square with Brechin, Arbroath and Montrose these days I'll have you know sir!
  5. Now you mention that his contract runs out May 31st. Maybe that's why Petrie decided to give Fleming the rest of the season as he knew Millar wasn't staying. But, from what I've seen of Fleming he has been great, with the exception of last night
  6. Top keeper, must have been nerves. We are quite lucky with keepers at the moment, with a good keeper in Millar behind him. Flemings performance against Arbroath away was top class
  7. Last time we were in a league above, I was still jumping dykes with my old man.. being -2 years old
  8. Oh you bitch! Atleast I'm not a weegie
  9. I'm a true Mo fan. Born and bred. I just joined yesterday, no trolling here
  10. What a nightmare! I'll be heading to the game. Hopefully we can pull quite a decent crowd even on a Wednesday. They've dropped the price so that should pull them in
  11. Fair one that one. I was just wondering what everyones general opinions if it happened. I know it's extremely far off and unlikely as of now
  12. It'll certainly stir the pot anyway IF they go up, it's a BIG if...
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