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  1. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    You must have been watching a different game to me... We were brutal (defence aside) until the 70th minute. Makes the win all the sweeter though!
  2. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Play with a front 4 who all like the ball at the feet where they can drive at the opposition and cause problems. So naturally we resort to punting it through to McGregor any time we get the ball. Pitiful
  3. Hearts (League leaders) v Celtic (also rans)

  4. Hearts (League leaders) v Celtic (also rans)

    As soft as it is the Hearts player left a leg in and gave the referee a decision to make. Collum in a Celtic game are you really surprised? Still doesn't change the fact Hearts have done nothing in this game
  5. Hearts (League leaders) v Celtic (also rans)

    We'd be 3-0 down by now
  6. Hearts (League leaders) v Celtic (also rans)

    For all Hearts' swaggering pre game they've been mostly spectators here. Best they can hope for is a classic Levein shitfest to penalties at the moment
  7. Hearts (League leaders) v Celtic (also rans)

    Naiknee strikes again... Shame
  8. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    I think the point he's trying to make is that almost every game we've played in the past few years has been a big game because we've been in Europa qualifiers, challenging Celtic in the league and cup semis/finals. So the more high profile games where we've lost get more scrutiny It's a very clunky and bizarre thing to come out with though, hardly confidence inspiring. However it could just be a shitty editing job by a journo (because that's never happened before) and the context was lost.
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Hahahaha nope and I'm delighted!
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Shinnie was fantastic in that second half. Everyone else apart from Lewis must do better
  11. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Have a bang on that!
  12. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Think McInnes will take off Cosgrove at half time and put an extra man in midfield. After 10/15 minutes he'll take off Wilson and put May up top on his own. Hibs will quickly go a goal or two up possibly through a howler from Lewis who has looked dodgy. Courtesy appearance for Anderson once the tie is deid.
  13. Celtic can gtf Not because of McKenna but just in general Can we expect a Kenny Miller announcement in the next few days...
  14. Never trust a goalkeeper who wears short sleeves. (unless he's Buffon)
  15. Not one for the calendar in any case...