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  1. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    I am in general not bothered about songs about 'sheep shagging b*****d's' etc. It's all part of the aggro. But songs about molesting children always seemed creepy to me
  2. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    I actually think he played well the first 30. But once we were down to 10 he's the first I'd have hooked
  3. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Hard to disagree with this. Our song repertoire is uninspiring to say the least but any songs about paedophilia is always cringey in my book and not a source of 'oneupmanship'
  4. Just want to address a few comments from those saying we should invest more in the squad next season with the potential Fraser / McKenna money... It's all going into the stadium. If McInnes wants a bigger budget he should reduce his own wage.
  5. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    You must have been furious when May went off instead of Stewart. I know I was disappointed
  6. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    To be fair, I forgot about that one. Cosgrove's volley and another header from someone, can't remember who... being the only chance from either team until Forrest's goal. I never saw Rogic's goal. Well done for being able to afford a player on at least 6x the budget of our top earner though
  7. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Summary of the game; Celtic controlled possession without offering too much going forward. Aberdeen have better chances in 35 mins however. Ball gets sent off, argument that the first booking was harsh af. Doesn't excuse being so rash going in for the second challenge when on a booking though! Great strike from Forrest. (We can never hold on) Devlin commits a cardinal sin by not clearing his lines. (Put it out for a corner you idiot!) Ferguson was a stick on red card. Replays show he didn't make much contact but two footed + speed + Craig Thomson = Red Card I left the game at this point. Nae arsed for watching Celtic swan about the park while singing Olly Murrs songs FFS. Nae luck as usual against the most arrogant, classless bunch of players / supporters you'll ever see in your life.
  8. I need to drink heaps just to get through it tbh. Absolute shite so far
  9. Dundee v Aberdeen

    I actually think I would be a more competent leader than the one you have now
  10. Dundee v Aberdeen

    I meant to add. I hope you stay up
  11. Dundee v Aberdeen

    I quite like Dundee to be honest... It's a guaranteed 9 points every season
  12. It's possible Greg Stewart is just a shitebag who bottles it under any pressure. Should fit in well at Stevie G's Rangers then
  13. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Morelos hilarity aside, this games been complete pish ETA - Rangers are an absolute gang and if there's any justice in the world Kilmarnock will finish 2nd.
  14. Next Scotland Manager

    As a Dons fan I think McInnes would be a good appointment. He speaks very well and that certainly, in his first couple seasons at Pittodrie, went a long way to help galvanize a support that had been depressed with watching teams of Mcghee's and Brown's before him. He's been with us for almost 6 years now and might fancy a new challenge. There has been growing hostility within the support towards him in recent seasons, some fair and at other times over the top which might represent a good time for him to move on. Criticisms have come most noticeably from performances in the big games and under-reliance on youth but those have had some degree of rectification recently. He definitely knows how to make a team well organized though and I think right now that is was Scotland needs. I also think we need to look at all available options and not just within Scotland but McInnes has definitely transformed the way football operations is conducted at Aberdeen so perhaps he can do it again with the national team. I would personally keep him for as long as he was still happy here but I know others don't share that view.
  15. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Strachan said on live television that the authorities should manipulate the leagues to get Rangers back in the top flight, along with Hibs and Hearts who were also in the lower leagues at the same time. For this alone he should never work in football again. That and he failed in 3 qualifying campaigns, only stringing a few performances together when it was already too late. f**k him. And if he takes that arse Mcghee with him even more so!