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  1. Let's face it, the fact that the big Scottish cup allowing ex Junior teams and other teams from North and South, to compete in it, has ruined every non League cup in Scotland, including the Junior cup. Was Talbot winning it even close to beating Ayr at Beechwood, not for me personally. So now a good William Hill run to the third or fourth round is what most clubs deem success, A real shame in my eyes that a beautiful trophy like the Junior cup, once vaunted by most non League clubs, has become little more than a regional cup.
  2. Can anyone remember the attendance of the 3 games played in the 3 in a row era, in 1980s
  3. Sad news about Gordon Pope deciding to hang up his boots, simply the best left back in non league football. I thought he had a few seasons left in him. Best of luck to the guy, hope he remains at Talbot on the coaching side.
  4. I can remember most of the 80s and 90s Whitburn was always a team you wanted to avoid when the Junior Cup was about to be drawn.Hope to see their revival soon.
  5. Yes the only shop worth mentioning on P+B is the good old Jim Baxters, the finest purveyors of Kola Cubes in Auchinleck, yet such a dilemma to choose over pear drops.What was your favourite sweet of choice, on way to school.
  6. Can't get more evidence than that, the goal should never have stood.Not the best game to watch either, a dour affair altogether for a cup final.
  7. Lidl jokes like that are great, keep them coming Aldi.
  8. So it seems most people recognize that Talbot were the best team in the league this season, and if all fixtures had been completed its most likely they would have finished top.Talbot also had strength and depth in the squad that injuries and fixture congestion would make a colapse unlikely.Now the West region must decide who will take place in next seasons senior Scottish cup.For me, that should be the best team in the league that nobody can deny was Talbot, beating Kelty (Lowland League champs) beating Cove (2nd division champs) very unlucky with only a dodgy penalty denying us victory over Championship side Arbroath, then hammering Kilwinning at Beechwood, suggests purely on footballing terms, the decision to award Talbot the title was the correct decision.However that being said, there is no doubt an investigation should be held and if any wrong doings have been done, then the league should be declared null and void, try to get the Junior Scottish finished in 4 weeks of August, and put the winner of that forward for entry to the Senior Scottish Cup.
  9. Put Talbotgate to the side and lets talk football again.It seems to me the same as almost every season, Talbot are victims of being a successful football team, year after year being made to cram fixtures at the end of every season because weve been representing junior football in other competiitions raising the small teams profiles to national level.Would anybody really truthfully think Talbot would not have won this years league,who was going to beat us at least 5 times to giive the buffs a chance.It might hhave ended in a shambles, but can anyone deny Talbot were the best team in this years league.
  10. Do any people really think Talbot would not have beat Buffs to the title, Talbot worthy champs.
  11. Again the treatment of Bonnyrigg doesnt fill me with hope that the Lowland league will be considered as an equal partner on the pyramid scale.With Hearts, along with Partick and Stranraer all potentially facing relegation, how are Brechin safe from dropping out of league 2.I would be seriously unhappy for fans and players at Bonnyrigg who could still have won the division with 5 home games to play and one in hand.Its the same old story of the top leagues protecting what they have, and my fear it will continue when more ex junior clubs reach the Lowland league.Relegation from league 2 must be changed to at least 2 up 2 down, to make pyramid fairer.
  12. Dont mess with the Highpark Suburban Rebels.............Glendaftons serious Ultras.
  13. Auchinleck Talbot lodged application for West of Scotland league, and retain junior membership according to Ayrshire Post newspaper.
  14. Its not enough, playing the same teams over and over makes Scottish league footall stale.Two leagues of 18 playing home and away, 3 promoted/relegated and 4th bottom/top play off, then lowland and highland at teir 3 also extended to 18 teams.
  15. After the recent spell of trying to get games on, or playing in force 10 winds that reduces games to a farce, why are so many reluctant to even try playing football in better conditions.Wouldn't it be better for kids football if they could play while actually being able to feel their toes through soaking wet boots.I always smile in June/July walking round the local football pitches, the grass nice and short looking perfect to play on. yet the council have taken the goalposts down.IMO summer football would improve what we watch, would bring more spectators to games, and seems it could be worth a shot, if it fails revert back to the howling wind and rain.
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