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  1. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Thanks for reply Krfc,youve left me intrigued about the other reasons you mentioned,however i respect if you dont wish to go into detail.Talbot average a home gate roughly 5-6 hundred, more depending opposition or cup game,how do Kilsyth compare?I really hope you knock out Hurlford in next round of Scottish cup,do you think winning the cup could restore local support for the club and maybe kick start something special,or is the interest of the locals routed in old firm loyalties?
  2. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Kilsyth defo dark horses this season, along with darvel Kilsyth are a team that in my opinion have always left me wondering,why they are not at the top end of junior football.Surely with the size of town,the ground they play in and the catchment area for players should see them as an established premiership team.Please believe this is not a dig at Kilsyth,far from it,i just think theirs a sleeping giant that has potential to be at the forefront of junior football sometime in the future.Also im no expert in the clubs history,maybe they had been successful in 70s or 80s i dont remember Talbot ever crossing swords in an important game with Kilsyth.What would some of the Kilsyth supporters that post on P&B suggest needs to happen to get them established a top division or cup winning team.
  3. Ayrshire Junior Football history Facebook page

    Page each for the rest of Ayrshire Juniors then about 300 pages on Auchinleck Talbot should suffice.lol.
  4. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Theres one thing,Scumnock never need to play 3 games a week,your season usually finishes about April.
  5. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Sometimes were the victims of our own success,not being bigheaded in that fact, just that having good cup runs leaves us playing fixture catch up trying to win the league.We end up playing 3 games a week come the title run in which i beleive cost us the league championship last season.However the new league format in the west has been a success although Hurlford have opened up quite a lead,its a competitive league where all teams are capable of getting results on their day,although with 16 teams it remains to be seen how the extra games will impact our fixture congestion that happens every year.
  6. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Great postCoveman, can you give us an idea of what to expect from Fraserburgh,how do they match up to Cove,that in my opinion were a very tidy team that with a few breaks could have got a result at Beechwood.Do they carry a large home support,is the playing surface good and would you expect Talbot to go through to round 4.Was it surprising for someone who obviously follows Highland league football see the support Talbot can generate both home and away?
  7. Today's scores 27th Oct

    Talbot,Talbot,Talbot......my heart and my soul,sent the Highlanders back with a couple of bags of our coal,la la laaa!What a game of fitba,nails bitten,a few bowel movements but great effort from the lads eptomised by Willie Lyles block on the goal line to maintain Talbots lead.Onwards North again,but if Cove are thee Highland league top dogs im quite sure the bookies wont be offering Talbot 6/1 against Fraserburgh.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    You should replace user name Jason,with Wan.
  9. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Good result for Candy,,if only they could string 2-3 wins together in that league,although i know their some fine teams to come up against.Are the boys a wee bit inconsistant or finding it a step up in class,anyway i hope St Rochs win in the big cup next week,all the best from Beechwood way.
  10. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Would it make financial sense for Beith to switch tie to Somerset,is that even an option?I dont think playing at home would give Beith a huge advantage anyway,but playing in a cracking atmosphere at Ayr might lift the Beith players game along with the thousands of mighty followers that are sure to have a wee trip to the seaside.
  11. Todays scores 6/10

    Two really poor performances in consecutive weeks from Talbot,is it a coincidence that our best centre half finds himself benched for these games for no apparant reason,i thought our defence,up to the last two weeks were looking solid with only 3 league goals conceded,why was Mcpherson dropped if not being injured.Now i know one player doesnt make a team,but what it can do in my exerience is put players on edge knowing they could be dropped even if playing well,you cant beat a settled team week in week out that gets into a habit of winning.Tucker seems to have a lot of faith in big Sean Mcilroy,though the big man has more impact coming off the bench and Kemp has much more pace that would have suited yesterdays game,with Glens down to 10men.Taking Shankers off was a head scratcher as he looked Talbots best route to goal,a scrappy game decided by a free kick conceded after a mistake by Mcphersons replacement in defence.Talbot must lift their game for cup final as the Gow will fancy their chances if Talbot repeat yesterdays performance.
  12. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Good to see our feeder club bringing the boy Carmichael up to speed in the juniors,get him ready for pulling on the black and gold next season.If Clydebank are going with artificial grass,then i must say the pitch at Cumnnock is the best ive seen and looks so much better than whats used in the premiership at present ie Killie,Hamilton etc.Maybe the guys doing the work should install the same surface thats at Townhead.
  13. Talbot vs The Buffs today

    A good game today,Talbot could have been 3up at the break,however Kilwinning looked dangerous on the counter,infact after equalising for 10-15 mins kind of gave Talbot a chasing as they were moving the ball so quick the bot were struggling to cope,but up pops Gee with a killer goal then a header from Hyslop seals the 3 points.So sorry about Wardropes injury,nobody saw what happened where we were standing,but the guy was clearly in a lot of pain,lets hope its not a break and hes back soon,a good player who i think got buffs goal which incidentely was some strike.
  14. Clydebank v Hurlford

    A draw would do nicely.
  15. Sectional League Cup Final

    How much do pollok recieve for hosting the final,why cant the money be found to take it to a senior ground,raise the profile of the new tourny.Should be held mid week under the lights somewhere,even Townhead at a push,again Talbot becoming a victim of their own success by falling behind in league matches played,due to cup commitments.We have got to start embracing floodlit football at junior level to alleviate fixture congestion that punishes succcesful teams,it may also encourage junior teams to look at installing floodlights if they knew the beaks were serious at looking to play midweek fixtures under the lights over the entire season.And finally i wonder if Kennie could answer,if tosssing a coin to decide home advantage for either Talbot or the Gow was ever on the table,if not,the reasons why as i believe both teams would prefer that than the trekk to Newlandsfield.