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  1. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Good to see our feeder club bringing the boy Carmichael up to speed in the juniors,get him ready for pulling on the black and gold next season.If Clydebank are going with artificial grass,then i must say the pitch at Cumnnock is the best ive seen and looks so much better than whats used in the premiership at present ie Killie,Hamilton etc.Maybe the guys doing the work should install the same surface thats at Townhead.
  2. Talbot vs The Buffs today

    A good game today,Talbot could have been 3up at the break,however Kilwinning looked dangerous on the counter,infact after equalising for 10-15 mins kind of gave Talbot a chasing as they were moving the ball so quick the bot were struggling to cope,but up pops Gee with a killer goal then a header from Hyslop seals the 3 points.So sorry about Wardropes injury,nobody saw what happened where we were standing,but the guy was clearly in a lot of pain,lets hope its not a break and hes back soon,a good player who i think got buffs goal which incidentely was some strike.
  3. Clydebank v Hurlford

    A draw would do nicely.
  4. Sectional League Cup Final

    How much do pollok recieve for hosting the final,why cant the money be found to take it to a senior ground,raise the profile of the new tourny.Should be held mid week under the lights somewhere,even Townhead at a push,again Talbot becoming a victim of their own success by falling behind in league matches played,due to cup commitments.We have got to start embracing floodlit football at junior level to alleviate fixture congestion that punishes succcesful teams,it may also encourage junior teams to look at installing floodlights if they knew the beaks were serious at looking to play midweek fixtures under the lights over the entire season.And finally i wonder if Kennie could answer,if tosssing a coin to decide home advantage for either Talbot or the Gow was ever on the table,if not,the reasons why as i believe both teams would prefer that than the trekk to Newlandsfield.
  5. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Please can we win one.....or have a yum yum.
  6. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    Dont want to be stuck in 70s mate,we didnt win much,rather be stuck in 80s,90s 00s 2010s,.
  7. St Roch"s 2018/19

    It was the performance of St Rochs at Beechwood that got me following your results,i thought the team had potential the way they worked for each other,gave Talbot respect but got right on to them,one of the best away team displays at Auchinleck last season.
  8. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Important game on Saturday for the Roch boys,i reckon 3 points,taking the tally to 13 will ensure theres no flirting with relegation even at this early stage of the season.Infact a win should ease any nerves and allow the team to relax and start taking scalps of more fancied teams above.Could be a very interesting year for my friends at the Candy.Good luck lads.
  9. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Sweet dreams then
  10. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Good work by the committe if they've been able to secure extra funding to improve all areas at Darvel FC,surely some credit should be given at the attempt to change Darvel from a small Ayrshire league club,to one with ambition to play in the premiership.Would fans of other teams seriously knock back investment like this in their team......." i doubt it".Who cares where the money comes from,as long as its legit and it improves the team and infrastructure then where is the harm,even if its not a success,there will still be foundations put in place that will see junior football continue at Darvel at whatever level they find.I remember similar talk when Hurlford started theyre adventure,a scottish cup win and sitting top of the league,who can blame Darvel for chasing the same dream.
  11. Sectional League Cup Final

    Will their be a brand new trophy for the winner or will they recieve existing silverware from each respective areas,ie. present Ardagh for Talbot or Central league cup for Lesmahagow.
  12. Sectional League Cup Final

    Toss a coin for either teams park,that would ensure the largest attendance possible,or Meadow Park seems fair for both teams.
  13. shocking accusation

    Priceless peice of comedy by Dan the man and Brooklyn,who must be exasperated by that exchange,reminded me of the four forks gag ,i think from ronnie corbett
  14. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Good to see you back kinky,been waiting on your match reports and again you dont disappoint,although you sound a tad nervous on how the Roch will be this season in a much tougher environment this league will provide.Alll you can do is provide the team support,believe in them and results will come. Dalry are no mugs and thats a good point yesterday,its a fair start by the Candy in my book,stay up this season,push on next.Keep beleiving Kinky and you may see more than before,my friend..
  15. Best player currently at Junior level.

    Would love to see McClusky at Beechwood,get the cheque book out Tucker and buy another 20 plus goals a season,although some might suggest he would struggle to get in Talbots starting eleven at present.