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  1. It doesn't need to be pretty, hard work and togetherness a scrappy 1 nil, would be fine as long as Talbot's name is in the hat for next round is all that matters today. Expect a hard game with little in it, but we seem to rise in our cup, so get behind the lads, outnumber the scumnock fans again and march on to the next round. Eeka Peeka.
  2. Didn't know that, thought pee wee was Talbot's best midfielder in recent years, we've lost a lot of talent, last couple of years, finding it hard to replace figures like Hyslop, popo Lyle etc.
  3. Watched highlights from Saturday's game, and was slightly disappointed that we never laid a glove on Raiths defence, although it's virtually impossible to criticize Tucker, I just don't get why he moves from our usual 4 4 2, that serves us so well, week to week. Why not have a go in these games that are basically a free hit, with a small chance winning at Championship clubs. Especially getting to half time level. What's the difference getting scudded 6 nil to 3 nil, exactly the same, your out the cup, but at least with more attackers on the field, you stand a better chance of creating something. We seem to be struggling to replace Pope and Lyle both cracking full backs imo, and why no Hyslop is he injured, and how Shankers our most creative player very rarely starts these big games.I think Raith were decent, but let's have a go.
  4. What's your estimate of travelling fans, and overall attendance today, I kind of like facts and figures Scary,
  5. Honestly, check out away support at Hearts on YouTube, or away to Lochee in junior cup, was expecting more than what's in above picture, hope they enjoyed day out in Kirkcaldy for by the scoreline, on to our hated rivals Cumnock next week, Raith fans should check out Talbot TV, if they've never saw the biggest Ayrshire derby, and good luck Rovers for rest of season, and hump Ayr next time you meet .
  6. Did we create any chances killi,?, Was there a gulf between teams, how many travelled bud?. Couldn't make it today.
  7. If that's Talbot's away support, it's the smallest I've ever seen following Talbot for 30 years. I myself couldn't travel due to ill health, but was expecting around 500 away fans. Maybe the financial squeeze everybody's feeling, and close to Xmas has had an affect, shit Raith just scored
  8. I'm sure you will cheer up once you hear a rendition of the famous Talbot anthem,Eeka Peeka Pakka po.
  9. How are the Rovers faithful feeling about today's game against Talbot. There's not been much talk about the cup game on this forum, is there not much interest in Kirkcaldy in facing a junior team from Ayrshire, or the fans expecting an easy afternoon with plenty goals for the home team. Will Raith fans turn out in usual numbers as I'm sure a large contingent of Auchinleck faithful are on their way to Fife.
  10. Let's face it, the fact that the big Scottish cup allowing ex Junior teams and other teams from North and South, to compete in it, has ruined every non League cup in Scotland, including the Junior cup. Was Talbot winning it even close to beating Ayr at Beechwood, not for me personally. So now a good William Hill run to the third or fourth round is what most clubs deem success, A real shame in my eyes that a beautiful trophy like the Junior cup, once vaunted by most non League clubs, has become little more than a regional cup.
  11. Can anyone remember the attendance of the 3 games played in the 3 in a row era, in 1980s
  12. Sad news about Gordon Pope deciding to hang up his boots, simply the best left back in non league football. I thought he had a few seasons left in him. Best of luck to the guy, hope he remains at Talbot on the coaching side.
  13. I can remember most of the 80s and 90s Whitburn was always a team you wanted to avoid when the Junior Cup was about to be drawn.Hope to see their revival soon.
  14. Yes the only shop worth mentioning on P+B is the good old Jim Baxters, the finest purveyors of Kola Cubes in Auchinleck, yet such a dilemma to choose over pear drops.What was your favourite sweet of choice, on way to school.
  15. Can't get more evidence than that, the goal should never have stood.Not the best game to watch either, a dour affair altogether for a cup final.
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