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  1. I know Talbot have a large following from Mauchline,according to the Cumnock Chronicle it seems both villages have amalgamated, with the headline......Mauchinleck Talbot 6 v 1 Kilwinning.Are we changing our name
  2. Shortlees have come in to some serious cash, offering a player his own pub, then setting him up in a penthouse in posh part of the Shortlees metropolis.He'd be a fool to turn down an offer like that.
  3. Cant blame Tucker for being a bit cautious in these type of games against league teams well aboove our level.My only gripe is how Shankland usually finds himself on the bench in those important matches.For me, Shanks is our most creative player and can make things happen and good at holding ball up, and can find a pass.Too many times Healey,, Keir and lesser extent Boylan, gave the ball back or just got rid of the ball against Arbroath at Beechwood, as i said, this is one of Shankers strengths to get the ball down, not to panic and pick a pass.Its only my opinion, but Shankland should have started probably before Healey last week although i guess its all ifs and buts now, the games gone.
  4. Do fellow Talbot fans feel the William Hill Scottish Cup is beginning to take precedent over other competitions.Usually i would be excited about the 4th round Junior Cup game against Rossvale, but just feel deflated at our exit from the Arbroath game.I hope the players can motivate themselves after being so close to beating Arbroath last week, im sure Tucker will remind them that winning the Junior cup gives us another shot at the big guns next season.Ok, were never going to win the big un' but Talbot v Falkirk sure got the juices flowing a tad more than Rossvale v Talbot for a 4th round tie.I guess were becoming a bit spoilt following this team of ours,although Saturday could be a dangerous game with Mr Gormley knowing Talbot well.
  5. Too good for us last night, we should have seen game out at Auchinleck, hope you beat Falkirk in next round and go on a good cup run.Talbot had to score first to have a chance and we should have, but you really only get one chance to beat the bigger teams, and that was last Saturday.Good luck Arbroath.
  6. Good too see Burnie your still interested in reading the junior forum.
  7. I thought maybe 1500 If your in a que that stretches to down Coal road 10mins before kick off, would suggest a rather larger attendance than what was quoted.Beechwood holds a capacity of 4K, the stand was three quarters full, the terrace from stand to social club was full, the Coal road end was busy, with the young team that were magnificent all day packed into the Talbot Kop shed, the pie hut terrace and shed on that side was full up to 3/4 length of pitch, then you had about 150 Arbroath fans.In my opinion Beechwood was more than half filled to capacity, which suggests over 2K attended.However im not sure how official attendances are counted, regarding concessions etc, what i do know is it was a great atmosphere and a great turn out of the best support in junior foootball, which im sure helps the team in games such as Saturdays, and im equally sure we will have a decent support for the replay on a Wednesday night as far away as Arbroath may be.Come on the Bot!!, a 2-1 win for Talbot with Hyslop to score again and Gee with the other.
  8. Yes think your right,i know what you mean......Talbot will only have 50 fans on Wednesday
  9. Talbot will bring 500, i think 4 buses already full and ive got 4 in car, theyll be plenty more in my case.
  10. Do any Arbroath fansattending Saturdays 1-1 draw beleive the attendance to be correct at 921.With Beechwoods capacity being 4K.
  11. Are the gate reciepts split between both clubs in tie in the william hill scottish cup,anyyone?
  12. Had a wry smile at Sunday Mail giving Talbot attendance 921 yet Bonnyrigg over 2K.
  13. Yes im upest, 5mins from the 4th round and couldnt see where Arbroaths goal was coming from.We thought ref gave penalty for a high boot, yet tv report said hand ball, I guess you being an Ayr fan wanted Talbot out, after your last visit to Auchinleck.Hope the Arbroath fans enjoyed their day out, its a long road to travel, im sure Talbot fans will turn out in decent numbers for the replay.
  14. Big support if 150 fans counts as big.Soft penalty.Should have been 2 nil on 80mins.
  15. Cove were a much better side than Arbroath, couldnt see where their goal was coming from, very sofft penalty.Think we showed them too much respect as their league position dictates, although Gee burys that chance on 80mins game over.Maybe Arbroath had an off day but if thats how they play this tie not over yet.
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