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  1. At least you will again be able to look forward to being pumped by the Arabs on a regular basis. I'm glad Roy bought us the Championship so we can now avoid Dundee all together next season.
  2. Hiya! Looks like Roy spent his money wisely again! Enjoy the Championship!
  3. I thought we were on a "dough" ride already? Make up your mind.
  4. Jealous? How much have the Browns paid into your club?
  5. We are all entitled to an opinion, doesn't mean that I have to agree with yours.
  6. I may live in Drakies but that doesn't mean I've always been a County supporter. I spent most of my life supporting Clach but, when I decided to start watching Scottish League football in 2001, it was an easy decision to go to County. I'd rather set fire to my money than give it to whatever incarnation of Caley is on the go these days.
  7. Championship section for this pish...................
  8. Thank you for the definition but I think I am a better judge of my frame of mind, how on earth can pointing out an inaccurate post translate into me being in a seething mess? Thanks for the psychology lesson but I'll choose to ignore it.
  9. I don't wish to be pedantic but it is this rather eloquent post that was the first to mention the sustainability of either team, I merely replied to it.
  10. That's more like it, you keep avoiding the big words and you'll be fine.
  11. No one cares what you think as you are normally incapable of posting anything coherent.
  12. The Scarf conveniently forgets that they would have not been able to enter the SPL if it wasn't for a local company spending the money to make their ground compliant, a ground that they have spent nothing on since it was built with help from the Highland Council and Inverness Common Good Fund.
  13. No one has denied that it is only because of Roy's money that we have the facilities that we have and it's also no secret that this allows us to pay some players a decent wage in comparison to other clubs of equal size. I don't recall anyone bleating about Roy's money when we got relegated to the Second Division.
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