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  1. He let himself down when discussing the “Orange Day” cup final a few months back though.
  2. Complimentary yes, but kept going back to the “do you not think it should be recorded on a friday” theme. Has anyone noticed that Cosgrove when awarding the Terracing Teaser winner always seems to select the last entry read out
  3. Best manager since Ferguson would be Alex Smith, but yes, a new deal was signed
  4. 91st minute. The left back is up near the opposition by-line with the ball at his feet. I expect he’ll go to the corner flag.......... No, tries to go between 2 defenders, cross the ball, loses it, opposition fire up the pitch and score. FFS!!!
  5. We’re on the same page here, but quite often the “as live” commentary is coloured by the fact that I - as will the commentator in question - will know what’s coming given the time of the broadcast. I actually think Sportscene are doing a good job and get unfairly slated. I remember the times 20 years plus ago when on a Saturday night we got extended highlights of one Scottish game and then 3 short highlights of English games. You would get all the Scottish top flight goals on Scotsport the following day of course.
  6. But let’s not try and make out these guys are commentating on the games as live. I mean Rob “the VAR on open all mics” McLean was apparently at 2 games yesterday
  7. “Game, set and match” comment from Kheredine Idessanne. He need to get that tennis shit out of his system
  8. They should do away with the pretence that they actually have commentators at the grounds. Scotsport in the early to mid 90’s showed the goals from each game with a studio voice over - should just go to that format
  9. If you try and go to the listen again on bbc iPlayer you get plenty of golf, despite it being advertised as the Saturday Supplement
  10. May to bullet home a header from a Niall McGinn corner to prove to Del that he can score for the Dons.
  11. Any truth in the rumour we’re also in for Robbie Benson from Dundalk? So we can have have Benson & Hedges in the midfield who can then turn to Ash
  12. Chico Young claiming that the Lennon story was an “exclusive”........ Having just read it from the Celtic twitter feed
  13. Where can I get hold of a copy of “The Banter Years” book that’s sitting under the table?
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