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  1. you were too busy fighting with Stewards that day
  2. 442 with Conroy as a right winger and those 2 slowboats Miller and gallagher in the middle. Left side of the defence is minging too
  3. Sorry, 2nd goal is more to do with clueless Stewart not tracking the wingback. In that situation O'Neill shouldn't dive in and let the wingback get a clear run on goal. Usually you'd prefer him shooting from there. Robertson absolutely destroys Crighton (again) after the 1st and rightly so. Stewart again at the 3rd, agreed, lamentable. But why does the equally awful manager make that sub, that was the most predictable fuckup of the lot. This is all on the truly shite manager
  4. Re Balatoni, ironic that the main culprit has been chopped... Mackin came good in Lennons late season 442 after being hung out to dry earlier. He was only about 18/19 then
  5. What of I changed it slightly to: ...................... Hutton O'Neill/Scotty Robertson Crighton Edwards/McD .......Carrick Miller Cairns Victoria .............. Duffy and LMcIntosh I know my reasons for my earlier suggestion, does that appeal more?
  6. Don't know much about the other boys but Mackin is the type of striker you want. Big, powerful, quick and a good finisher. With Duffy aging and injured a lot we'd have Carrick, LMcIntosh, Victoria, Russell and young Thomson coming through you'd have something good for a few years and capable playing up a level too.
  7. Heard from a mate that plays for Falkirk that he has dodgy knees and nobody wanted to touch him. Not the first time I've heard of another club warn people off about a player and it being unjustly damaging, or stigmatising, to the player, sometimes just lies.
  8. Of course I am miles off. Thats not to say i'm wrong. Findus couldn't spot a player if his life depended on it. How the f**k we let Brownlie go and missed out on Luke Watt and Balatoni to sign the shit we did...
  9. I'd take my chances and get some better players at Xmas... Lets be honest, mcdonald, conroy, wilkie, page, miller and gallagher are utter shite
  10. Tomorrow's team ............................Hutton O'Neill Robertson S McIntosh Edwards ....Carrick Stewart Cairns Victoria ..............Duffy LMcIntosh Happy to help
  11. It wasn't nobody, it was everyone's hero Crighton who didn't shut him down.
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