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  1. Airdrie v East Fife

    you were too busy fighting with Stewards that day
  2. Would love to see Russell get a start or a decent chance off the bench. Young Scott Thomson must be banging on the door with his reserve performances too. Findus's bloated (and terribly average and overpaid) squad has really blocked the younger players like Leighton, Truesdale, Ross and Thomson. Its the opposite of the aspirational system he preached...
  3. We'd never know because Findus would never get a straight answer. The players we signed were tapped up in January. I'm sure Luke would have preferred full time but it was clear in June he was there for the taking.
  4. See you've still not dropped this McIntosh nonsense, he's as pish as the rest of them In you're opinion! Since Findus decided to wreck his career, we've not had much of a chance to see. I now fear that we have a player with any confidence shot to pieces if he does get another chance. I will tell you this boy, he is not worse that Crighton, Page, McDonald, Miller, Gallagher, Stewart, Conroy and Wilkie. Thats for sure.
  5. it's Truesdale and, whisper, Sean McIntosh who play there most. I still see Sean as a central defender. With the money wasted on Wilkie, Miller, Page and Gallagher, Findus could easily have brought back Luke Watt who was 10x the player that all 4 of those combined are. Such a bad transfer window from Findus that's handicapped us this year and next. With the wages those players are on, no one in their right mind will take them, unless we pay half their wages.
  6. I like this Cammy Russell is our best striker.... but gets least game time?
  7. That would work for me, but seriously, who is going to play in there? There's not a player amongst them.
  8. Tomorrow's team: Hutton O'Neill Robertson SMcIntosh Edwards Carrick ________? _________? Victoria Duffy LMcIntosh Even I've gone off the other midfield options, they're all as bad as Jhon Kyel's spelling
  9. Your just fishing now aren't you. Kind of. I'm so disillusioned off with the current defence and midfield its scary. Luke Watt in CM would transform this team. Despite @Diamond8 best efforts to troll me, I challenge anyone to tell me the alternatives are better. Crighton and Page are terrible, Gallagher and Miller are ineffective, Wilkie and Conroy have never done a shift in their lives. Findus has absolutely derailed the comeback. I'd play most of those younger players to piss off the Wilkies, Pages, etc., to get shot. Murray needs to get a couple of midfielders on loan asap.
  10. Next weeks team.... Hutton O'Neill Robertson SMcIntosh Edwards Carrick Cairns Stewart Victoria Duffy and LMcIntosh Subs Russell, Leighton, Truesdale, Thomson and goalie.
  11. As I said last week, managers have been and gone and none have given him game time, speaks volumes. When the seagulls follow the trawler...
  12. I read into it because I was having trouble getting your point. Are you saying shut up and take it because Clyde are shite? And that you're better than the moaners?
  13. Are you just advocating being a happy clapper and having no ambition? I really don't get that.