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  1. Lochmaben vs Abbey Vale

    Mon the saints whit a gid win no before time whits happens to Mids? Dont look the same team that scared teams last year aw well no matter 3 points gid football on view
  2. Mon the saints

    Very unhappy tae see Craig go bloody seen that coming New there was sumit up bit I’m sure Raymond will do ok giving time clubs bigger than any manager or player Craig lads a top manager and wud have took us on but Raymond is young and will take us on, I see the green eed monsters still on here mon the mighty saints need a win
  3. Heston rovers

    Takin aboot dug outs where the Fraser lad in ours? Im hearing he’s not been it training anaw is he left ?is he still there ?if he hud left wid the club no say was not there at Threave and hearing he was not there yesterday anaw bloody need his encourage hope he’s no away but it looking like he is what the hell went wrong gid job Raymond is there but the Fraser lad was geed hope it will no go bad
  4. Cup final

    Craigie Fraser legend he will be back the haters can do yin gentlemen and top lad well said AML 67 he a class act
  5. Theres is only yin Craigie Fraser yin Craigie frasaaaser absolutely gentleman but competitive Craig Fraser and Raymond Gordon dream team mon the saints find me a better combo in the sooth as the say end off
  6. Saints manager

    Forgot it is pointless asking things on here it’s just a slagin site when you ask a real question must be rumour made up by hater folk
  7. Saints manager

    Hope yer wrong southobserver think we need him and Raymond in dug out but hope he stays at the club and doesn’t go anywhere else haha gid yin weeredbook didn’t think it wud be long before yin of the haters come on wish the club wud let us ken but it’s may just be rumours nothing tae say canny see him wanting to do anything but manager the team defo no work in the shop
  8. Saints manager

    A lot of rumours gan aboot dors any one Ken if The saints hey lost yin of there managers is the Fraser lad away hearing aw stuff
  9. Cup final

    Haha cum on noo kenny fella nae need fur that hahaha you should be gled its no your club then but there is a geed chance you no got a club yur just another wee man sindrone or green eye monster I think I bring the bad luck when I cum hame they will loss back fishing for me haha haha have a geed yin kenny
  10. Cup final

    The big yin or the big veg will no be gan anywhere soon him and Razor rebilding after team getting ripped out couple of year back the Saints wud be silly to gan doon that road takes time time time the big veg is a geed lad think the club back then so that’s geed a think
  11. Tomorrow’s predictions/Game to watch

    The michty saints have won the qualifying cup hahaha oh yes we have who else has???
  12. Tomorrow’s predictions/Game to watch

    Carrit Fraser Razor Gordon Jek kilty Whit a dream team haha the saints will be fine still finish above locker jelusy gits ye no where rest o the clubs are on there knees should start selling pens and brolies hahaha best club best managerment the future is bright it is blue white
  13. Tomorrow’s predictions/Game to watch

    hahahahaha I wud no hold yer breath hes god there will be a few managers leave there clubs before Mr Fraser gets the sack why dae you get rid o a good lad folk obsessed wae this lad why ask yoursel ??????cos hes geed at Whit he does just let the lad dae his job let’s see Whit the season brings oh and the ex Threave manager at Locker now whoops bad egg there poor game today the saints will be fine
  14. Start to the season

    Stranraer will run away wae it at a canter is that what ye want tae here you being a fan cos that’s the only reason you put the post up yer posts on the Stranraer site are class anaw aye yer up there enjoy it there a decent team but they’ve had a nice fixture start it will get harder, gid 11 no much after that
  15. Saints

    A was no the best o games got dragged in tae a battle saints 2-1 at half time cud o been a couple more draw was on the cards till saints keeper dropped the ball with seconds to gan saints trying tae play football Stranraer putting the fouls in quite a lot tae stop saints passing game