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  1. This will be routinely bumped all season (unless we absolutely shit the bed in which case I'll pipe down) to raise awareness of Ayr fans being disproportionately miserable. It's a group exercise but this just happens to be the best example available. Talking about Ayr in here is fair game and if anyone can be fucked discussing Forfar they are welcome to as well.
  2. Ayr showing they are real contenders by winning games in this fashion. lol @ Hutton
  3. Aye, canny wear a nice jacket to Stranraer anymore. Our cards are marked.
  4. My suspicion is that you're actually ragin' about the fitba and you're deflecting by gurning on about arbitary details like catering. Will try not lose my head in such a public and undignified way when I'm standing on the thin strip of grass behind the goals at Stair Park with the prospect of hitting one of the two remaining pubs in Stranraer to kill time before weaving past a whole lot of nothing towards the haunted train station. Sort them facilities out.
  5. You're so ragin' man. Stay hame where it's safe next time.
  6. You have somewhere to pish and sit/stand and watch the fitba, what else is it you're after and we'll look into it?
  7. Nobody more unpredictable or important than AYR USHITED
  8. Hard game I reckon but can't see us struggling to bag goals. 3 - 2 home win.
  9. Not bad reading tbf, Falkirk part a bit vague but his win ratio (thx wikipedia) is decent. Still a bit perplexed by the MCCALL OOT party given his remit is promotion and we look pretty likely to achieve that, albeit early days.
  10. I reckon not! No. we're all perpetually miserable and won't peep unless it's a big team or a significant match Absolutely capable Prediction: 2 - 0
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