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  1. We're worse than being shite, we're boring. No idea where the next goal's coming from never mind win. Main is either fouling centre halves or making it really easy to give fouls against him with constant arms all over them, turn that shit in. Ronan looks a good find, Millar needs a pre-season, was burst after half an hour. This rigid 3-5-2 could be Goodwin's downfall, we're so predictable going forward and managed to make Mulgrew look like Ramos today chipping balls onto his head. Bloody hell, will be a long season if this is it!
  2. Free cans and glass was too good to be true. We've been shafTed.
  3. Dennis injured? Thought he was just the one sacrificed for the sub Keeper
  4. Prices up now on 365, Livi odds on - 19/20, Draw 12/5, Saints 12/5
  5. Treated myself to a 16 Glenlivet Nadura, cask strength. Meant to keep it for Christmas but cracked tonight, lovely!
  6. Hibees giving it the big one about trophies??? Bold move. More Scottish Cups than your lot since the 50's m9
  7. It has been! It's over in P&B gold. Well worth a look from time to time to laugh at the creaming mess the ton fans got themselves into [emoji23]
  8. Hopefully this clears it up and we can get onto worrying about today's game. Still to play each other at this point = in our own hands.
  9. Said farewell to my uncle Andrew Milne today, one of your own. A proud Aberdonian sent on his journey in a home shirt with '83 on the back. Taken far too soon and I will miss going to the Saints / Aberdeen games with him, which usually ended with him happier at the end of the day than me. RIP Andy.
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