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  1. Clyde 1-2 Edinburgh Dunfermline 2-1 Queen of the South Falkirk 2-0 Airdrie Kelty 1-0 Peterhead Montrose 1-2 Alloa
  2. Airdrie 2-1 Kelty Clyde 1-2 Falkirk Edinburgh 2-1 Alloa Peterhead 0-3 Dunfermline Queen of the South 1-1 Montrose
  3. Airdrie 2-0 Peterhead Alloa 1-2 Queen of the South Dunfermline 3-0 Clyde Falkirk 0-1 Edinburgh Kelty 0-1 Montrose
  4. Clyde 0-2 Airdrie Edinburgh 2-1 Queen of the South Falkirk 2-2 Dunfermline Kelty 1-1 Alloa Montrose 2-0 Peterhead
  5. I haven’t been there since we were in the same league which was pre-lockdown, so didn’t know things have changed since.
  6. Airdrie 1-1 Montrose Alloa 2-0 Clyde Dunfermline 1-0 Kelty Hearts Peterhead 0-2 Edinburgh City Queen of the South 1-1 Falkirk
  7. Probably not in the Championship, it would be like Cove ground sharing with Aberdeen. I’d imagine both grounds wouldn’t be allowed in the Premiership and they’d probably have to look elsewhere. (Not that either of them being promoted out of the championship is likely anytime soon)
  8. Dumbarton were relegated on 34 points last season, we're on 24 so far, so potentially only 4 wins. I haven't looked at the Championship forum but I'd imagine Cove Rangers are probably getting pelters up there.
  9. That would suggest they change the name to a symbol? Binoculars?
  10. To the problems that don’t include the ground, it’s the first steps to actually trying to resolve the mess they made pre-season. On the ground improvements, I’ll believe it when I see it. Hopefully that fence is closer to the pitch before Dunfermline are back again.
  11. I thought it was probably best to start a new thread after this. Recent club statement has announced a preference of dropping ‘FC’ from the start of the club name and more good news at dropping the ticket price from £18 to £12 for the rest of the season. There’s also updates on the ‘viewing’ experience but I’ll wait and see for that. It’s good news that the club has finally listened to fans and taken some positive steps to begin rectifying the issues. I’m hoping if they keep this up that it’s the start of better communication between the fans and the club moving forward. https://fcedinburgh.com/news/club-statement-26-10-22/
  12. Clyde 0-2 Queen of the South Edinburgh City 2-1 Airdrie Falkirk 2-1 Kelty Hearts Montrose 1-3 Dunfermline Peterhead 0-2 Alloa
  13. Hibs are playing on Friday night so you won’t have a problem parking. There’s a retail park/Sainsbury’s nearby or on street parking.
  14. Absolutely gutted the way we lost but Dunfermline were the better team on the day so I can’t complain too much. We’ve struggled against the full time teams so far this season shipping 10 goals in 3 games so it was no surprise we played defensively. Keeping the game to a single goal should probably be seen as a positive from our side.
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