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  1. Hopefully they'll have the sense to add summer football to the operation lol Btw why don't we play summer football here???
  2. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    9s from march then [emoji15]
  3. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    Ridiculous if one area moves to 11s before another They'll be miles ahead by the time they possibly meet each other in Scottish cup or other tournaments Our 06s aunt going to 11s till August in Fife but as far as I heard tomorrow is 06s last game at 7s in Edinburgh
  4. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    No real structure throughout scotland then just a lot of do what you want set ups in different areas ,syfa surely need to make it easy and do a one for all rule???
  5. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    1st year not competitive though so god knows
  6. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    No idea it's been spoken about over last few weeks I hoped there would've been more notice than that
  7. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    Supposed to go to 11s in August but I've heard that it may be March Surely that's too short notice to change ??
  8. Yfs1

    9v9 or 11v11

    Has anyone heard if 06s are going to 11s in March guys?
  9. Does anyone have any info on the running of this?is it set up ok so most games run on time and is there parking nearby?
  10. Not really as he's played with these boys for 5 years with no worries,he's now moved to a team who actually play in the same league at the same level ,but my point is his game time was cut dramatically he only played 5 out of 15 when others played nearly all the games,we raised the concern that he was getting really upset at home because of this and yet they ignored our concerns,I then spoke to syfa who informed us of rule 54,this got back to the club which promoted them to have a club meeting and basically drop him from the team a couple of weeks later. The upset this caused the kid was unbelievable
  11. Yeah some kids are only at kick about stages where winning or losing don't matter but that's the rules and guidelines syfa have set out it's not about winning its enjoyment and developing,if a kids not good enough he should be told after his trial period or at his next registration date,for instance you can't keep a 6 year old kid on for five years at development football,register him every year and let him play every week then as soon as new coaches come in they cut his game time and then drop him from the squad before they've even reached 11s ,all within the space of one season! The only reason he was dropped was because we queried his game time with the syfa,there was no mention of cutting the squad before that. I've got a bit of sympathy for the coaches as they're volunteers but the ones in charge of running the club also made the decision and they should've known better or they shouldn't be in charge of kids,they affected a wee boys life both at and away from football and that's not acceptable in this day and age to be honest,you can't exclude and hurt young kids to boost your own ego of being in the "top" league. They are only kids at the end of the day and they should be treated like kids.
  12. Yeah I agree with this kids come on at different ages and different levels I've seen it for years!
  13. Yeah I agree that when is competitive the rams need to be fielding the players they think will do a job,at 7s to cut players the year before they get to 11s when they actually need more players anyway is ridiculous. Some staff want to be more successful than the kids who are just trying to enjoy. The gam
  14. Thanks Got him a trial at a club that openly practices equal match time ,wouldn't have been in this position if I never stated the club were breaking the rules as they only changed there policy once I flagged that but surely rules are there to be followed for the wellbeing of the kids. When the ego of the staff is more important than the children's welfare there's a problem but I'm sure the syfa will take the necessary action to prevent that happening to other kids
  15. Seen the article [emoji15] Cheers again for all the info mate ,
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