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  1. On a side note, well done to the community foundation on their award
  2. She'll moan if a pillow is squint or if the duvet isn't sitting straight, but if I say something about the living room or kitchen being a tip after I spend ages cleaning them, she goes on the defensive about it.
  3. Not a diesel, but I tried your tip of running it in 3rd down the A1, lo and behold, no fan coming on since. Cheers for that
  4. Tv guide showing the final as being on, but nfl on instead on main event, and nba instead on arena??? WTF
  5. Wtf burgh!! 3-2 up after 2 nil down at half time
  6. I've got a 59 plate altea, and sometimes when I park up and switch the engine off, the cooling fan comes on. All fluids are always topped up, so why could this be happening??
  7. Are the LFT kits as useful as they are made out to be?? My mate's wife tested positive after a PCR test, but it took until her 8th day of isolation for an LFT to show as positive...
  8. How the f**k did I miss graeme Smith . That howler away to albion rovers still haunts me
  9. Best - davie mggurn, Scott Thomson, and Jamie macdonald. Worst- Andy mcneill, rudy whatshisname, David berthelot.
  10. Spicy chicken and calabrese pizza
  11. Neighbour has decided to build a very large dog run/kennels. Apparently without planning permission. A lot of the other Neighbours (us included) are going to object it. Are we right to do so?? He has a dog boarding service , so it will be rather noisy at times.
  12. Mou let the dogs out?? (But slippery drowned them in the river)
  13. I know the lad (macintosh) that scored 5 goals, he's very loud
  14. We'll just gloss over this post, Philpy.......... Sorry. I was overcome with emulsion.
  15. Unhappy customer IMO. Shandon got a spot of gloss on the carpet.
  16. I had f**k all planned. The only thing I'm planning is tearing those 2 snakes a new one when I go back. I'm actually fucking raging that the c***s have told the gaffer a lot of pish.
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