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  1. I'm pleased for you, but now it's after 2am and I've now got the tetris theme stuck in my head. I hope your batteries die soon.
  2. We certainly rode our luck at times, if grimsby had made their possession count, it could have been a completely different outcome
  3. Couple of pints In the Guildford arms, then the 12.03 train from waverley to larbert. Where's good for a pint in larbert?? The Crown or the plough?? And i believe there's a wee bar at the ground??
  4. I'm taking no more jabs. Felt like shite after the 2nd one, so they can f**k off.
  5. I was out getting some beers, and got a call to say she was heading out to help her pal with something. I got home to find both doors unlocked. I phoned her. The reply?? "I know i didn't lock them, I was in a hurry"
  6. Where do away supporters stand or sit?? I'm sure I've heard something about the tryst Road end terracing??
  7. Hmm.. Screen_Recording_20220919_192136_Instagram.mp4
  8. https://twitter.com/eugeneh84/status/1571894617196625923?t=OEWNkVCiEWKvzmhz8nwIbQ&s=19
  9. Going To be some queue for the pie stall at half time.
  10. It doesn't matter how many people line the streets of London tomorrow, celtic fans will still claim they took more folk to seville.
  11. Really trying to improve my fitness levels. I'm just over 5'6 and I'm 14st 7lbs. Joined the gym last week and feeling much better. Did 6.21 miles on the exercise bike on Monday in 30 mins, then 6.42 miles in the same time on Wednesday. Went back today and used the spin bike this time, 6.40 miles in 20 minutes. Really happy with that.
  12. Fair enough. I'll be jumping in the car and heading up the pentlands for a nice long walk.
  13. Is anyone actually bothering to watch the funeral on Monday??
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