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  1. Right. My 59 plate altea had a full service and MOT on Monday, and the garage couldn't find any record of when the timing belt was last done. After a bit of digging (phoned the garage where previous services were done), it was last replaced in 2016. They've recommend it's done as soon as. I spoke to a mechanic I know today, he said it's not a requisite that it's done every 5 years. Who's correct here, before I part with £450?? Car has done 57058 if it helps any.
  2. Got a bottle of this for my birthday. Rather nice. Just the one tonight though.
  3. Linkfield road in musselburgh is one of the worst places to encounter cyclists, due to the traffic islands. Even worse when you get them cycling 2 abreast.. aye, I know it's not breaking the law, but it's a pain in the arse.
  4. There is a team in glasgow who's fans sings songs about a club that doesn't exist anymore...
  5. Was very disappointed with the carronade. A bit bland TBH.
  6. Strong stuff. Defo not a session one! 😂
  7. Was at dobbies today, and met a lovely old English sheepdog called Madison. Just happened to be the dog from the current dulux advert. Absolute beauty of a dog.
  8. You need to have friends to invite round in the first place...
  9. Grant murray. Bumped into him in musselburgh tesco a couple of days before raith beat sevco in the cup. Wished him and the team good luck, and carried on, but he decided he was up for a good chat about the rovers. Saw him a few times since (lives in the same village), and will always stop and say hello. A genuinely bloody nice bloke, just a pity managing raith didn't work out in the end. A wee mention to Laurie ellis as well, helped him at work a couple of times , wouldn't stop talking about football 😂. Had to deal with paul kane once (ex team mate of my boss). Bit of an arrogant kent.
  10. AlanCamelonFan is having an absolute shocker on the stenny thread.
  11. She's been on an FB group page for a while, but now it's getting to the point she's taking up so much of her time talking to other women from the group, that she's not giving herself time to do things around the house, or she's just not doing them at all. I've pointed this out, only to be told she DOES take her share...
  12. insane in the membrane
  13. I'm 44 on monday. The last couple of posts have made me feel just that little bit older...
  14. Aye, they're not bad, but I reckon overall morrison's has a better selection.
  15. Usually get a varied assortment at the feeding station in the garden, but a neighbour's cat keeps patrolling the garden. How do I keep the little fucker out??
  16. I can advise you that bon jovi are pish. HOW DO YE LIKE THEM APPLES ??
  17. That's my parents both had their second vaccines 😁
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