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  1. OrdinaryRelievedGalapagostortoise-mobile-1.mp4
  2. I got badly bullied at school about My weight. One day one of the main perpetrators got a burst and broken nose after I skelped him with the heaviest book i could find in the computing class. The teacher was out of the room at the time, but everyone in the class hated his guts and told the teacher that he fell off his chair. He (the bully) offered to buy me a pint and say sorry a few years ago but I told him to f**k off.
  3. What was the crowd like today?? I know the Tranent chairman and he was hoping rangers won yesterday as a hearts victory parade would severely impact the crowd
  4. 2 weeks into my new job, and I'm bloody loving it. Brilliant workmates, good environment, in the house for 5.10 instead of 5.30, and a 4pm finish on a Friday.
  5. Bumped Into lewis Vaughan in musselburgh yesterday, he has no idea who the new gaffer is, but he did say "they did to get the fucking finger out and get someone in very soon". The knee is healing up pretty well and he hopes to back banging in the goals ASAP
  6. I tried it at porty during my lunch break. Thing was beeping like mad, dug for ages and ages but found nothing. Turns out I still I had my safety boots on.
  7. I see Ray mckinnon has had a heart attack. Hope he recovers.
  8. Money isn't everything (well, maybe in the current climate). When john was a scout for celtic, he was on a very good wage, with scouting missions abroad, with all expenses paid. He must have took a decent drop in money to come back to the rovers.
  9. It's decent enough. Quite malty, which isn't a bad thing.
  10. I don't start till a week on Monday. Here's one to make you laugh - my current bosses asked me if could work a week past my notice to cover holidays.
  11. I take it you are looking for a lodger then??
  12. Slipped when coming out the shower last night, landing on the side of the bath in the process.
  13. One more week at stalag 13 before I start the new job.
  14. Don't know if you could have Bettered £560 to do the hall and living room, including stripping wallpaper and putting up new wallpaper.
  15. Got a decorator booked in for the end of May, I would have gave you shout If I'd remembered. Top job.
  16. You might not have to worry about that forum soon anyway. AMARITE??
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