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  1. Lost the box, but got these on prescription, take one at 6.30 each night, I'm lucky if I sneeze once. There's a lot of fields near where i work, but I've no symptoms at all with these tablets.
  2. Christ I probably walked past you. Wouldn't have missed me, i had a bright orange cap on
  3. Really good game tonight. Was impressed with mussys new keeper. Very unlucky not to go 2-0 up. That was the tightest and dubious offside call I've ever seen in a while.
  4. Finished 2-1 bonnyrigg. Musselburgh were very good and should have been 2-0 up if not for a very dubious offside call.
  5. Ended up at musselburgh . Decent turnout.
  6. Yep. I remember seeing a post on twitter a while back, lee mair was on holiday abroad with his family, he took his laptop and was "recruiting" people in the hotel.
  7. Off to forresters Park tonight for tranent vs Hamilton accies. Was originally going to mussy vs bonnyrigg but I've not got tranent off my grounds list yet.
  8. Herbalife sellers. Seriously, just f**k off please. I know people that constantly wear the t shirts and the daft badges, even when they are going out for a family meal. A couple of years ago my wife and I enquired about doing herbalife - £76 a month! Needless to say we didn't bother. 2 years down the line, we've lost nearly 5 stones between us, Just by eating a bit healthier and doing plenty of walking. It's all Just a big commission based scam.
  9. I tested "positive" 3 weeks ago. Symptoms were mild compared to the wife's, who had the loss of taste and smell. Work didn't let me back until I had 2 negatives in 24 hours. I was only off for a week thankfully. When I tested I used the newer kits, but one out of sheer boredom I tried one of the old kits, but tested negative. Just goes to show that test kits are nowhere near 100% accurate.
  10. Alfie. Not our dog, he's our neighbour's, but we help out looking after him. He is an absolute softy.
  11. https://twitter.com/JoshCBurke93/status/1542580036435320832?t=RsgpyVqNiiT3xysSFI2AGQ&s=07
  12. This is bloody lovely. Even better when it went through at £1.03 a can. Morrisons at piershill in Edinburgh.
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