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  1. Got these from lidl, nice, with a very nippy aftertaste 😋
  2. Can hibs please give us gullan back if Nisbet is banging the goals in for them??
  3. Yes, but not mine I hasten to add. My choice is on the right...
  4. Is it quite hoppy and bitter with the elderflower??
  5. Anything that goes wrong must be blamed on airdrie United.
  6. She got a new phone yesterday. She's now discovered that she can connect it to the TV. The joys.
  7. Looks like that's Fulham going up then. Interesting to see if Bowie goes out on loan...
  8. Aye but less about Riordan, are the customers behaving? Don't think so m9
  9. I see wee deek's latest venture is going well. No social distancing, drug taking, gang members, singing offensive songs about stendel. Will the boy ever learn???
  10. I messaged them on FB and they said to call the office tomorrow - everything is posted by royal mail so they were a bit perplexed as to why I was given a DHL tracking number.
  11. Anyone else had issues with their tops being delivered?? Was issued with a DHL tracking number which is coming up as invalid. Unless the gaffer is hand delivering it to me...
  12. Won't be back at my local club for a while. A group of 8 guys were crowded round the pool table playing "killer", despite signs saying only 2 people at the table at any one time. The staff only made half hearted attempts to get them to stop, and they were getting a bit rowdy. Just didn't feel comfortable at all.
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