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  1. Large Issue Tuesday

    That guy has probably never saw or heard of Mrs brown's boys, the lucky c**t.
  2. A man that deals with concrete may not be a man to cross. #concretewellies
  3. Do the papers know the TRUTH though?? About the mushroom suppers??
  4. Quick Question Thread

    Edinburgh to Montrose - up the a90 after Dundee or along the coast road via Arbroath??
  5. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    I'm tempted to buy a carry oot and leave it on mgGlynn's doorstep.
  6. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Cheers. Ended up at the pennypit, Preston drew 1-1 with Stirling uni. Fucking freezing though, must have drunk a gallon of tea!!
  7. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Preston athletic vs Stirling uni at the pennypit today. Good wee set up.
  8. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Leith at peffermill today, anyone heading along??
  9. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    No tickets on sale on the day is a bit shite TBH
  10. Listens to Vanessa feltz on radio 2 every morning.
  11. Quick Question Thread

    That would explain neil Lennon's appearance.
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    She was walking past the outside, smartass.
  13. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    A man died inside the Barclays Bank on princes street in Edinburgh today, the wife walked past when the medics were working on him, and people queued outside were more concerned about when the bank would be open again. Bunch of inconsiderate c***s.