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  1. Saturday was the first time I've seen us in competitive action, so can't really comment on other games this season, but what I from what I saw, stronger team such as partick or Inverness would have given us a right doing. I've genuinely never been so angry after a rovers game in a while.
  2. Jesus f**k, is This a robbie tribute act?? He's fucking terrible
  3. Had a pint of spaten on tap at the station Hotel in larbert yesterday. Cost me £5.90 but wasn't too fussed as not many pubs have it on draught.
  4. Cheers for leaving a can of tennents on the train, it was downed before I got to the waverley
  5. There's stenhousemuir bowling club as well, dropped them a message, football fans welcome, open from 1.30 pm
  6. I'm just having a lamb chasni from the local takeaway. Beautiful. Accompanied by a keema naan.
  7. I'm pleased for you, but now it's after 2am and I've now got the tetris theme stuck in my head. I hope your batteries die soon.
  8. We certainly rode our luck at times, if grimsby had made their possession count, it could have been a completely different outcome
  9. Couple of pints In the Guildford arms, then the 12.03 train from waverley to larbert. Where's good for a pint in larbert?? The Crown or the plough?? And i believe there's a wee bar at the ground??
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