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  1. Ah yes. "The bigwigs are coming, get the place tidied ASAP". this happened at work 2 weeks ago. Did the c***s turn up?? Did they f**k . We are in the middle of a refurbishment, which makes keeping the place tidy a little bit difficult at times.
  2. Just saw sked walking his dug along porty. Couldn't get an autograph, poor c**t was mobbed.
  3. You'll have a hard job mate, been shut for years. It's a shop now.
  4. Lovely sky tonight, taken from the bottom of my street. Better watch out, @Hedgecutter will appear at my door soon..
  5. I went on a virtual walk along ruel Street once.
  6. If she's not feeling well, God forbid anyone else that even dares to complain about being ill.
  7. Kirkcaldy born and bred, so raith will always be my team. Living in East lothian these days, I've got a lot of junior teams on my doorstep - musselburgh, tranent, Prestonpans, haddington, Newtowngrange, to name a few. Been to a few musselburgh games, there's a wee raith connection - joe hammill is the manager- and John mglynns nephew davie was the manager a few years back. Obviously I also have the hibs and hearts options, and most of my colleagues are hibees, but it's Just never appealled to me.
  8. I'm trying to get some peace and quiet, she comes up the stairs with a plate of crackers, tomatoes, and cucumber. Noisy eating central
  9. Asda selling 6 cans of birra moretti for £4.56. That's good value.
  10. The "clydebank and their horrible fans" thread on the WOSL section is simmering along rather nicely....
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