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  1. The Beat feat dave wakeling at the queens Hall last night. Dave on top form as usual. Managed to get a wee souvenir .
  2. Verdicts on dabrowski Please?? Looks like he Is heading to us (raith).
  3. I'd be happy if it was dabrowski. Very highly rated by a few hibs fans at work.
  4. I believe utilities are included. I'm sorry, but what exactly are you getting at here??
  5. The wife has a friend who has had a lodger for a couple of years, and has recently decided that he isn't taking his share of buying toilet rolls as he's claiming that they are "included in the rent", even though such an agreement was never in place. Is he Just being a prize c**t??
  6. Had a couple of these last night. Rather nice.
  7. Hitler was apparently a pretty decent wing-back in his younger days. Always bombing up and down....
  8. "I've had an idear" @Rugster
  9. Home bargains. 81p a can. And it's decent.
  10. There's been a bad crash on the A1, the roads are in gridlock now as well.
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