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  1. Work colleagues

    No, there are three separate cubicles through the door. But still, the smell filters through if the main door is open. Slightly off putting if you are sitting eating lunch in the canteen..
  2. Work colleagues

    To get to the toilets at my work, you have to walk through the canteen then through another door. Despite signs being put up, everycunt leaves the door open.
  3. Suffer her?? No other telly in the house then???
  4. C**** on Pie and Bovril

    No c***s on here. Every poster is sound IMHO. Respect everybody's individuality.
  5. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Congratulations Arbroath.
  6. Work colleagues

    On the subject of tea and coffee at work, there's something trivial that really annoys me - when someone opens a new pint of milk, they leave the seal thing on the bunker rather than just put it in the bin.
  7. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    SorTed. £8 from Iceland, wife got the park Xmas vouchers through, so none of my hard earned cash was used.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    That was a copied link from Twitter
  9. The Hibernian Thread

    News that #NeilLennon walked into the changing room and told his players he’s planning on leaving..... is not good [emoji33] #StayLenny https://t.co/Ur6bOkzywh
  10. Gigs

    Me too. 3 nights in Glasgow booked as Well, as it's my birthday the day after the gig [emoji16]
  11. Nom Nom Nom

    Cheers. I'll mind that for the next one. We never use jars for sauces anymore. There's something more satisfying about buying the ingredients and Cooking from scratch rather than being lazy.
  12. Nom Nom Nom

    Pulled pork enchiladas. Lovely.
  13. Nom Nom Nom

    Spaghetti carbonara. Instead of a jar of sauce, mix 4 eggs with fromaige frais and a tablespoon of parmesan, the heat thickens the egg mixture and is just as good (and healthier) .