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  1. Shop down the road has started selling the krupps sub machines. Good investment??
  2. Big pot of corned beef stovies made.
  3. I saw them as well, they had a car parked up on the grass 😁
  4. A pile on??? GET AFF ME!! I CANNAE BREATHE!!
  5. Everytime we have a takeaway, she insists on washing and keeping the plastic containers, despite already having loads in the cupboard.
  6. Watched today's game on the FB page. Thanks to the club for doing it for free, I'd happily pay. Great result to win 5-3 against tynecastle after being 3-1 down.
  7. A fucking thread about cigars?? You're habana laugh.
  8. Grace chatto, from clean bandit. Looks like she's full of herself. And clean bandit are pish anyway.
  9. Sophie Ellis bextor - crying at the discotheque.
  10. Same here, but we are meant to be going to Keswick. East lothian is a lesser hotspot than Edinburgh, its daft that we are getting chucked in with them.
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