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  1. Saw some daft bint who is meant to be self isolating, leave her house last night. And no, I didn't grass her up. It's up to the idiots if they take the risk of getting found out.
  2. Right. I've got a walk which the wife and I do every Sunday, which is just over a mile away. The wife suffers with fibromyalgia, and sometimes she has days where she can manage the walk,and other days a shorter distance, so we take the car. I also take my camera, as wildlife photography is a great release mental health wise. Am I doing anything wrong here??
  3. How's everyone doing in light of the current lockdown and latest restrictions?? I'm getting to the point where I'm going to work, coming in, getting my tea and going to bed to sleep, purely because I'm fed up with everything else otherwise. The wife seems to be getting the brunt of my tetchyness, and it's not fair and I feel guilty as f**k. I'm usually the world's most positive person, but right now?? Nope. I phone My parents every second day, which does help me greatly, but it's not the same as seeing them, which is eating away at me as well.
  4. Aye, but can he do it on a cold rainy Tuesday night in Stoke??
  5. Too much dithering by the SG. None of this "we might have to do that, we might have to do this" pish. FFS if they feel tighter restrictions are better, then just get fucking on with it so people know what the f**k is happening.
  6. I remember rather stupidly going to an ice hockey match the same day I had a tooth extracted, and thought I'd have a couple of whiskys in the bar as the anesthetic had worn off. Somehow forgetting that alcohol thins the blood...
  7. philpy

    Farting phrases

    Speak up Brown you're through You've ripped, you'll have to pay for it I'll name that tune In one Who let that duck in More tea vicar
  8. They'll be dancing in the streets of rose
  9. Can see it all now. FT whistle and thousands of delirious Scots invade the hallowed Wembley turf carrying trophy winning goalscorer Lyndon Dykes naked off the park as the goalposts get snapped....a week later we are stripped of the title due to fans breaching Covid regulations totally ignoring the wanton vandalism post match !
  10. Surely they can give you a bit of leeway considering the current circumstances?? It's not your fault you can't travel outwith your local boundary.
  11. Did you buy it online?? If so, contact them and they should be able to collect it. We done it, and also got the delivery fee refunded as well.
  12. f**k knows if there was anything here. Had the headphones on whilst reading a book. Blissful.
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