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  1. Ha! I thought the most ironic thing was that with Arthur's seat being a volcano at one point, it's pretty fitting that the photo looks like it's erupting [emoji23]
  2. Genuinely can't believe that the cretin thought I'd lie about phoning the police [emoji23][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji1787]. f**k me, I Could screenshot the evidence and I'd still be a liar in his eyes [emoji23][emoji23].
  3. He met her at IKEA when he was on holiday in Strathclyde.
  4. Marshmallo is just a grade A w****r who brings nothing to the site.
  5. Oh dear oh dear. Aye that's right, I'll make up that stuff. I'm a person that's sticking to the guidelines so we ain't in lockdown forever. I'd gladly do what I did on Saturday Again. You must be the one that's desperate for attention if you post shite like that to try and get some likes and greenies.
  6. Folk bringing politics into it, as expected. The guy's fiancee is pregnant FFS, I Hope he pulls through so he can be fit and healthy when the kid arrives.
  7. Sun going down behind Arthur's seat tonight, taken whilst on my evening walk.
  8. She's gone. I'm away to my holiday home to celebrate. Wait, what??..
  9. Overheard idiot neighbour talking to a friend earlier "fucking snakes man, why would someone do that?? So much for us being a close community" Me..
  10. Started to learn chords to some songs on this wee bugger. Aye its blue, so whit. Big team found, blah blah blah...
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