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  1. If the ball had been higher, lewis could have headed it, would've been a near carbon copy of dalziel's goal in the fizzy pop final.
  2. The salty tears of dunfermline athletic.
  3. Right. My 59 plate altea had a full service and MOT on Monday, and the garage couldn't find any record of when the timing belt was last done. After a bit of digging (phoned the garage where previous services were done), it was last replaced in 2016. They've recommend it's done as soon as. I spoke to a mechanic I know today, he said it's not a requisite that it's done every 5 years. Who's correct here, before I part with £450?? Car has done 57058 if it helps any.
  4. Got a bottle of this for my birthday. Rather nice. Just the one tonight though.
  5. Linkfield road in musselburgh is one of the worst places to encounter cyclists, due to the traffic islands. Even worse when you get them cycling 2 abreast.. aye, I know it's not breaking the law, but it's a pain in the arse.
  6. There is a team in glasgow who's fans sings songs about a club that doesn't exist anymore...
  7. Was very disappointed with the carronade. A bit bland TBH.
  8. Strong stuff. Defo not a session one! 😂
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