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  1. First game in a while for me last night and have to say that the starting 11 has to change on Saturday surely? We were far better once Rooney came on, he might have a few dodgy moments at the back but at least he tries to create something. Stirling also added a bit of drive to the midfield, a far better player than Dykes, Tapping and Murray who all did He-Haw and look way out their depth. We are crying out for a stronger central midfielder! As for the game I thought we were very poor for the first 25-30 minutes. Hadn’t realised we had turned into a long ball team? Long ball after long ball from Martin and Kerr, most of which ran straight out of play or to their keeper!! Part of the problem here though is that there is no creativity or movement in the middle of the pitch to pass the ball through teams. After 30 minutes we were much improved, although mainly due to 3/4 players really (McFadden, Dobbie, Rooney, Stirling). McFadden did fairly well at times in trying to link up with Dobbie, who was also far stronger in the 2nd half. On the main decisions I thought the officials got it right. Kerr won the ball just before half time so no penalty there. It was a clear penalty for us on Kane and Morrison moved towards the ball for the disallowed goal. I’ll admit if I was a sons fan though I’d be screaming for it to stand!! Overall, a draw probably fair enough although I think we should have been able to wrap it up in the 2nd half.
  2. TNS look a good side, mainly due to our poor defensive play! Worried ...
  3. I too was shouting for Dobbie to be taken off. I think there comes a point when a player needs to know if they're not cutting it then can be hooked! Having seen the highlights, Durnan clearly knows Dobbies back issues (spasms?) and knees him right in the lower back for the free kick leading to our goal.
  4. Think the ref has got all the big decisions correct. Clear sending off and not a penalty. Overall I was fairly impressed with our performance. Defence looked solid enough minus Rooney getting skint for the first goal. Midfield again worked hard off the ball but lacks creativity. Dobbie had an off day. If we play this that for most of the season I think we will be safe enough.
  5. This could be double figures.... here's hoping Naysmith can manage to do something before the weekend! Would obviously take a point, but can't see that happening.
  6. Terrible show from us so far. Really thought we would have had a go at them. Can't seem to retain possession at all and nothing in midfield!
  7. Snap. Delighted I didn't bother. We better watch ourselves could be in a scrap for 9th soon!!!
  8. Here's hoping a good game today! Couple of questions for Falkirk fans on here. 1.Is there a cost for parking at the ground and if so where else do you suggest parking for free? 2.do students get in for concession prices or adult prices? Cheers
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