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  1. If my wife wouldn't find out I would donate [emoji23]
  2. Mckenna was excellent today ( Motm) and Miko was more like himself. I thought in the second half we could have done with a bit more pace up front just to harass their defence and chase a few punts from our defence.
  3. I thought that last season Donnelly just wasn't very good and wondered why did we sign him, but have changed my mind about him, if only he had a bit of pace.
  4. Can we not just recognise we were up against a good side today, with a few players on top of their game. The O'brien v Moffat duel was good to watch, Tam eventually got the better of him but after the damage was done. Even though we were beaten it was a good game to watch, particularly the first half. A real test for our guys.
  5. If you can play as well as Ayr did today in the first half, which I doubt, we may well "fall apart". Hopefully Dick will come up with a better way to counter the likes of opponent we were against today.
  6. I hope history doesn't repeat, but many years ago I was desperate to get out of hospital to get to a game v Motherwell(I think) only for us to get stuffed 4-0.
  7. I thought we played some really good stuff today without taking our chances(oh for a Jimmy Jack or Jimmy Bone[emoji4]). I think Wallace is excellent at times and very frustrating at times, I wasn't confident with the penalty, I had flashbacks to Tannadice at the start of the season. As far as Mom is concerned I think Whatley or Little are always in with a shout. Can't wait till Glebe park[emoji1145][emoji1145][emoji1145]
  8. Some characters from still game were giving Watson abuse as he sat in obvious distress with a knee problem, they were too much for one fan who told them in no uncertain terms to cut it out. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Mckenna had a game of 2halves,so much better in the second half. Little(as usual) and Whatley had good 90mins and good to see Donnelly have better game(particularly 2nd half).
  9. Well done the loons. I kinda hope Brechin stay in this division so we have a few local derbies.
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