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  1. Hi Bully Wee Villa, First off, thanks for filling the survey in. Secondly, the idea with many of the questions in the survey is exactly that - to offer an extreme, blanket view position, to which a person taking the survey can wholeheartedly agree with, wholeheartedly disagree with, or agree/disagree to some extent. As an example, one might have a mixed opinion about the following statement: Immigrants view themselves as better than people like me. Perhaps you see that some 'immigrants' indeed might view themselves as better than people like yourself in some way, whilst others do not. In this case, in response to the statement, you may answer something moderate like 'somewhat disagree'. Finally, your point about the link between voting and having a sense of being British and European is an interesting one. I will PM you about that instead, as discussing that here could bias any other people that wish to take the survey. Hi again Wee Willie, My apologies for not giving a option to abstain in the 'second referendum' question. This was basically because I wanted people to state a preference one way or the other, Remain or Leave. I figure that most people probably have a preference, but other factors may have discouraged them from voting in June. This restriction was simply to encourage people to state their preference. But I agree, this is probably a limitation/weakness of how the survey is set up. Thanks for you feedback. I'm also interested to hear why it is that you wish to abstain from voting. Send me a PM if you feel like it! Hi oaksoft, I agree, this research isn't entirely scientific, in the true sense of the word. This is because it is impossible to consider all angles, and control for all variables, on a topic as complex as the EU referendum. So, I freely admit that there is subjectivity and bias in parts of this project. These characteristics will be considered, acknowledged, and discussed at length when I come to write up the research. In contrast, the beauty of studying isolated systems in subjects such as chemistry and physics is that you do get very clean results. This is not possible when studying politics, sociology, or psychology, where the systems under scrutiny are horrifically complex and dynamic. This research is a modest attempt at gaining some understanding of what issues might be important to different voters, but is by no means perfect. I'm very grateful for the interest and criticism! I just wish I could get involved in the football chat, but I know absolutely nothing about it (see 'My Team: __________').
  2. Hi everyone on here, You are right. Perhaps I should've given more information about my credentials in the main body of my message. My apologies for this. I have tried to answer your questions and concerns below. I am an English student currently in my final year of a two-year masters programme at the University of Amsterdam. I have come back to Manchester to conduct the survey (which is where I did my undergraduate degree) and have been collecting data on foot with iPads in areas across Greater Manchester. To reach more people, I thought it would also be wise to post on political engaged, online forums such as Pie and Bovril. English is my first language. I cannot believe, however, that I have managed to spell 'opinions' wrong in the title and body of my initial message! The mistake came after a long day, and was simply sloppy of me. I can't see a way to edit this, so my apologies here will have to do. Wee Willie - the survey asks you to say what you would vote if there was a second referendum (options: Remain or Leave), and what you did vote back in June (options: Remain, Leave, or 'I didn't vote'). This is explained in the information sheet at the start when you click on the link. Of course, your opinion is welcome too! And you have space at the end of the survey to give a more detailed description of why you didn't vote in June last year, if you so choose. kilbowie2002 - unfortunately I cannot pay people for participation in the survey. This is because of limited funds. So if you choose to participate, it will be for your own and for my research interests. This is indeed a personal project, where I want to welcome people to have their say on issues to do with the referendum and people's own lives. I will read all responses - this will be very informative to my thoughts on what's going on. My apologies for the somewhat casual nature of the initial message. I used this tone in order to initially get people interested in getting involved on this forum (i.e. not putting people off with language that is too formal). The first page of the survey is an information sheet which has more of a formal tone. Thanks for all your comments. They are very useful in themselves for showing where I can be a better researcher. And thanks to everyone who has participated so far. I hope this message has clarified some things about me and the research. Please do not hesitate to ask any more questions, Alex
  3. Hello, My name is Alex and I am a sociology student who is interested in your oppinions. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, this is your chance to voice your oppinions about everything Brexit! Below is a link to a 10 minute survey, where you get the chance to express yourself on issues related to Brexit. At the end, there is a space where you are free to write as much as you like about your thoughts on anything to do with the referendum and the UK leaving the EU. https://uvacommscience.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_881tzZDkMMN6GVL I would be very grateful to both leavers and remainers for your contribution! Thanks a lot for your help, Alex
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