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  1. People do realise the game isn’t this weekend right?
  2. Just like at Morton thought Pybus was our best player, popped up everywhere. Mccrorie also a breath of fresh air after recent years.
  3. He was excellent when the ball was in the air with his head/chest but didn’t look the most technically gifted player with it at his feet
  4. Is that a old picture the OS posted or is Dan Carmichael training with us?
  5. Todorov isn’t very good but he’ll tweet how good the fans were
  6. Got a notification of a Queens YouTube video titled "McGrath scores", so I guess he's signing and that was put up accidently as it's now deleted.
  7. I personally thought maguire had a good game bringing the ball out of defence and can’t remember him doing much wrong
  8. Was a bit concerned that Naysmith said one player would be coming in when we need atleast 1 attacker and midfielder.Really need to win on Tuesday if that is true or we’d be going a full season with Two strikers? Thought Dykes could of maybe went better than Livingston
  9. Todd was in the box atleast 3 times with the ball on the right but couldn’t find a teammate with any, imo they were all chances.
  10. Two good interviews. I would happily listen to a podcast of each of the players stories etc,all seem to be enjoying it right now. Interesting to hear Gary doesn’t coach them on attacking and will never criticise what they do in final third, that explains why there is so much interchange.
  11. Why is Stewart outwide, he’s a giant and is mullin injured?
  12. Not exactly what we need but I guess that’s Semple away which is disappointing, we need attackers desperately soon.
  13. The only person who criticised him there was me, for his finishing , which I think is completely fair.
  14. Well as the only other striker in our squad that is extremely poor and it’s not that he doesn’t get the chances. Whenever he is one on one with the goalkeeper you just know it’s not going in. ETA: That goal came against Inverness where it just hut off him and went in
  15. An important stat for a striker is goals and I may be wrong but Dykes has 0 league goals? ETA:I’ve surely missed a couple that I can’t think of but even so it’s a area that he needs to improve
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