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  1. I thought Linlithgow’s experience won them the game today. Managed the game well enough. Thought Dunbar missed the midfield out too many times in first half. Decent game. As said, Dunbar will take a fair share of points off teams, especially at home. Fancy Linlithgow to be there or there abouts.
  2. Yes - I believe this has been resolved now, with Dunbar players and supporters using the facilities at Hallhill following matches which is great to see.
  3. I am pretty sure there was more than that said. However, who am I to stand in the way of deflecting tactics?
  4. Review the last couple of pages re - Blacky comments, I don't think your club is squeaky clean yet!
  5. If you are a fan I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together.
  6. Ok... My thoughts on Dunbar, they will be just fine. Re-signed a very good centre half and a good centre mid just returning from last season. There will be weeks when it doesn't go their way but that's down to higher standard of team / player in this league. I think if they can consolidate this season and add quality for next year, not many could argue.
  7. Are you a Dunbar or Kirriemuir fan btw? I'm a bit lost on your point.
  8. Musselburgh easily beat them but remember they were down to 10 men after 5 minutes. Not to say that would have had a bearing on the game. Dunbar have lost their two best centre halves from last season and currently missing a central midfielder, not forgetting the retirement of Chris Grant. I don't think they have been suitably replaced, if at all. Easier said than done, if the calibre of player is not available at the right time. Mclaren and Motion will hopefully prove to be good signings however I think all supporters feel the problems lie elsewhere in the side.
  9. Honestly...show some sort of humility. Great contest by both teams today. Hopefully Dunbar can seal the deal as champions next week but both teams will be a credit to the Premier League next season. I'm also sure Pumphy will come again next year. Comments like yours that Dunbar's real supporters don't want to be associated with.
  10. Think you need to start Handling. Who drops out is a good question?! He has played well in the number 10 role but King is a constant threat from set pieces. Either way, I agree, Dunbar will need to be at the races to come away with maximum points.
  11. I slightly disagree. Dunbar were far from their best today but they were the only team that looked like winning. Craigroyston battled well but Dunbar keeper barely had a save to make, if at all. Grinding out the wins are sometimes just as valuable as a 5-0! I do agree on Handling. By far the best player for weeks now.
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