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  1. Comfortable enough win after a tough opening 15 minutes. Great win against a good team, who will no doubt be in the mix for promotion.
  2. 11 players on paper may look the strongest lineup, however, they may not all work into a certain system, formation or style of play. Various other factors, including, injury, holidays, sickness etc have prevented the manager from having the luxury of a full squad, week in, week out. Therefore, coupled with the new signing, referring to your original post - he may not know his strongest 11.
  3. Don’t think it slipped anyone’s minds. Our away form is questionable but you are a hard punter to please. Dunbar won comfortable the previous week. Therefore, I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone that the manager picked the same team. I think the team are in a good position. Yesterday’s result was a blow but closer than the scoreline suggests, from what I’ve heard.
  4. Here’s a wee proposition for you pal. Seeing as you are on the Dunbar forum more than you are in your bed, and looking for that infamous selfie, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and actually take a Dunbar game in. Rather than stupid trolling and immature emojis, I am sure the supporters of Dunbar will welcome you down to New Countess Park, and have a natter with you over a pint after the game. That’s the sort of club we are. No problem losing and taking it on the chin in person. Hope to see you down soon, but I won’t hold my breath…
  5. You never answered my questions so why return the favour. Pointless even entertaining you. I am not privy to the finances or budget at Dunbar. Why would I be?! But if you’ve heard what they are, down the park with your pal, fair play.
  6. Ok, I’ll ask. When was the last time you watched Dunbar, considering your beloved Sandy’s play on the same day and in a different league?
  7. Grow up and come back when you are able to have a decent conversation, instead of your petty trolling.
  8. Hullabaloo? They signed him and put it on their social media. I’m sure there was a reason why he wasn’t in the squad.
  9. Anyone care to make a prediction (promotion or relation) since we are a third of the way through the season? From a personal point of view, whilst I think they have more to give, and not been free-scoring, very happy to see Dunbar to of the pile. Hopefully they stay up in the promotion spots for remainder of the season. Of the other sides I have seen, I would imagine Dunipace, Preston and Luncarty will be there or thereabouts. Nitten look to be coming good. Not seen any of Glenrothes or Kircaldy so look forward to taking their games in. What I will say, much league last season's Premier Division, the league is very open and competitive, which is great. On their day, any team can beat the next in this division.
  10. Good win today. Dunipace a good team and came into the weekend in good form. However, I think Dunbar more than deserved that win today. In many ways, Dunbar’s best performance of the season. Very fluid in their play, workrate and determination. Still feel they are missing that cutting edge but good signs today. Johnny Edmond could prove to be the missing link - and positive signs to see him back in the squad. Not bad what 60k can get you…
  11. Just out of curiosity, where do you think Sandy’s would fair in the pyramid system? I don’t doubt they are a good side. But if they are as good as you are making out, surely they should consider making the plunge into the senior ranks?
  12. Aww it must be true then if you heard it there. You won’t get any bites in this thread pal, I’d scurry off elsewhere.
  13. Potentially a bit tongue in cheek, but when the defender took a bit of stick from the fans late on and clapped back, ‘your team is sh*te, we beat them 3-0’………….. Aye, that’s all well and good, but your team were losing 4-1 at the time . Good win and performance. There was a bit of needle in the game, without going too far, which I enjoyed, and would expect from a local derby.
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