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  1. Starting to wonder if citydiehard might have been onto something all along [edit] quick reckoning up suggests that under Wilson we have: P29 W3 D6 L20 F34 A80 Might not be 100pc precise but it’s not far off. Whatever - I’d be interested to know if there have been many worse managerial records in British senior football after a similar number of games?? That really is on the verge of ‘I could do better myself’
  2. They've got one. It's just that the only train running goes to the Queen's highland hoose. What?? This on the other hand is a non-idiot post. CBA checking the stats but can’t be far off. You bring in a new manager, you look for a bounce at the very least. Fair enough, he inherited a rubbish team from Smith (who inherited rubbish from Dods). But, two back to back wins in December aside, he’s never really looked like producing the necessary improvement. The occasional goalless draw has been hailed as some kind of brave new world but when you’re as far behind as we are, you need wins - and plenty of ‘em. We don’t have tons of quality - but neither do most of the teams in this league, Cove aside. What we do expect then is 110% commitment/will to win, ideally 120%, and there’s been precious little evidence that Wilson is able to get that out of this squad. Wasn’t at the game today - anticipated a defeat and couldn’t justify the trip up. But I’ve been at the Glebe plenty this season. I’d love to be able to say that the players have been sweating blood to get us out of this situation but I just haven’t seen it. Not the first time i’ve suggested this but do we need to accept that we are facing a playoff now and look for a short-term appointment who would be better equipped to get us through that? Confidence/momentum is huge and we don’t want to be going into a pair of games against Brora/Kelty on the back of a bunch of defeats and the odd 0-0 draw
  3. Time to change the manager?? There are 30 points left on the table - if we could pick up 20 we’d prob still beat Rovers to 9th. Sounds fanciful I know, given we’ve only garnered 17 all season - but less than five years ago we managed a great escape under Dods when by any sensible assessment we were doomed. Wasnt at the game today so perhaps a bit unfair, but from other reviews it doesn’t sound as though Wilson is about to inspire a similar turnaround any time soon. Even if we changed the mgr and still found ourselves in a playoff, perhaps we’d be doing so on the back of a couple of confidence-boosting wins. That doesn’t seem likely to be the case atm.
  4. No. This is a myth. Winning only 13 games out of 59 (league only) since we were relegated from the championship has ‘really cost Brechin’. We were not equipped for the championship but that could likely be said of any team that scraped up through the playoffs having finished fourth - the squad was never likely to be competitive with just a handful of additions. The committee made an investment decision that with hindsight made us look a bit foolish for that season - it was a tough watch and I don’t think anyone would make the same choices again if (unlikely I know) we found ourselves in the same place - but I can understand why they made that choice. What has happened in the last season and a half can’t be attributed to that. Most of the playing staff have changed out twice. This is down to poor management (Wilson has delivered almost 0 improvement) and poor performance from the players. Wasn’t at the game today but anecdotally the performance that was desperately required didn’t materialise. Extremely disappointing for those who have dug into their own pockets for the ‘Fighting Fund’ if the XI on the pitch can’t come up with a bit of fight of their own (although I will stand corrected if anyone wants to come on here and tell me we were unlucky to be gubbed 4-1). So now we prepare for a playoff shootout? Would be interesting to know how the players plan to approach the next 13 games
  5. This. I was away to post that we’ve not taken too many hidings this season so far, Cove aside - but then I looked at the results and was forced to recall November when we got beat 5-2 twice in two weeks, alongside the obligatory scudding from CR. Having said that, better players have since come in. Even if we do end up in the playoffs (we’ll have a better idea after this Sat obvs) there would be a lot to be said for a decent run of form going into those games and I genuinely think we aren’t far away from a run of results. Just need a bit of luck to breed a bit of confidence. Quality seems to me to be there now where it wasn’t before edit - that never appeared to be the case for Berwick last season (admittedly as a pretty casual observer) - it seemed like a total car crash from not far into the season. I’m clutching at some pretty thin straws tho. Not been following the LL that closely this season but it looks like you’ve had the inevitable ‘transition period’ and of course there was never much likelihood of challenging the clubs that (currently) have the sugar daddies. Hope you’ve at least been able to enjoy trips to new grounds and the odd win, and I hope you won’t take it too personally if I say I hope we’re not in the same tier as you next year
  6. Are we likely to be getting another forward in then? Don’t want to seem greedy but if we’ve shipped out Emile and Crawford, even allowing that Scott can play as a second striker, we look a bit thin up top just now? McManus and Jackson - plus Scott and Knox as 10s - doesn’t leave us with much in reserve but maybe Mark has someone lined up. Of the two that have left I thought Crawford looked like he had more potential but obviously we can’t really afford to nurture ‘potential’ just now. Assuming he won’t be back next year, thanks Ross for your efforts and hope you get another shot at SPFL football - you’ve got plenty of time yet
  7. Rhys McCabe, midfielder ex Rangers, Sheff Weds, Dunfermline, St Pat’s Athletic signed for City til the end of the season. Played in Europa League qualifiers at start of season so no guarantees but hopefully should have the requisite quality. Onwards and upwards. Seems Mark is picking carefully and selecting quality over quantity, as opposed to the Stenny approach of buying everything that’s out there. (Although would have had Biabi if I’m honest!) Leaving aside the local picture briefly, heard last night on 5Live that, (implied by defensive club statements) if West Ham were to be relegated from the EPL they would basically be done. Costs of running that stadium etc. Apparently same fine margins wherever you are unless you are the Old Firm or the top 7 in England edit Friday morning - Jimmy Scott now also confirmed, permanent til end of next season
  8. We don’t need frickin Pogba. We do need people who can lift us 15-20% above where we are now, over the next 15 games. Stenny have somehow gone chequebook crazy and good luck to them - it seems to be working for them so far. Despite them having the games in hand, i reckon Rovers are looking like the more likely candidate if we’re going to catch someone. Jacko back is great news. Dunfermline have extended Allan’s contract so they obvs rate him and if we can consistently turn out him and McCabe in centre mid that bodes well. A Jimmy Scott in some sort of form for 4 months - if that rumour has any weight - might just be enough. Do agree that a defender would be good though 2 out of 3 from Hill/Page/Watt sounds decent to me on paper but you know what they say about fitba played on paper. And Dougie seems increasingly to be a heads gone risk Feb is a big month. 5 games, 3 at home and only really the away to Edinburgh City is one to fear. Should be targeting 10 points from the 5 but essential that we don’t get beat by Rovers a week tomorrow. I saw the narrow win there earlier in the season and whilst we might have been a bit fortunate to win, we should be looking to do so again given how much stronger we are now. Rovers fans feel free to get stuck in and point out how much better you are now too!
  9. Very disappointing, especially the way we folded like we did. This was never a 1-5 game based on the first hour (though in fairness, the 2-4 defeat last time Cove visited should really have been heavier). Thought McMinn could have done better with three of the goals but he’s been pretty decent so will allow him a bad game today as long as he’s back to his best next week... always expected Cove to have more of the ball / chances but at 1-1, playing down the hill we should have been aiming to get a point at least. We just lost the ability to pick a pass and retain any sort of possession. Hamilton had a great chance in the first couple of minutes that he dragged wide from the angle and that might have put a slightly different complexion on the match, but i’m clutching at some pretty thin straws here clearly we need the Fighting Fund to yield some players with not just ability but a winning attitude too. Not sure when we can expect to see the first new face thru the door but before the Stenny game next week would be very welcome!! Great to see such a healthy travelling support down the road tho.
  10. Tentatively, either a Berwick (in which case could still be active...), Annan, or Albion Rovers fan? Someone with a longer p&b career than me will pin it down. But whatever.. get a room! Middle aged man tries to seduce another middle aged man’s SPFL avatar... ??
  11. According to Clyde fans he is basically Gordon Banks. QoS fans will tell you he’s about as much use in goal as Gordon Ramsay. Go figure
  12. My predictions. The Brechin/Cove result more in hope than expectation. Tho we should be bringing in new faces imminently and this ought to be the last game with the current XI, on the other hand we have been improving (slowly) under Wilson - 2 wins and a draw from the last 4. Would take anything from this but would obvs give up a scruffy point for taking a total of 12 from Rovers and Stenny between now and May...
  13. This is absolutely it. It looks/feels worse for us just now as we’ve dropped two divisions in short order - but what we’re looking at is reality for any team from Alloa downwards these days. It could happen to anyone and even if you’re sitting (relatively) pretty just now, even a Raith or Airdrie is only two poor appointments away from a playoff showdown date with a really hungry, well-funded lowland or highland league side. Whether those teams’ models are sustainable is neither here nor there. The lesson is that all P/T sides need to plan for a different sort of future with the flexibility/contingency to cope with a sudden dumping out of the top 42. Shire seem to have found themselves a sugar daddy but it’s far from certain they’ll be back any time soon while Berwick look doomed to a long stay down there. But any boards/committees thinking these were outliers need to have a rethink - this is the new reality. Obvs I hope we sign Messi with the fighting fund cash and end up winning the title but
  14. He’s done alright. Bit of a mixed bag as you would probably expect from a young loanee but definitely has potential. Seen to best effect on the counter attack. Summed up in one game on Saturday - first half some great runs; interacted well with the overlapping full back and some good crosses that we really should have capitalised on. Second half - whenever he got on the ball he seemed to overrun it or pick the wrong option. If he can improve his decision making he has a bright future.
  15. A result that I don’t think either side will be particularly happy with, tho we are now a point closer to Stenny I suppose. Not your average goalless draw, with loads of half chances for both teams. Rovers will feel they had the better clear chances and McMinn continues to impress having made a very good save in the 2nd half when they looked consistently dangerous on the break. That said, we had 10 corners and failed to make of any of them. On another day this could easily have finished 2-2 or 3-3. I thought we played well at times. Olly Hamilton had a good first half tho he lost his way in the 2nd and started running into trouble and/or making the wrong decision again. Thought McCord was very good, corners excepted. Crawford did quite well too although there were at least two occasions up the hill in the first half where if he gambled on a low ball fizzed across the box, he would definitely have scored. Also liked Duncanson linking up with Hamilton in the first half Red card seemed harsh - understand it was a second yellow which I missed somehow but I thought it was just a case of two guys genuinely going for the same header and one getting there fractionally quicker. In general we are continuing to show improvement (esp given we had a couple of first teamers suspended today and only 14 to choose from in total). But could have really done with nicking a win today as we have Cove at the Glebe next week. Hopefully one or two new faces will be in before too long, if not by then
  16. No inside information but I suspect it will be directly proportional to what the fighting fund yields. Need 2 or 3 quality additions that don’t need too long to get up to speed. We’ve improved but we’ll be missing Hill and Reekie tmrw. Prob same XI as last weekend with Watt and Duncanson starting. Timing isn’t great - could have done with our best team out for this one but still hopeful and a long way to go as long as we can keep an upward trajectory. Looking forward to a big turnout from City fans to get behind the boys tomorrow
  17. My heart bleeds. If the worst happens, I’m sure you’ll be able to plug the gap with some other eye-watering, ‘just filling a few spare months in my career before I move back up the way’-type 6 month contract. Would take Redman tbf. Taking the OP on its merits, always liked Wilkie now at Annan. We’ve only got 18 heads so I don’t think we can afford to get shot of too many really unless there are credible improvements coming in - hopefully the fighting fund can help with that. Duncanson hasn’t been seen much but is only young and prob only costs £100 pw or sthg so worth hanging onto. Luke Watt might be on reasonable money and again hasn’t been a first pick but again, not sure we can afford to shed many. Glass was a standout at the Glebe. Tbh, hope you go up quickly & smoothly as at your best, you are making a bit of a mockery of this level and your leaving would make it more competitive. The only caveat being that some Kelty Hearts, EK or Shire-on-Steroids will likely come in the bottom. anyway compliments of the season!
  18. Not really what happened though was it. Probably sounded smart in your head, granted
  19. Surely the spirit of the season demands that we put our traditional grievances aside? If they could manage it in the WW1 trenches then you would think it wouldn’t be beyond citydiehard to at least pipe down for a short while, if not actually (cough) donate? But no. Have a festively-coloured dot to add to your collection. And not a tree-coloured one edit: that’s me donated too. For a very small player. Hopefully Pat Nevin or that Valbuena
  20. Was always going to be tough to make it three wins from three with half the regular back four missing. According to the OS only Hill was banned but I thought Reekie had totted up enough yellows to be due one as well. Anyway he wasn’t playing, and neither Sinclair or McLaughlin were on the bench. Have to wonder if Saints will want to keep the former out on loan if he can’t dislodge McMinn. Well done to those who made the trip up. Be good to hear how some of the fringe guys got on. Big game next week at the Glebe against Rovers who rather unhelpfully turned Annan over today. Elgin fans - how is Spark doing for you? Not the most gifted of footballers but always put in 100% and i’d have kept him. Local boy too which is rare
  21. Both featured in the Brechin side that rattled into, down and out the bottom of L1 last year - baffling signings for Morton. Tbf Orsi had a handful of decent games and he was far from being alone in being a bit rubbish but his level is L1 at best i’d say
  22. You’ll rightly conclude that no-one has been playing particularly well for us this season but those two have been among the better ones. Reekie was an unlikely goal machine early in the season including a hat trick in a ridiculous 5-4 defeat in the cup. More recently he’s been more of a card machine tho and is now unfortunately due a ban. This is a shame because Hill is also now banned. Inglis has been pretty solid and has scored a couple of important goals. Hopefully they will continue to improve with some old pros around them, particularly if they can take some confidence from the last two results.
  23. McCord is clearly a talented guy and could still be playing at least a level above this if his fitness was up to it. He won’t be the first footballer to not quite live up to his potential but he’s only 30 and if he knuckles down he could be a serious asset for us this year - not just in terms of results. People want to be entertained and we desperately need as many folk as possible through the gates every week (says the man who didn’t make it today). Folk who are undecided might just come out on the off chance that they could see a bit of McCord magic. When we won away at Albion Rovers early in the season he hit the bar with an awesome effort that I don’t think anyone else would have even contemplated
  24. I think it was mostly Brechin fans writing our chances off tbf, based on a) the evidence of our own eyes and b) our track record over the previous two seasons! Hopefully the last week reflects that Wilson is starting to get a tune out of this squad - there ought to be enough in there to be competitive
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