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  1. City vs Stenny

    Slightly the better of two poor teams. I thought Stenny knocked it around nicely on occasions but for the most part they matched us for mediocrity. I liked the look of either Paton or Ross, can't remember which one was driving thru the middle all the time. Both goals seemed a bit puzzling tho might have just been the angles I had - the pen seemed like no real danger and was maybe just a rash challenge; the second, could have been a brilliant, pinpoint ball across the box but I had the impression that both Brennan and whoever the defender was just abdicated responsibility / left it to each other? Maybe someone who wasn't behind the goal can clarify. No lack of effort for us and I genuinely thought we could go on and win it in the 2nd - but there were too many misplaced passes or just aimless hoofs into channels. Admittedly we have a couple missing and others playing out of position as a result but still less than the sum of our parts when you consider we have the likes of Jackson and tapping on the pitch. Spark normally gives me the fear but I thought he did well today. Still no win for the weans (in his 3rd season now in the case of the elder one)
  2. City vs Stenny

    Surely some interest in this? Two new managers; bottom of the table tussle but (Arbroath aside) with the rest of the league being so tight, we are only five points off a playoff place at the right end of the table. Three tomorrow would get us right back in the mix Stenny bringing a few through? Do you expect much of a change of system (and/or personnel?) And most importantly, do I bring the weans? Both still to see a Brechin victory....
  3. Dumbarton vs Brechin

    But what about Dumbarton and Brechin fans?
  4. Brechin City 2018 /19

    'Just outside the play-off places...' Aye Darren - which ones tho? That article just makes him look very naive and whilst you never know whether that accurately reflects the tone of his conversation with the journalist, to say that you didn't see it coming is ridiculous. Even leaving aside having not won a game all year last year, to have been beaten home and away by 'bottom-of-the-league-montrose' (sorry lads no offence meant but you are now a big game for us) by the end of October must surely have raised a doubt in his mind. Either he has the self confidence of Ronaldo or he is deluding himself. Although to blame it on fan power is a bit rich. As per my last post, the committee deserve a medal for sticking with him as long as they have. Loads of folk on here would have had him punted by January last season, and not just the rabid ones. Anyway - we have some top players at this level so let's hope we get someone who gives them license to show it - starting on Saturday (rare away game for Infirmary st & family)
  5. Brechin City 2018 /19

    The right decision after Saturday. Darren's hands were tied last season and fair dos to the committee for giving him a crack at making it right this year. Their perseverance with him has been admirable, based on his good record in his first two seasons. Which I think all City fans will, eventually, remember fondly. But his approach last year turned out to be wrong, and unfortunately he apparently hasn't learned anything from that experience and continued to set up the same way this year, in the process not doing justice to some players who are very talented at this level. Saturday showed that he had lost the ability to get the best out of them, and I think it will have stuck in the craw of a lot of City fans that he was trumpeting his ability to set up defensively at an SFA/SPFL conference for coaches last week having lost a huge proportion of his games in charge, and in doing so put lots of us off attending as much as we might otherwise do. Thanks for the good results Darren and hope you get the right job next time round. Onwards and upwards now and let's get behind the team and the new management whoever they may be. Plenty of time left this season and no reason why we can't make the playoffs again, starting with a good result on Saturday
  6. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Is that all competitions? Irrespective, even if (being generous) you take out last season's league games completely, you're left with: P 107 W 35 D 19 L 53 for a win percentage of less than 33% - still lower than any of the previous incumbents. That's including a season in which we won promotion.
  7. Brechin v Mo

    Awful, awful stuff from City today. The Mo fan who suggested there wasn't much between the teams in the first half was being very magnanimous - even the kids had identified by half time that their keeper had had nothing to do - they were worried he might get 'bored'. First home derby of the season; first competitive game with Montrose for 16(?) years - surely the manager could have got them revved up to put in a performance worthy of that? Against the team bottom of the league? As it was, the only surprise was that we somehow managed to take the lead, which I missed. After that it was the Mo show and they could quite easily have won by more without it flattering them. On the way home I had to promise the kids I wouldn't make them go again til we had a new manager...!
  8. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Sounds like G Smith is doing well? Was great for City for several seasons albeit was prone to a meltdown at least once a year - but then had a tough time last year in the championship although was far from alone in that. Felt as tho it was the right time for him to move on when he did although would always wish him the best. For me, when you get your nickname read out by the match announcer before the game as well as/instead of your real name, you're in danger of starting to believe your own hype (beware, Paul 'Pabs' McLean); is he getting that treatment yet or is that too soon?
  9. Brechin v Mo

    End of October yet somehow this will be the first of City's six home derbies this season. I'm looking forward to a stuffy first half with the weans moaning at me, followed by a triumphant cavalry charge down the hill second half led by Jacko and Hendry. 1 for each of them and Boris snaffling one in the last few mins as well to make a mockery of his brief appearance. Darren to be off the naughty step for another week. Attendance 720, boosted by a sizeable contingent of our smelly basin-haunting brethren
  10. First Quarter Review

    City. Overall: all depends on what the criteria are. Based on expectations set against current position you'd have to say we are about where we would have hoped to be. Came down after a bruising experience last year inevitably a bit low on confidence and suffered a few injuries at the start of the season, struggling to fill the bench in a couple of the cup games. But, confidence appears to be returning, we're not losing many, we've got most of our key men back and we finished the quarter in the play off places after a great away win at airdrie. Jacko has bagged a few goals and Callum hendry looks a decent acquisition on loan too. Against that, we've yet to win a game against our local rivals, and went out of the cups quickly, as per. If the criteria were attractive performances you'd hear different views. As commented on above, we continue to set up very defensively and this doesn't make for an easy watch. Think almost all fans would like to see their team play a bit more expansively and ok, we have to be pragmatic sometimes but there are concerns around the ground that people won't keep turning up for another season of stuffiness. I wouldn't go as far as 'eye-bleeding' but we have the first home fixture against an Angus 'rival' in a fortnight; there should be a decent turnout for that one and folk will be expecting a performance. If they don't see one, expect the murmurs to get a lot louder, I think. Grade: B- Player: C Tapping
  11. Brechin City 2018 /19

    We scored 3 away from home last week. Week off, give us a chance to get a few stragglers fit. Tough game away to EF, get a point then let Jacko etc loose against Montrose at home - what's not to like? I'm with big Ryan
  12. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Big Mcgeever sounding pretty upbeat on the website - https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2069
  13. Loons v City

    Aye ok then. Orsi for Lynas, at home at least. Didn't think he showed up much yesterday mind
  14. Loons v City

    Boris is really unlucky not to be starting, from what I've seen so far this season (home games only apart from yesterday). Hendry has done well and you would obviously include Jackson when fit so here's a thought - why not start with all three? 3-5-2 with Lynas and Burns as wing backs (once McLean is fully fit), Tapping + 1 in centre mid, those 3 up top. Means orsi misses out, and Spark from yesterday's side as well as one of either morena or Sinclair.