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  1. Brechin City 2018 /19

    If this is true then great shame. Super player and captain. Sounds as tho Smith is staying in that case then as it was starting to look like he didn't fancy Paul towards the end of the season. Much good that did him, and us. Sinclair another I would have kept, notwithstanding he could never finish a game but neither of their faces fitted. In that case I really hope for all our sakes that Barry has some better ideas for next year and some better than adequate replacements lined up. Not United duds! Pabs - hope all works out for you and thanks for everything but particularly for that goal v forfar. I was right behind the goal and will remember Rab Douglas's despairing dive for many a year...
  2. Relegation Play-offs; Cove v. Berwick

    Sorry for all Berwick fans suffering today and - assuming there's no miracle next week - hope you can regroup, get the right people in the right positions both on and off the field and get yourselves back into the spfl sooner rather than later. not sure I can agree with jamama tho - I think what we're actually seeing, partic in the Highland League, is a bunch of teams being funded very generously by rich individuals (mostly oil men) whose largesse enables these teams to pay above spfl 2 level wages and in some cases to invest in other areas of the club as well e.g. Stadium and training facilities. now this is not necessarily a bad thing but it does need to be sustainable otherwise we may end up with a Gretna situation on our hands. Cove should be ok as long as their home games don't clash with the Dons but I do wonder/worry about how long Brora can sustain a team competing at the top of the HL, for instance? And there are others
  3. Keep/punt/undecided

    I'm with this. The core of the side we've had for the the last two years have forgotten what you need to win a game of football - or at least that's what it looked like to me last saturday. If Jacko is away, as it sounds, then thanks Andy for all your efforts and hope you have a good season next year wherever you end up. The rest I think we need to be pretty brutal with - I'd keep Dougie Hill def, and Jordan Tapping on the strength of his endeavour last weekend when few of his team mates showed up. Callum - great player but doesn't play enough games - I think someone else will take him & if so I wish him an injury free season next year. Otherwise - McLean if he's still got the legs? Orsi and Sinclair if Barry goes as he doesn't appear to fancy them, but if we had a more attack-minded manager they could feature more. But it's prob one of either Orsi or Thomson presuming neither have better offers.
  4. Season 2018-2019 How was it for you?

    A lot like last season, but without the highs
  5. Can't really argue with any of this. We got what we deserved, today and across the season as a whole. Scobbie would have done better to concentrate on the game and on improving his rotten final ball as well as maybe looking like he was halfway bothered about the final result - in stoppage time he was strolling around to take a throw from the other side as if he had an hour to kill. Compare that to Jordan Tapping who was throwing himself at everything - Scobbie looked like a guy who knew the game was likely up for him as a professional footballer and didn't honestly give a flying one about the fans on the cemetery end who were about to see a second relegation in 12 months. Very disappointing. Smith's United signings have in general failed - Toshney has been the best for me (injured yesterday) although even he has had a few aberrations. I am assured by others that Scott Robertson has put in good performances but I must have missed those. Thomson had a great chance in the first ten mins that if he puts away, maybe makes it a different game. But as someone said earlier, at 1-1, needing to make a breakthrough at all costs, we are reduced to punting long in jacko's direction. For all his strength, he's not going to win too many headers against big CHs. Like for like change in bringing on Euan Smith for Robertson when there was the option of the more creative Sinclair, and Orsi wasn't even on the bench as an option. Surely facing 10 men a better option would have been to go wide, try to stretch and tire them? Incidentally the red looked soft from where I was? But as above, generally can't complain. If we consistently fail to beat the next-worst team in the division with at least one extra man, there's only likely to be one outcome. Squad needs completely renewed; whether Smith & co should get the opportunity to do that, I remain to be convinced. We should never have started the season with Darren Dods in charge but in fairness to him, Smith has been little better, arguably worse. And, his teams have been almost as dismal to watch as they slid down the table. His only real possible excuse is injuries to key players, of whom the two Tappings were probably our best players yesterday. We should be competitive in L2 but we'll need a few more folk to buy season tickets or walk up regularly in order to fund that, and that won't happen if more defensive drudgery is going to be the order of the day. And finally.... was nice to see the 1993 promotion winning team enjoying a stroll around the pitch. Let's hope we can be talking about the 2020 team in a similar vein in years to come.
  6. Can guarantee that however bad we get, we'll never reach the lowland league (Edit) as others have already pointed out. I guess it was a pretty glaring error
  7. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Well done City - could prove to be priceless. Need to kick on now and get something out of both games in hand that we have on Stenny, for starters. Also well done to all those that travelled down. I happened to drive thru the squarie as the bus was emptying out and it looked like a decent effort considering our league position. Glad you were rewarded. FWIW I stayed in town and took in Brechin vics v Banks O Dee. When we left, with about 15 to go, Vics were 0-8 down and down to ten men. Things could be worse!
  8. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    Montrose have beaten city 3 x this season already and probably only the snow stopped them making it four. On that basis there's no way they will finish below us and by extension it's probably more or less mathematically impossible for them to end up in the bottom two
  9. Brechin City 2018 /19

    This. What has BBC Scotland come to when this makes the news? Next week: Top prize awarded to wrong pensioner in Dumbarton fc tombola. Shame this didn't come off tho. We had vaguely intended to go so perhaps are slightly culpable but if it was that 'inevitable' then I guess 2 skulls either way wouldn't have made much difference. Supporters club doing a good job for me and the club is trying different things at least - they won't all come off. When's the race night again??
  10. Confirmed Transfers - Winter '19

    I thought miller was more of a midfielder but happy to be corrected. Anyway, one in one out, as Morena heads to Cliftonhill for the rest of the season. Best of luck - thought he was tidy in early part of the season before the wheels fell off although not a standout, but recently has found it hard to get off the bench https://m.facebook.com/BrechinCityFc/photos/a.631883620176229/2265863226778252/?type=3
  11. Your local paper versus your club

    Done. Would have been good / insightful to have a question about what role local newspapers DO still have; if any. The question 'are they still as important....' is a bit leading and obviously the answer is no, but that doesn't really tell us/you very much. Would have been interesting to ask L1 fans if there is anything that their local rag does well (or even, has started doing in response to the threat from club sites / social media). The Brechiner can't really compete with the excellent club media team (particularly not this season) but it is a bit limited by the fact that the same editorial team covers all the Angus teams/papers, I suspect, and just move whoever is the local team onto the back page and the others inside depending on which paper it's for - brechin advertiser, Montrose review, whatever. Do any local teams still give exclusive content to their local paper?
  12. Brechin v Raith

    Well done lads. Didn't make the game but that's a great result particularly with such a threadbare squad.
  13. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Saw he scored. Hope he did enough otherwise to get a deal - thought he was quite unlucky with City - started the season pretty well, worked very hard and scored a couple. Then drifted onto the bench as the squad bulked up a bit, and never really seemed to get more than the odd few minutes as a sub after that, under either Dodd or Smith. Maybe he didn't show up all that well in training, but I always felt there was more of a chance of something happening when he was on the pitch. Best of luck Boris!
  14. City vs Stenny

    Slightly the better of two poor teams. I thought Stenny knocked it around nicely on occasions but for the most part they matched us for mediocrity. I liked the look of either Paton or Ross, can't remember which one was driving thru the middle all the time. Both goals seemed a bit puzzling tho might have just been the angles I had - the pen seemed like no real danger and was maybe just a rash challenge; the second, could have been a brilliant, pinpoint ball across the box but I had the impression that both Brennan and whoever the defender was just abdicated responsibility / left it to each other? Maybe someone who wasn't behind the goal can clarify. No lack of effort for us and I genuinely thought we could go on and win it in the 2nd - but there were too many misplaced passes or just aimless hoofs into channels. Admittedly we have a couple missing and others playing out of position as a result but still less than the sum of our parts when you consider we have the likes of Jackson and tapping on the pitch. Spark normally gives me the fear but I thought he did well today. Still no win for the weans (in his 3rd season now in the case of the elder one)
  15. City vs Stenny

    Surely some interest in this? Two new managers; bottom of the table tussle but (Arbroath aside) with the rest of the league being so tight, we are only five points off a playoff place at the right end of the table. Three tomorrow would get us right back in the mix Stenny bringing a few through? Do you expect much of a change of system (and/or personnel?) And most importantly, do I bring the weans? Both still to see a Brechin victory....