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  1. another 1 week ban on the way
  2. would be great if montrose or forfar do get promoted, prefer the mo if honest, would be great ,possible both dundee teams too , board will be loving that
  3. montrose would be about 500 if not for arbroath's huge traveling support
  4. not as many support from arbroath as i would have thought ,about 1250
  5. arbroath will bring about 1800 if its not raining.
  6. 6250 for stair park, station park is way bigger the larger terrace behind the goal holds at least 2000 and no way is links park bigger than station either
  7. milions of pounds worth , they would use shit one that is due to be scrapped as for the plane, she never got on in the first place ? think about it
  8. she could get a house next door to you. sure you would be happy with that
  9. send a private plane for her to come ' home ' and then it 'disappears' over the swiss alps, sent a boat for her and it mysteriously sinks in the middle of the atlantic or she can fucking blow her self up in Syria 3 options there.
  10. the singer from little angels was the one that sang a few times for gun
  11. singer that replaced mark rankin was the guy from thunder
  12. foals are so/so live, ian astbury is terrible live
  13. anybody know the name of the woman that reads bbc news in the early hours of the morning and through the night , long dark brown hair with glasses ?
  14. not sure but probably the same as her bust
  15. iam not and never have been right wing , but i was a goalkeeper for a few years, but thats it, never voted tory and never will
  16. never got to the stage to check out her bra size F/G /H ? all i remember they were huge for a 17/18 year old but what also made them look huge she was like only 5 feet tall
  17. ^^^Enjoyed Craig Tara but just been too many times now and its getting a bit samey Craig Tara ? who does he play for Ayr ?
  18. to be honest she looked bigger than them maybe she was an F cup
  19. ye i know not much of a story but few of us have been in the situation where a date did not look a good the next day as from the night before
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