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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    I spoke to him yesterday and he is distraught ,he couldn’t say much, but I asked if we would find out,quite probably.he said He is one of the good guys in football
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    Looking for a clue to the relationship Stubbs had with Adam Eckersley .Iknow he was there for a short time under Stubbs. Adam was one of our successes last season but he’s been told to find another club can you help ?
  3. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    His grandfather was a Celtic director I wouldn’t bother about @RandomGuy. he’ll soon be back at school and we’ll get peace
  4. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    No Stokes under any circumstances
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Hi Hibbies I haven’t been on here for a while,it seems most of you liked Stubbs signings. After watching last nights game I can say I agree Some of the new guys were excellent and we played some good stuff Are the mental Jambos still as annoying,they have their own problems,you’d think they would be on their own thread. obsessed you think ?
  6. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    The last manager who brought unknown players from the lower leagues was Tommy Craig Just saying
  7. Look at the crowds January 1950
  8. Early League Predictions

    Oh dear,hit a nerve
  9. Early League Predictions

    Well now I know who to hate this season We’ve only arrived and we’ve got an instant dislike of the Fake Saints. The Dees warned us but their paranoia know no bounds I smell Fear
  10. It was all down to this guy
  11. The Hibernian Thread

    It breaks your heart when you see the Bairns thrashing about on the Premiership forum, wee souls
  12. Oh Dear ,get the popcorn out
  13. The Hibernian Thread

    I’m missing the DABS ,can we get them involved
  14. The Hibernian Thread

    I’ve just realised how much I missed you Hibbies since you replaced the natural order
  15. Nah never beat Cruyff signing for Dumbarton