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  1. It has been happening for a few years - both Dundee and Ross County play in their home gear when they come to McDiarmid.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly but in truth don't really care. I'd have preferred my own seat and I do think there should have been a small season ticket only window but in the end I'm just happy to be able to see my wee team stand on the edge of the unbelievable. The day trippers for the most part won't be back again for a long spell and that's their loss.
  3. That's the thing. Over the last few years I don't think there's been many, if any, games where we've felt short changed by a lack of effort or desire by whatever XI have taken the field. Seen plenty of criticisms fired at teams like Motherwell, Hibs, Dundee United et al from their own fans that the players have phoned it in in some games. Sometimes with us it is just poor decisions or silly individual errors that cost us in games. Cut that out and we could be flying.
  4. Thought we played pretty well up to a point but you can't fluff your lines in front of goal as often as we did today and expect any less than what happened in the end. Motherwell did create some good chances today as well, so they'll probably argue they deserved a point. Real positives today were Clark, Middleton and lapse apart, Muller. Also the general performance after an energy sapping trip to Turkey. Happy enough.
  5. It is as good as it could ever be imagined. We're the lucky generation, that's for sure.
  6. Personally think they are shite, at least the ones I've played on. Would much prefer a grass pitch every time. However, I think a requirement to remove them is a step too far. Obviously a valuable source of income for some clubs. I wouldn't be delighted if Saints ever installed one at McDiarmid but I would understand it, from a business point of view.
  7. It is Waging Heavy Peace and I've not actually started it yet.
  8. It's an Assembly is not. No idea if he's quite got the powers, but more likely than the Mayor of Peterborough to have them. Still, f**k him.
  9. Summed up really well. Free thinking is dead it seems, for the most part at least, as staying true to an ideology matters more. It is almost like an indoctrination.
  10. I'm not sure it really matters. I don't think political ideology or affiliations necessarily tie in with how the knicker wetters think. I mean, for all intents and purposes I'm probably an inch away from being a Commie in a political sense - in that I see it as the responsibility of the state to ensure no individual is left to go hungry, become homeless etc. On the other hand I'm a believer in people having freedom and agency to do whatever they can to help themselves up to a better life, should they have the means to do so. I'm not against the idea of a full welfare state and I'm not against the capitalist machine, as long as that isn't at the expense of others. I'm against private landlords. I'm not against a bloke starting up his own plumbing business and making his millions. I'm probably a confused mess, or maybe I have a conscience. f**k knows. Anyway, the point of this longwinded reply is that I'm not in favour of what amounts to restrictions of our liberties and movements, especially given what a large mass of the population have already sacrificed thus far. It has to end. If not, I'll support civil disobedience.
  11. These people, as I understand it (and believe me I have come to in the last 6 months), are at risk from other infections much more than they ever will be from Covid. I paraphrase slightly as I cannot recall verbatim what a consultant said regarding catching Covid, but it was along the lines of there's bigger fish to fry. In other words, the least of a neutropenic person's worries. The bigger issues with people with low or no neutrophils is things like having to avoid certain food types and food cooked/produced in certain ways. So very much mainly bacterial, to answer your question.
  12. That's what I believe will be the case for a good number of the cases, based on my experiences of many hospital visits since January.
  13. And if she's indeed making a prediction then she's completely wrong to do so. Fear mongering at its very best.
  14. Couldn't believe some of the tripe I was hearing on that programme tonight. I fear for our future, not because of Covid itself right enough.
  15. It does, by proxy, make them subservient robots, if not idiots, though. If they could, for even a second, think for themselves they may realise that wandering about in the open air with a piece of cloth on their face is completely unnecessary behaviour. I've just watched Question Time, and unsurprisingly it was very Covidy. Some of the contributors clapping away like seals when a couple of others suggested keeping restrictions indefinitely. It was akin to the scenes of folk clapping as a plane lands. I'm not saying we weren't broken as a civilisation in the ante-covid days but there's little doubt now.
  16. Agreed. Really fine home shirt, maybe the first in years that hasn't been an eyesore. Away one looks rather shit, but can't have it all.
  17. DAFC, circa 1986. Nice though. They've managed to not f**k up black and white stripes.
  18. Pretty much for being a p***k. Deserved. No matter what you or I, or anyone think of Whitty, the poor c**t is just doing his job and doesn't deserve that shite. People behaving like that are from the gutter and I'd stretch it to say he'd brought disrepute on his employer. That would be my reason for firing him into the sun if I was his employer.
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