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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    Thank you very much.
  2. Rugby - Union And League

    Anyone know if the 7's are on TV?
  3. Goalkeepers 91-92 Season Question

    Almost certainly the case. Think back then, unless he was going to sign for anyone else, club's still held the players contracts, at least officially.
  4. Assistant Managers SPL 1991-92 season

    Bertie Paton at Saints.
  5. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Better from a fan's point of view. Watching the same teams 8/10 times a season, whatever it was, was numbing.
  6. New Kits for 17/18

    I think it's probably a bit of both. Certainly I'm starting to think that as i get older the kits are less and less unique to each club. My only assumption is with the explosion of replica kit sales over the last few years it's probably much easier to mass produce one design in any number of colour variants.
  7. Dundee v St Johnstone 16.09.17

    Absolutely true in almost every way. Except we're periodically howling at Dens.
  8. Dundee v St Johnstone 16.09.17

    We've periodically struggled at Dens. Can't really see any other than a Dundee win.
  9. St J vs Hibs

    Not a bad game overall really. And pretty pleased with a point. Didn't think we merited much more than that.
  10. St J vs Hibs

    I'd alwsys just say come off at Forfar and stay on the A94 right through Coupar Angus, Burrelton and Balbeggie.
  11. Elite Ice Hockey League

    It's apparently happening for League games but doesn't have to be used in Challenge Cup or Friendly games, at least that's what i read somewhere.
  12. Stupid things you believed when you were a child

    Snap on the Film and World in Black in White Fronts. We're clearly a pair of idiots!
  13. Breakfast thread

    Love a Full Scottish from time to time. Is there anything better?
  14. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Well said. I thoroughly enjoy what's on offer in The EIHL....there is absolutely nothing that can beat watching a game in the flesh. I've tried several times to watch NHL on telly and just cannot get in to it at all but love going to see Stars games at DIA or further afield. Comparing an essentially 15 year old league to something that has been established for a century or so would be pure daft anyway.
  15. Guess the ground

    Looks very Archie Leitch....i think it might be the one Non League stand he designed but i can't remember the team or name.