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  1. That's true, probably long-ish term and in my lifetime. They sit near enough on their own I would say.
  2. I've always argued that the definition of the countries 'biggest' clubs - apart from the usual factors - is the lifetime of the person who is defining it. Therefore, to me, Airdrie and Morton are inconsequential football clubs that for the vast majority of my time we have been better than. The same could apply to Falkirk, Dunfermline and probably Dundee. Though they aren't quite as inconsequential as Airdrie and Morton, right enough. There's a debate to be had where Saints stand alongside clubs like Motherwell and Killie since I started going in the late 80's but this idea that Partick, Falkirk, Dunfermline and the like are bigger than Saints is frankly bullshit.
  3. This requires the use of common sense. I guess it is the same with offside. The law itself needs to be changed to something that is easier to judge. That a players nipple or armpit can be offside is a nonsense. I would personally make it either : only feet can be offside or go back to the 'daylight' days. As for handball it's a messy one and agree that not every handball by a defending player in the box should merit a penalty but again it's open to subjectivity. As you say, a Suarez style save on the line should unquestionably be a penalty but a handball from a ricochet or bounce like we saw with Manchester United v Palace and Southampton v Spurs last week is beyond harsh. Something needs to be done before we're seeing penalties awarded ten-a-penny for nothing handballs.
  4. 19/20 on the Peep Show Quiz. What a show though. Been watching it again recently. Up to series 4.
  5. Both the first and second parts are good TV. Definitely have a new found respect for Davie Robertson. Maybe he was just glad to get away from his missus though.
  6. Have to agree. It's a woman, with part of her arse out. Whatever.
  7. Definitely they should. However, on a slight tangent the rents these places charge for a shitey room is criminal. I'm always quite surprised at the take up from students, unless it's so they've more chance of being able to wander the halls on the prowl for a shag. f**k knows, the world is odd sometimes.
  8. Really makes me quite sad this. I can say without doubt that it's never crossed my mind that a woman would feel the need to make moves like that when out. Such as sad way to have to deal with everyday life [emoji45]
  9. Aldi Coco Pops used to be better than the Kellogg's ones. They are a bit meh now. Definitely a supplier issue.
  10. Turning them all in to drones. This stuff should be none of their business. The uniform bit, yes. The rest, not so much.
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