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  1. Not long til this gets started again. How's people feeling about their own team? From a Stars point of view, it's much the same as last year and the year before and the year...... Some experience with good looking stats and managed to retain a couple of the better players from last season. Would be happy with 8th and a go at reaching Nottingham. Last year the team fell just short after a poor opening couple of months. Any kind of consistency in that opening few games and they've have comfortably been mid table and assured of a PO place. Maybe this year.
  2. Perth really doesn't have many pretty buildings. The ones that are being left to rot, sadly. c***s need to sort it out. Kelvingrove is a great shout by the way. Tremendous building.
  3. I'd definitely rather be a wee bit Bertie Auld. Fucking hate this heat, we're just not made for it.
  4. That's the boat I'm in. The guy has never been far wrong before, but who knows.
  5. Hope you are right actually, but I fear you are not.
  6. It's off, so I hear. Not happening. No information other than that.
  7. Only well done is needed here. Many of us will face horrible dark situations like this. Knowing to take the right path there might have saved your life. Well done, again.
  8. I know not the answers or solution to this massive problem in our society. I can only venture to guess that often the bleak socioeconomic picture must play a part in these stats and the fact that there's not a particularly hard line taken by the justice system against low level dealers/users etc. Looking at the stats from Romania are both staggering and not surprising in equal measure. On one hand it's a very poor country by European standards and thus you would expect a lot of drug use. The flipside is maybe availability too though as it's so poor, generally, that crime gangs probably know it would be a fruitless market?
  9. The town centre/entertainment hub idea is exactly where it had to be at. Let's face it, the idea of 'the town centre' being a bustling shopping area is long dead in the water. The local councils should indeed be looking at making their town and city centres places where the masses can go to enjoy cinema, bowling, pubs, clubs, eateries, theatre etc etc.......with a few wee shops thrown in for convenience - confectioners, places to buy juice, whatever when in town. Leave what is left of brick and mortar shopping to the out of town retail parks.
  10. You're saying there's an argument for him to be considered first choice starter. That's quite a way off your earlier stance.
  11. You weren't sure about him, as recently as the start of the week......
  12. Get them straight in the bin. I'm sad that people will lose their jobs but not at all sad that people might, hopefully, not have their lives ruined by these cash cows. I'm all for a bet on football etc but have never really seen the point in chucking money in a machine then waiting on an outcome that you have no conceivable idea of.
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