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  1. New kit looks fantastic , nicely done [emoji736] On a separate note , picked up cracking sweatshirt below ( they also do T-Shirts , hoodies etc ) , embroidered design came out well .
  2. For anyone interested my debut Airdrieonians related article just went up on site below. I’d recommend checking out the magazine in general , digital copy is free to download . Right ... off to Tynecastle now 🤞🏻 https://www.futbolistamag.com/post/a-sunbeam-emeralds-and-an-old-diamond
  3. Picked up tickets a couple of weeks ago, £15 for my son and I ... can’t argue with that. Both looking forward to this and first visit to Tynecastle.
  4. Good to hear shirts are decent . Large is usually my size , but after checking measurements he’s assured me Medium is better.
  5. Thanks for heads up , was told up front delivery would be around a month when ordering . Interested to hear your feedback when yours arrives .
  6. My apologies , red kit was made by Ribero , only pic I can find was of an original long since sold on eBay , pic below .
  7. Thanks , yeah I think he’s DM’s on Twitter only at moment , he’s got a couple more Airdrieonian Bukta crackers too , 1988 away and 1989 home . See pics below I hope .
  8. Took advantage of Boxing Day 20% off and treated myself to this kit less the sponsor , (kit they wore when I first saw them) https://twitter.com/TheDunnottarRFS
  9. I’ll buy both anyway. Classic design [emoji106]
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49104186 Meeting tonight at 7pm
  11. Perfect summer evening , 4 goals , 23 converted penalties , both teams playing some nice stuff in periods despite a horrendous ref and impotent lino both of whom managed to upset everyone ... all for £12 ... not bad at all .
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