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  1. I’ll buy both anyway. Classic design [emoji106]
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49104186 Meeting tonight at 7pm
  3. Perfect summer evening , 4 goals , 23 converted penalties , both teams playing some nice stuff in periods despite a horrendous ref and impotent lino both of whom managed to upset everyone ... all for £12 ... not bad at all .
  4. Lol [emoji23], too kind .... quality pies at Excelsior tbf .
  5. Personally I think it’s great. Younger fans clubbing together, buying drums etc . Spending time / money making flags and banners and having a blast supporting their local team and winding up opposition ... what’s not to like ? We were all young and rebellious once ... and I for one hope I’m never too much of an old killjoy to not appreciate them .
  6. Great interview on Scottish football and Airdrieonians Ultras get a mention too, link hopefully below.
  7. Thanks for the reply , not to bothered wether we sit or stand tbh ... just wherever is best for atmosphere etc ?
  8. Thinking of coming along to tomorrow’s game with my son and experience Somerset Park under the floodlights.., what stand should we go too etc.. ? Grateful for any info . Cheers , John
  9. Scottish company below are planning on adding more Scottish Clubs to their range in New Year. Are open to suggestions for QP designs if anyone is interested . https://throughtheturnstile.co.uk/
  10. As it’s nearing Christmas thought I’d post this ... cool gift idea . I believe a number of clubs have partnered with nostalgia cases to sell their products in club shop etc too https://nostalgiacases.co.uk/collections/queens-park-phone-cases Almost forgot , Pie and Bovril promoting too, 10% discount with code PIEANDBOV
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