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  1. On a positive good luck to all central Caley Ayrshire clubs this season
  2. Seing a lot of clubs training and playing 7s however Thers a few folk going round reporting clubs for false contact trainin when ther own club is playing 7asides shambles boys have missed long enough and for a sad pathetic management team from a rival club to go and lie and report them is a disgrace you know who you are and what you are low life lying grass
  3. Well done Largs today stuffy conditions they wanted it more
  4. You wher 1 of the better 1s hahah nah he said it and he 100% said it’s done now he has ruined so many peoples playing time with his false reports how ever f**k him and f**k Craigie and eyes wide open
  5. When w referee tells a player he woulda gave the penalty if it was anybody else that’s cheating when the referee is in the Murray bar in shortlees and asked how his game went today and his reply aye okay a had onthank I can’t stand them but it’s easy money would u respect him ???
  6. Obviously you are apart of Beith hopefully ure not the grass that is currently sitting in hampden with a certain Frances Andrews (cheating c**t)
  7. Yeah he ruined onthank that much he was ther at ther fund raising night but yeah he ruined them ya tosser don’t bother replying we know you have a grudge
  8. Cadlad lovers ure spreading gossip mate that’s f**k all to do with you. So that the only point ther is stop being a fucking girl and grow up
  9. So you don’t know his name but you know everything about him allegedly sound legit aye it must be true
  10. be Honest and tell us what ure personal issue with Ryan caddis is
  11. Comments like that u should take up with Cadlad You have been quiet for days so a take it u musta got a top up for ure mobile your an absalout clown u have turned a football topic into a post of pure jealousy
  12. Just out of curiosity what is ure problem with Ryan caddis
  13. I would imagine that the players rab braught to the club will leave with him shame tho good club hope they can turn it round
  14. I have never played for onthank first it was onthank then I was involved with shortlees good banter am just a wind up a don’t play anymore but if you want to get me a trial am more than happy to come
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