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  1. Hm, how many managers worked in both Scotland and in America? I got Owen Coyle and now Deila.
  2. Now that Charlotte is in MLS... You know how there is a Swiss football club named Young Boys? Charlotte should name their MLS team, the Nature Boys...WOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. I am an MLS fan so I am biased. But I really rate Salzburg manager, Jesse Marsch. Clubs like Southampton should take a look at him.
  4. New Louisville City stadium almost complete. They play in USL Championship with probably no chance of ever getting in to MLS. Good to see these smaller lower league clubs being able to build their own football specific stadiums.
  5. How is the pitch supposed to get any sunlight for grass to grow?
  6. It’s because they can’t roll like Abu Dhabi owners, not because they don’t want to. so relax with that comparison. and I don’t condone City fans defending CFG but they are football fans and that’s what football fans do.
  7. This post is utter nonsense. f**k CFG and their slave lord owners but I dare you to find one ethical billionaire owners of a large football club. And if they deliever trophies see if any fans won’t defend them.
  8. Clubs only 4 years old. They are learning. Mistakes will be made. Not the first MLS side to have a stake in Scottish side. Earthquakes parent company has a stake in Celtic.
  9. Miami has been linked to Cavani too. I don't think he has any interest in MLS right now.
  10. It’s a gamble worth taking.
  11. Hardly surprising. Wonder who they go to now. I doubt Jupp is coming out of retirement again. Put in a caretaker until the end of the season to hire Poch?
  12. Eintracht putting a beat down on Bayern. Love to see it.
  13. West Ham. We are too shite to be considered rivals to other London clubs. Except Palace but we don’t care about them. And we never play Millwall anymore.
  14. Toronto vs Seattle for third time. First time ever in Seattle however. One criticism about using playoffs to determine league champions is supposed to be how random it can be. Well....
  15. LAFC’s inability to beat Galaxy so far extending to the playoffs would be so funny.
  16. Well done Celtic. Get the Fascists outta here.
  17. Sacramento Republic has been announced as the 29th team, joining in 2022. Finally, the streak of generic. boring names for expansion teams comes to an end.
  18. thekorean

    Week 6

    Giants winning the division and beating the Patriots in the SuperBowl again is very much a real possibility.
  19. thekorean

    Week 6

    HOW ABOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
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