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  1. New England beats orlando. Mon the Crews
  2. Not assuming anything until Rangers mathematically end any hopes for 10 in a row.
  3. I mean, you do still get a trophy for finishing the season with most points.
  4. The most random celebrity fandom, since Jeff Jarrett announced his support for Tranmere.
  5. SKC v. San Jose is absolute cracker.
  6. We've seen Rangers fans meltdown from Celtic winning. Need a change.
  7. All those in favor of Celtic giving Lennon a Alan Pardew Newcastle contract, say aye.
  8. https://twitter.com/NJEMurray/status/1311478214951305216?s=20https://twitter.com/NJEMurray/status/1311478214951305216?s=2
  9. thekorean

    Week 3

    Adam Gase is terrible.
  10. thekorean

    Week 3

    That tub of lard did nothing but eat after he got sacked by the Packers.
  11. thekorean

    Week 1

    I like Eagle's chances against AS Sporting Inter Real Washington United Thistles FC.
  12. Beat Kilmarnock but couldn't get past Sarajevo.
  13. thekorean


    Nets hire Steve Nash as their new head coach.
  14. Even at 38 he should still be good in MLS. If he can stay on the pitch that is. Would be a financial boon for the league.
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