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  1. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    My cousin done well.
  2. MLS

    People overlook LAFC because of Atlanta United but they have really done well as an expansion side.
  3. MLS

    Strong rumor Chicago Fire will move to Soldier Field and rebrand to Chicago City. Fucking appalling.
  4. MLS

    Domenec Torrent needs to be sacked, and go back to being assistant to Pep. Under him NYCFC has won only 4 games out of last 20.
  5. Emiliano Sala & the missing plane

    It seems abhorrent but to be honest, Cardiff can't really afford to give away money they would have had to pay Nantes.
  6. Iran

    Wonder how much foreign players get paid? Iranian economy can't be be that robust, with US sanctions and all.
  7. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Around 35,000 or so.
  8. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    good point. Although I imagine San Marino has couple Italian ringers or two.
  9. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Entire "country"'s population is smaller than Kirkcaldy. Might as well be playing Raith Rovers.
  10. Football Podcasts

    I don't avoid Football Weekly without Barry but yea, its much better with barry.
  11. MLS

    I don't think Minnesota United are a bad side this season.
  12. MLS

    He deserves it.
  13. MLS

    I am always down for football on a snowy pitch.
  14. MLS

    Its been planned that way. They figured they were not going to need that much capacity (even with curtaining off the upper tier). They still get the priority over anything else aside from Falcons.