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  1. I think he worked for them even before their ties with Aberdeen.
  2. Will be interesting to see if they go for a big name again. Or do they go for managers with MLS experience?
  3. I think Washington should go the European route and just name themselves FC Washington, or Washington FC, or Washington City FC.
  4. Which is a point not stated often enough. The absurdity of it all.
  5. FC Cincinnati definitely showing improvements under Stam.
  6. We will see what St.Louis goes with. It does not sound like their USL team (St.Louis FC) will be the one to join MLS. But at least ONE expansion team will not have a generic name. So there's that.
  7. Charlotte’s new team’s name is... Charlotte FC. man f**k MLS.
  8. Maybe Watford will finally learn sacking managers is not always the solution.
  9. Arsenal should be relegated for this performance.
  10. FC Cincinnati's new stadium coming along nicely. Columbus Crews new stadium Austin FC new stadium
  11. Can Celtic please take back Deila? Pretty please?
  12. He's 70 years old. Is it really safe for him to work?
  13. Lev Yashin was one helluva ice hockey goaltender, apparently.
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