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  1. There is no doubt that Darvel as in the village is a small place in Ayrshire but there are huge strides being put in place on and off the park and in particular off the park. Make no mistake the club have huge ambition to challenge for honours in the new pyramid system maybe that’s why the “bigger” more established clubs don’t want to see us progress, btw that would be natural but it’s certainly not right the way that this has come about.
  2. Surely if players are out of contract at the end of the season there is nothing wrong with them speaking to other clubs? Is that not what happens in senior football?
  3. The vics haven’t won anything in years😉
  4. 🎣🎣 bound to catch a net full😉
  5. Is that not the norm when teams start winning more people get involved🤷🏻‍♂️Is there anything wrong with that, and the money started getting invested when the team were in the adl.
  6. No not at all, brought up with junior football with my dad who was a committee member for years and followed the team till my early 20’s then as like a lot of guys my generation moved on to go to senior football, since then now have a young family and doing what my dad done with me and I now take my 2 boys to watch Darvel even although the big one who is only 7 is trying to get me to take him to senior football every Saturday. Btw I would hardly call the last 2 seasons in the championship glory hunting.
  7. 🎣 Andy, he is part of a large committee at Darvel of which he is one voice but you believe what you want.
  8. Jim wears his heart on his sleeve and does more work for Darvel than anybody on this forum will ever know or hear about, yes at times he goes over the score but he will be the bigger man and apologise if out of order. For the record there is no doubt the adl winning team are a huge part of what’s happening doon the brae at the moment, they are the reason myself and others got back involved with the club and why the community started coming back to watch the team.
  9. Tbf the boy opted for a Nando’s rather than a black rooster so that was the end of that 😉
  10. Fitba should be played on grass mate.
  11. If we both make the next round of the Scottish possibly😉
  12. For a player like Darryl to extend his contract shows how far we have came in a short time, taking 3 buses to petershill on Saturday shows the community are behind us and long may it continue.
  13. At the moment we are a work in progress and I think the coaching and playing staff know this, imo they want to be part of what we are trying to achieve and that is be a top junior team.
  14. We struggled with our shape in the first 25 mins, the game changer was when Mick changed it to 3 at the back, great piece of management.
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