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  1. If you mean the players that came from Colville Park there are only 4-5 players left, the ones that were signed by the club would be under contract and if they were just to down tools or become unavailable for selection what would that show of their professionalism?
  2. The next 2 had similar bad results and were away as well.
  3. But Michael Kennedy says you don't pay big wages the players only signed because they always wanted to play for him .... Yip I’ve heard the interviews and the podcasts, but he did say that the wages will be up there with the top clubs, we need to start seeing performances like a top club.
  4. The players that we have signed in the past 18-24 month I would estimate that 75% have came from a higher level that they are playing in at the moment, the budget will be one of the highest if not thee highest in the league so as a supporter I would have expected us to be challenging the Talbot for the title, that is not being disrespectful to any other teams that is based purely on the personnel employed and the wages they are being payed.
  5. Tbf with one committee member telling jim to shut up and tell him he can’t say that after he said the performance was pish it’s easy to see how we could think that another thinks the same
  6. Someone who was in the vicinity of dl at the end of the game, I could name quite a few who were.
  7. No individual players were mentioned Stevie and as you know the vast majority of the punters were shocked Darren didn’t start, it certainly couldn’t be him being singled out as he had nothing to do with the result.
  8. 4 changes from Pollock, I wasn’t at the Pollock game but yes the boys that were there did say that Darren wasn’t great but my point is that he is a game changer and he has proved that this season on numerous times, from what I have seen this season so far he is the only player we have of that ilk.
  9. The only reason imo that he doesn’t start is because he is carrying a knock. David Galt has come in and Darren appears out of favour.
  10. Strange decision for me to leave Darren Millar on the bench last night, by far Darvel’s most influential and creative player this season, maybe it’s because he wasn’t a big name signing in the close season
  11. The officials weren’t great, however the first 30 mins of the 2nd half consisted of Darvel scoring from a long ball from the keeper and McShane crashing a shot of the bar, we look too soft in the middle of the park.
  12. Like the majority of the games this season, not good enough, biggest crowd for years doon the brae and the team failed to deliver.
  13. I have seen 6 out of 10 league games this season and the only time that we have looked good for 90 mins was against Rossvale, for the squad that has been assembled it should be better than that, hardly a player with “junior “ experience in the squad as let’s not be kidded that is still the level we are in, I know there are injuries but every team has them and it’s well documented the size of the squad, the results and performances should be better.
  14. Took yet another wonder goal from Miller to get Darvel started, not for the first time this season we ground out a result without playing particularly well but it’s 3 points that count.
  15. Never tried a leg when at Talbot. Attitude was terrible. That’s never been the case since he signed with Darvel.
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