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  1. Yeah that’s what it looked like for me as well
  2. Did you see what the Troon players and bench were annoyed about after Darvels first goal?
  3. Totally agree, you can’t really blame the new guys on board or Mick as they probably didn’t know Jimmy but there are male and female committee members who are from Darvel and who must know the history between Jimmy and the club, that’s the disappointing bit.
  4. Remember at some point it being said him and Gall were starting a business venture together, don’t know if anything came of it, I think he’s one of very few that can be bothered with the pieman.
  5. The ground is on a long term lease from the council agreed a long time ago for a nominal fee.
  6. Who would the members be, would it be season ticket holders?
  7. How can you “own” a former Junior team? Who do you buy it from?
  8. Self appointed President I believe his title is.
  9. Don’t know who would be able to attend as there is no membership scheme or season tickets
  10. I agree with you that they made an arse of it by not playing in it last season, the biggest mistake was not asking “ the community “ in saying that they made their decision and should stick by it and not chase the ££’s after being surprised by how much is involved, they should have done their homework on both counts.
  11. I’m not saying it wasn’t the target, what I’m saying is it really a disaster not going up, I’m a realist and know that the local support that Darvel can muster cannot sustain a SPFL2 club.
  12. LL no away support to speak of, potentially 3 less home games, I would think that the players would expect to be paid more for being in a higher tier, that’s why it makes better business sense not to go up, I’m sure if you ask any of the money men at any of the WOSL premier teams they would all say that. Once the LL has the bigger West teams in it that’s a different ball game but as it stands it could be a 5-6 years before that happens.
  13. What I’m saying is that from a business point of view and aiming to be self-sufficient the LL league without the colts and less home games is not as good financially as the WOSL, my part of the journey ended almost 2 years ago so I’m not fussed either way.
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