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  1. Thats the bar area, again that was done for the start of 2019/20. I’m not sure of the laws in the WOSL regarding standing watching the game with a beer in hand or whether that is down to alcohol licensing restrictions.
  2. The blue roofed building is a covered enclosure that was in place last season, as in 2019/20, it will hold 200-300 easily
  3. There are many other things that should be brought back to normal before the WOS starts again imo. Seeing family, visiting care homes, hospitals, going to funerals, weddings , business being allowed to open again to name a few but that’s just my opinion and you have yours.
  4. Yes and there are millions of people that don’t play or coach football that would like to get on with other things but can’t, for the vast majority of the WOSL this is no more than a hobby on a Saturday, my hobby is watching the football on a Saturday but I’m not going to be able to do that so let’s just wrap it up and start next season.
  5. The only movement scheduled was a Lowland League play off place, there is no other promotion/ relegation.
  6. Fantastic initiative by the medda committee to keep all the supporters up to date.
  7. You would think so🤷🏻‍♂️, I might not agree with all the decisions that’s been made doon the brae but I’m still a supporter, like I’m sure every supporter of every club don’t always agree with everything there club does but I don’t think they would be blocked from the social media sites for having an opinion. And that goes from our level to the top of the SPL.
  8. I believe the cables have been laid for a while but they might need re-done depending on how they make the park bigger, I wouldn’t think floodlights could go up when the full park is getting ripped up in 2 weeks or so. I’m not allowed on the clubs social media so it’s just my own thoughts.
  9. As a Darvel supporter I would be disappointed if this were the case as I have had family die due to Covid.
  10. There will obviously need to be a cut off point that it is called for me it would be March, but as I asked are they allowed to train, the longer there not if that is the case the longer to get back to match fitness.
  11. Are clubs allowed to train at the moment? If not and they are keeping by the rules I would think they’ll need a couple of weeks to get back to fitness before a restart.
  12. The season doesn’t need to be cancelled, it can be extended because by the look of things these tiers below the premier and championship are running at the same pace so they can be played into the summer surely?
  13. Let’s be clear on this , he may think he’s the “owner” but there is no owner of Darvel Football Club.
  14. I would think they are going to play in the cup due to the potential financial rewards again if they win it and they could argue that it is possibly a safer time to play football when the ties are due played due to the vaccine.
  15. Tucker was on one of the podcasts and explained it very well in regards to the Talbot, he said it was a health and well being as well as a financial reason, he also said that some players wanted to play, I suppose they are now the ones out on loan.
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