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  1. As a Darvel supporter I would be disappointed if this were the case as I have had family die due to Covid.
  2. There will obviously need to be a cut off point that it is called for me it would be March, but as I asked are they allowed to train, the longer there not if that is the case the longer to get back to match fitness.
  3. Are clubs allowed to train at the moment? If not and they are keeping by the rules I would think they’ll need a couple of weeks to get back to fitness before a restart.
  4. The season doesn’t need to be cancelled, it can be extended because by the look of things these tiers below the premier and championship are running at the same pace so they can be played into the summer surely?
  5. Let’s be clear on this , he may think he’s the “owner” but there is no owner of Darvel Football Club.
  6. I would think they are going to play in the cup due to the potential financial rewards again if they win it and they could argue that it is possibly a safer time to play football when the ties are due played due to the vaccine.
  7. Tucker was on one of the podcasts and explained it very well in regards to the Talbot, he said it was a health and well being as well as a financial reason, he also said that some players wanted to play, I suppose they are now the ones out on loan.
  8. Who is the “president “ getting at here?
  9. As an extremely unfit 47 year old I would have no clue how difficult it would be to get fit, I would think players would keep themselves ticking over though.
  10. I believe there are players furloughed, if they were at an official training session I think that would constitute working, that is against the law.
  11. I’m not in a committee so I wouldn’t know that,I’m just curious to see what extra costs having a midweek game would be for playing under lights, is it a token gesture like £50 or more?
  12. Are floodlights expensive to run? What would the cost be say to have them on for 3 hours for a midweek game?
  13. To finish the DL look you would need a pair of 80’s style shorts😳
  14. A bit of positive news from doon the brae that there is now a link with soccer shop for fans to purchase merchandise.
  15. I think it will be closer to £10k on the pitch, the rest will be on ground improvements , but Mick will mibbae come on and tell you the correct figures.
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