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  1. So we get to the Premier League and they make some money. I’m not seeing any negatives and I’m definitely not seeing what’s corrupt about that. If they don’t pull it off are we any worse off than just now? What have we got to lose?
  2. Got some genuine questions as I’m starting to find it all a bit confusing. If Mr Campbell is the con artist that some are trying to make him out, what does he actually stand to gain from taking us over? Would John Park get involved if there was no money? We are currently at our lowest point for 40 years, with a board we want rid of, little to no money in the bank and no academy to plug the holes. We don’t own the whole stadium so surely he can’t flog that so If Mr Campbell is a con artist what’s the worst that could happen? I know nothing about the guy and there’s stories flying around everywhere but if he’s true to his word we are looking at significant investment in the team with the aim of getting back to the premier league for the first time in over a decade, finishing the stadium, bringing back the academy and improving facilities around the ground. I want to be excited about this...
  3. The fact that 3 of our goals have come from headers from Dixon crosses is pretty devastating to your argument. Durnan got sent off for absolutely nothing so I’d like to know where your plucking the 6 match suspension from? Anyone who’s seen him play knows Tidser is a level above where we are playing. We have enough to moan about from the boardroom without inventing more problems.
  4. Absolutely yes, they are entirely to blame and it’s just the latest in a long line of mistakes but the manager was given a budget and has chosen to spend it this way. The point I am making is we can’t have a 22 man squad of the quality we have signed. It’s either fewer good quality players or more poorer players
  5. How long is Telfer out for? How many injuries did any of last years diddies get? Or any season for that matter? Why does everyone now expect we will suffer all these injuries? Ray has said he is looking at signing one more then the loan market will come into play. We can’t have our cake and eat it when we’ve just been relegated. We either sign more players of a poorer standard or fewer but better players. Again I know what I’d rather have.
  6. He’s said he’s looking at cover for Dixon and we’ve not even looked at any loan deals yet - they tend to happen late in the window
  7. Surely it’s pretty obvious that we can’t have everything. Yes we could have signed 22 Tom Owen-Evans and Dan Turners or 18 Tidser, Telfers and McManus. I know what I’d prefer. As it stands we have a bench of probably McShane, Leitch, Johnstone, Toshney and Mutch.
  8. I can’t recall any season when 6 of the starting 11 are missing at the same time. Can you remind me of anytime this has happened? Would be pretty unlucky for it to happen this year.
  9. I think we’ll get confirmation pretty soon of at least 2 or 3 signings. Don’t think we need to worry about being held to ransom by some trialists who don’t have a club 1 day before the season starts
  10. We’re not boycotting over poor statements and a lack of communication. We’re boycotting as they have contributed to us being at our lowest point most of us can remember, they appointed a conman as a scout without knowing his background, they scrapped our academy and let the newspapers break the news, they accused us of racism, they threatened to take the fans to court over a badge they didn’t even own, they illegally tapped up our manager, they are wasting our money by the bucketload trying to make up for their mistakes, they insisted they would allow a share issue to happen to allow the fans to have a say in the running of the club to then change the goalposts and look to line their own pockets and have since chased away every prospective investor through their own greed. They are driving us backwards at an alarming rate and can’t be trusted with anymore money or to take us forward. Hence the protest
  11. Do we really need to go through all the boards failings again?
  12. This 100%. I’ve not heard any fan say they are not renewing their season ticket due to being relegated. The reason for not renewing is Lang, Campbell and the MSG. Once these diddies get moved on the fans will renew in numbers
  13. The fan ownership proposal has had to change as previously the MSG were happy to dilute their hold on the club. They now want cash. They can’t be bought out and still control the running of the club
  14. The club isn’t up for sale as such. Three separate groups have made offers to buy the club, at least two of which from fans groups who are quite rightly unhappy at the way the club is being run. We currently have 5 players. The people taking over the club know they need to have enough money to sign players good enough to win this league. I’m not convinced you’d make an offer if you couldn’t do that. I’m convinced we’ll be able to better the teams I mentioned but I might be proved wrong
  15. If the choice comes down to signing for us or Alloa, Arbroath, Morton, Dunfermline, Ayr etc etc the deciding factor will be money...nothing else
  16. The silence from the board suggests to me their reign is over, if not they’d have the begging bowl out by now looking for season ticket money. Im confident they will be gone this week
  17. Make no mistake...the most important thing in a players contract is how much they are getting paid. I expect we will be able to better what’s on offer at every Championship club apart from the Dundee clubs and possibly ICT so what league we are in shouldn’t affect us too much. There’s no reason why we can’t build a side more than capable of winning this league once we’ve sorted the issue in the boardroom
  18. As I said earlier I don’t expect them to do the right thing but I do expect them to move on. Think Kenny and David have put together a good proposal so we can only hope.
  19. Can’t see them telling us anything cos it’s got nothing to do with them and the only thing they care about is themselves. They will collect their money and disappear. It will be left to the new guys...whoever they decide that is going to be
  20. 100% the board should have communicated everything better. However could this silence not now be seen as a slight positive. It looks to me as if they know there is no way back and are now deciding their exit strategy. No point in them releasing statements and making signings as they are gone. I do not trust them to do the right thing but I am glad it looks as if they are on the way out. I might be wrong but I believe the next statement will be next week when it is announced who is taking over the running of the club then things will start to move
  21. If this is true and he was to get his wish, I'm assuming he would have a few young guys as part of the squad as well? 15 seems a very low number for a squad I think this is on top of the 5 we already have and I think we still have 1 or 2 youngsters on the books. So possibly a squad of 20-22?
  22. Would that budget not be similar to what we pay just now? I’m guessing most of our players are on somewhere between £500 and £800?? Smaller squad, some on lesser money might not be too dissimilar? I’m not sure just trying to work out if this is realistic or not
  23. Hi guys. Never really posted in here but was getting bored of the “my c*ck is bigger than yours” debate so thought I’d try and change the subject. Not expecting much to happen until the shambles in the boardroom is sorted but hearing Ray has asked for 15 players. 10 on bigger money, circa £1000 a week with 5 on lesser dough of around £400 or £500. If true and we can budget for this then no reason why we can’t build a decent side
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